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    ... De : Lil Ole Miss Dear Dr. Starman, How right you are! You would also know how often he referred to this work, too, and its
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      De : Lil Ole Miss<lilolemiss@...>
      Dear Dr. Starman,

      How right you are! You would also know how often he referred to this work, too, and its
      importance. When I was browsing to see if I had any information for Carol, I found a
      penciled in note I'd made years ago from *Awakening to Community,* and I was thankful
      I'd inserted it onto the fly leaf since it's so very important: "In contrast to passive thinking,
      POF stresses the active element in thinking, amphasing how the will enters into it and how
      one can become aware of one's own inner activity in the exercise of what I have called
      pure thinking. In this connection I showed that all purely moral impulses have their origin in
      this pure thinking. I tried to point out how the will strides into the otherwise passive realm of
      thought, stirring it awake and making the thinker inwardly active. Now what kind of reader
      approach did the POF count on? It has to assume a special way of reading. It expected the
      reader as he read to undergo the sort of inner experience that, in an external sense, is
      really just like waking up from sleep in the morning. The feeling one should have about it
      is..."My relation to the world in passive thought was, on a higher level, that of a person who
      lies asleep. Now I am waking up." ... "I am beginning to be active inwardly in my thoughts--
      they are a living active function."

      In the movie "Dune" it has been stated that
      the dreamer must awake....

      WOW! Now I can see how neglectful I was in not noting the page number for this, nor the
      lecture the following penciled note in my POF is from: "...it is yet true that such a book as
      my POF cannot be grasped by mere logic, it must be understood by the whole human
      being. And in point of fact you will not understand what is said in that book concerning
      Thinking, unless you know that in reality man experiences Thought by means of the inner
      knowledge and feeling of his skeleton. A man does not really think with the brain, he thinks
      with his skeleton, when he thinks in charply defined thoughts. And when thought becomes
      concrete, as is the case in the POF, then it passes over into the whole human body."

      This entire work is so important!



      12/17/2001 4:13:03 PM, DRStarman2001@... wrote:
      > lilolemiss@... writes:
      > << Carol, I looked in my 1970 edition of POF, and have what identical to
      > what
      > you have: Preface to the revised edition of 1918; and
      > Preface to the first edition, 1894, revised 1918 where RS mentions "Only the
      > very first introductory sentences of this preface [in the
      > fist edition] have been altogether omitted here because today they seem to
      > me
      > quite irrelevant."... Hmmmm maybe someone has a
      > very old edition and could help us out.
      > Blessings,
      > Sheila >>
      > *******Not likely----since I believe what you're both referring to was some
      > slight changes he made to the book, in the original German, when it was
      > reprinted in 1918. I don't think too many people here will have the 1894 and
      > 1918 German texts to compare.
      > You know, the Philosophy of Spiritual Activity is 14 sections and it's an
      > anthroposophic exercise to take it over 14 days... and it's also an
      > anthroposophic tradition to take a book to study intensively over the 12
      > Holy
      > Nights....
      > Starman

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