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Re: the limits of AP and the modern world

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  • utopia_planetia@hotmail.com
    I agree. Developing all spiritual receptors consciously is more (more than more) than twice a life time s endeavour, through a discipline of living a conscious
    Message 1 of 6 , Oct 7, 2001
      I agree. Developing all spiritual receptors consciously is more (more
      than more) than twice a life time's endeavour, through a discipline
      of living a conscious life. Therefore, while through it all, we are
      tantatively opening our spiritual ears, eyes and smell among the 12
      senses, there probably is some data from the supersensible world that
      we are receiving without such senses being totally focused nor our
      logic being fully able to process and weigh it.

      And, in a period of transition such as ours, in my opinion, we must
      be open yet discerning. Steiner mentioned that Christ would appear
      before us in the etheric, in our epoch, and that denying such
      perceptions would just hinder our passage to a higher consciousness.
      Just a thought in this debate.

      But this is only an aspect of the question in the "duel" of passive
      VS active extra-sensory perceptions. :-)

      The is in the Kabbal an indication of how to attain supersensible
      perceptions without the fogginess or atavisting deceptions. The first
      sephirot, Malkhut, represents man on Earth at our stage. All the
      higher sephirots represents angels, archangels, dominations. In other
      words, higher perceptions. Though the branching that connect together
      all these sephirot are many, there is only one path leading to them
      from Malkhut (where man stands). And it goes through Iesod. Iesod is
      symbolized by the moon. As we know, science tells us that the moon
      reflects the light Earth. So as long as we don't develop a clear
      logic down here, that we don't get out of the fog of our own lives,
      the Kabbal tells us that we will only see the higher beings and the
      perceptions they offer through the reflection of the fog of our own


      --- In anthroposophy@y..., "jeff auen" <pacbay@h...> wrote:
      > I only disagree with the point that all mediumship is atavistic.
      Its is usually unreliable and inconsistent as most of us know. But
      there are many kinds of "channeling" or psycho-spiritual
      awakenings. Telepathic communication would fall under this category
      it would seem (unconsciousness reception of spiritual forces or
      information from an unseen being) but this may be a transition phase
      for some and not at all regressive. I was exposed to one school in
      the past and the principle they held was this: few can really enter
      the spiritual worlds consciously without great effort, transformaton
      and life changes. Such an experience will disrupt one's normal life
      in most cases. When someone is "ready" but not fully able to make
      the leap, other means can be used to communicate freely and this can
      include certain types of "receptive communications" from a teacher.
      No trance is involved. The individual if fully attentive and is
      trained to distingush between one's own thoughts and that otherse
      entering one's consciousness. And as I understand it, the progressive
      nature of AP initiation does not go from a to b to c but one chakra
      can awaken and reveal knowledge without clairvoyance being activated.
      Feeling knowledge, intuitions, thought connections can be made
      without "seeing".
      > Jeff
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