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Re: Thanks-Re: [anthroposophy] Fwd: Heinz Zimmerman's Speech

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    elaineupton@hotmail.com writes:
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 27, 2001
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      elaineupton@... writes:
      << He asks if the kind of thinking that prepared the hijackings and deaths
      of Sept. 11 is comparable to the kinds of thinking that is done in the work
      of the Pentagon, in the attitude toward the U.S. bombing of Iraq, in the WTC,
      and so forth.--Thoughts become actions (are actions). The kinds of thoughts
      we think matter.
      (And what I say now--in what follows- is not about blame... >>

      *******You say the thinking the innocent people in the WTC were doing was as
      evil as Osama bin Laden and his Naziesque followers, and then you try to say
      that's NOT what you're saying, because you know how repulsive it is to
      everyone with any sense when you say it out in the open. What double-talk.

      >>> The World Trade Center (WTC) is a place (or was) of thoughts of
      capitalist transactions that have reverberations in the work of corporations
      and their effect around the world (McDonald's destroying the rain forest and
      the eco-system to make land for cattle grazing; companies drilling for oil
      and destroying wildlife and ecosystems in Alaska....

      *******There you go again. People making a living are equated with mass
      murderers by means of shrill falsehoods (McDonald's destroys the rain
      forests! And I suppose Sears causes global warming.).

      This is just a dodge, morally equivocating innocents and the guilty to go
      back to all the denunciations of Western Civilization again, which has
      nothing to do with spiritual science and is quite wearisome. Every time I
      hear these echoes of Lenin I see the face of Ahriman in the Group. This hate-
      filled talk is not anthroposophy but a twisted distortion of it. You don't
      want mercy and understanding for the Ahrimanic Muslim fundamentalists---you
      just don't want any sympathy for the innocent, normal people you wish to feel
      nothing but hate and loathing for. Enough.

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