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Re: [anthroposophy] Anthro science and the inner earth

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  • jeff auen
    And my point exactly. There is great insight in this post from Bradford and William Bento and one can t help but feel a certain fixation or slant on the
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      And my point exactly. There is great insight in this post from Bradford and
      William Bento and one can't help but feel a certain fixation or slant on the
      interpretation of the metaphysics.

      Where in all this is the full nature of the inner structure and processes of
      earth evolution and creation?.There is a negative casting evoking fear and
      terror of the inner earth. I sense that there may be much more going on in
      the recesses of the earth than this. I point to the inner initiation
      processes described in detail by the self initiated metaphysician Harold
      Waldwin Percival where he describes the inner earth journey of initiation in
      his opus, Thinking and Destiny. Another perspective? A fuller view? Who
      among us really knows? (and where does William Bento's "knowledge" come
      from? As a side, in other Rosicrucian sources knowledge of the earth core
      and rings are not cast in the same persepctive though there are


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      > >Bradford,
      > > It is very hard for some people sensitive to spiritual life to interact
      > >with "borderland science research" without jumping to conclusions or
      > >judgments (evoking vague influences of Ahriman or Lucifer is like saying,
      > >its wet in the rain but why is it raining).
      > > If you mean "spiritual science" in its pure and broadest form (which
      > >what I think RS meant not just AP) then we are in complete agreement
      > Bradford writes;
      > Let us journey to the center of the Earth in quest for and answer to this
      > strange quote, (which will be later elaborated) "The dangers are very
      > indeed. The black birds of ill omen intend to spin a web of materialism
      > around mankind; This is to be followed by the cosmic materialization of
      > actual thoughts and feelings, with the object of binding human existence
      > this materialization. In this way the 'greatest illusion' ever would take
      > definite cosmic reality."
      > Mr. Bento writes;
      > ****** " In the interior of the earth the Dragon has fashioned nine
      > of sub-earthly forces. From a cosmological perspective, these regions
      > the biosphere of the earth can be seen as inverse reflections of the nine
      > heavenly planetary spheres.
      > Bradford writes;
      > I suggest that these nine layers have been penetrated and that we are
      > leaking levels of insight through our technological development which
      > continue to unfold mysteries of the nine layers of the inner earth. Lets
      > where Mr. Bento can take us?
      > Bento continues;
      > ********** " The uppermost stratum teems with the forces of the Mineral
      > Earth. These forces stream up and encase the human being with a sense of
      > weight, surrounding him with the forces of decay.
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