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The Sun/Counter Space

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      << I still have difficulty working with what Steiner said about how if people
      travelled to the Sun, this burning ball, they would find something totally
      different then they had expected. >>

      *******It's true. One of the puzzles of materialist astronomy is that the
      interior of the sun is cooler than the surface. This is the reason why
      sunspots appear dark, as they are holes in the corona leading to the
      interior. The Sun is not the ball of burning gas they imagine. The energy
      coming from the sun becomes heat on its surface, but its interior shows no
      sign of the heat that's found on the surface. It is not at all the way it's
      imagined. Indeed, since heat tends to cancel out magnetism, the Sun could not
      be both hot AND the center of a powerful magnetic field. The same is true of
      the interior of the earth.

      Dr. Starman
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