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Re: [anthroposophy] spaceships and Atlantis and Steiner

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    pacbay@home.com writes:
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 7, 2001
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      pacbay@... writes:
      << no Ahrimanic Being can create a solid object with engine technology that
      breaks up in pieces when it crashes or can be entered and explored by humans
      as has been claimed by military investigators....<<<

      *******Which is why it's so significant that there has never been ONE single
      physical artifact of extraterrestrial origin, like the Mars 'meteorites', for
      science to study in 50 years of UFO sightings. Anyone who knows the real
      nature of the phenomena knows why this has to be so--- and therefore that
      'claims' to have found such artifacts (while, of course, refusing to produce
      the alleged evidence) are the sure sign of frauds.

      >>>The materialization of images is simple to those powerful enough to
      create them but I am not talking about images or the condensing of etheric
      forces to produce an image in the atmosphere. This does happen on occasion
      and can be mistaken for the solid objects.

      *******It was not a mere 'image' that landed next to patrolman Lonnie Zamora
      in Soccoro, New Mexico, and left holes where it landed. Ahrimanic beings are
      quite capable of temporarily condensing etheric force-forms into apparent

      >>>>... mundane scientific theory ....would also cast considerable ridicule
      on Rudolf Steiner's assertion that flying ships existed in Atlantis and used
      etheric power from germanating seeds for fuel????? Try explaining that to a
      biologist or physicist. >>

      *******Really wish you'd try reading some of what people talk about here
      before commenting on it. The plants' forces by which the radicle pushes
      itself out of the seed are etheric forces. They are made visible by Kirlian
      photography. This is exactly the orgone energy that Reich discovered and
      RADIONICS works with (which the Cayce Readings said was a 'rediscovery of the
      Atlanteans' technology in a new form'.) Steiner's words make perfect sense to
      any physicist or biologist who has studied these realities! But not to those
      who deny all the new Etheric Physics, no.

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