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Re: [anthroposophy] Basta! -- Re: Let's be careful

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    Dear friends, Don t get in the conflict by talking about the news, concentrate and pray for your inner being to come alive, create a field which does not tie
    Message 1 of 6 , Sep 28, 2001
      Dear friends,

      Don't get in the conflict by talking about the news, concentrate and pray
      for your inner being to come alive, create a field which does not tie you to
      the earth,which is not belonging to the opposites of this world, please
      write Krisnamurti, he is saying the same.

      Paul Kuenen

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      From: Jo Ann Schwartz <sr_joanna@...>
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      Subject: [anthroposophy] Basta! -- Re: Let's be careful
      Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2001 13:01:13 -0700 (PDT)

      Elaine wrote:
      > Had the powers that be (in the U.S. government and those of us who
      > support these powers) had we listened to the suffering of the world,
      > then we might have a different world today. We, along with the
      > hijackers, in my seeing, are responsible. All of us...There is an
      > intricate web where all are brothers and sisters.

      Dear Elaine,

      While recognizing the passion that you bring to the subject, I must say
      that the above is nonsense and offensive nonsense at that.

      IMHO, it is appropriate for Americans to examine how the U.S. government
      -- and by extension, we ourselves -- may have contributed to the
      situation. It is entirely *inappropriate* to make the assumption that if
      we hadn't done this, that, or the other, the WTC tragedy would never have
      happened. The former is healthy and reasonable, although allowing a little
      more time and space for us -- as a country and as individuals -- to mourn
      our dead might not be amiss. The latter resembles a dysfunctional
      ego-trip, with the underlying assumption that the U.S. government -- and
      by extension, the American people -- are in control of everything that
      goes on in the world.

      Although control freaks everywhere might like to believe that's true, it
      just isn't. Moreover, not every action or attitude is justified. Sometimes
      people lash out at the wrong target. Sometimes they hate you or abuse you
      for reasons that have *nothing*to*do*with*you*, whether we're talking
      'you' as a person or 'you' as a people. Part of dealing with the rest of
      the world equitably just might be the awful realization that we are not
      special and protected, we are vulnerable.... including vulnerable to
      **unjustified** attack. It's not all about us and what **we** do.

      As I see it, if we are all responsible, then no one is responsible. But
      I deny that there was no individual choice -- no individual freedom --
      involved here. The terrorists had the same freedom of choice as you or I.
      Did they choose to defend the weak from the strong? No. They chose to
      attack the weak, helpless, and unsuspecting with the weak, helpless, and
      unsuspecting. They chose to follow a megalomaniac and to commit both
      suicide and mass murder to further his evil objectives.

      I do not, WILL NOT, accept responsibility for those choices.

      love & light,

      with thanks to Sarsen, Mike, and Frank, whose posts (on other lists)
      helped me formulate my thoughts

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