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    Dear Jeff, ... Letsee.......That would be (for Klingsor)The Mysteries of the East and of Christianity, Lecture 4 5th Feb 1913. You can find the reference
    Message 1 of 5 , Oct 11, 2001
      Dear Jeff,
      >Kindly indicate the source of the Steiner and Stein quotes????

      Letsee.......That would be (for Klingsor)The Mysteries of the East and of
      Christianity, Lecture 4 5th Feb 1913.
      You can find the reference equating Shiva with Lucifer on the Steiner elib.
      The story of the simpleton made wise by exercises such as stitching and
      unstitching, and rolling rocks uphill and letting them roll down the other
      side, is mentioned in another lecture (don't recall where.)
      Mephistopheles and Earthquakes 1909 1st Jan, is the second lecture in the
      pamphlet The Deed of Christ.
      Raksashas are discussed in "the Foundations of Esotericism".

      The rest of the information on Klingsor is found in Walter Stein's The Ninth
      Dr. Stein predicts a rerun of th battle of Salamis in his The Death of
      Merlin collection.

      Kind Regards,

      More from The Mysteries of the East and of Christianity:
      "For the after-effects of Klingsor and Iblis are still always present, even
      though in another form.

      "A special feature of our time is that these attacks from Klingsor and
      Iblis, as they gradually lay hold of people, are insinuating themselves into
      intellectual life, particularly the intellectual life that bears on
      education, with its popularisation of modern science. Consider what people
      have been learning for quite a long time now and what they think it right of
      instil into children; consider what is accepted as the basis of modern
      education-all this should not be judged in accordance with the views of
      someone who, believing he is very clever, says he understands these things
      and knows they are entirely correct. No, all this should be judged in
      accordance with how it influences and fructifies the soul, and in terms of
      the impressions it produces on the soul. And when a person becomes cleverer
      and cleverer, in the sense in which it is fashionable to call people clever
      to-day, he develops in his soul certain forces which in this incarnation may
      make him very well able to dominate the conversation in circles wedded to
      materialistic or monistic ideas; but then certain vital forces necessary for
      the human organism are worn away. And when such a person has taken into
      himself only these typical dregs of modern education, in his next
      incarnation he will lack the forces that are required for properly building
      up the human organism. The "cleverer" a person is by the standards of the
      time we are now facing and the closer his intellectual attunement to it, the
      more of an imbecile will he be in a later incarnation. For those categories
      and concepts which relate only to the sense-perceptible outer world and to
      the ideas which hold it together-these concepts set up in the soul a
      configuration which may be ever so fine intellectually but lacks the force
      to work intensively on the brain and to make use of it. And to be unable
      while in the physical body to make use of the brain is to be an imbecile."
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