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Calendar of the Soul, Week 22

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  • DRStarman2001@aol.com
    For those new to the Calendar : the cycle of the year can be a meditation in itself, through which you can sense the Beings that are behind the changing
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      For those new to the 'Calendar': the cycle of the year can be a meditation
      in itself, through which you can sense the Beings that are behind the
      changing seasons, and Rudolf Steiner gave out the 'Calendar of the Soul' to
      do this. It's made up of 52 meditative mantras enabling one to consciously
      experience the 'astral' (soul) events occurring within you as well as in
      external Nature in the course of the year.

      The 52 mantras are well known to many anthroposophists, but the original
      Calendar published in 1912 ALSO contained 12 images of the zodiac (to be
      meditated on to sense the working of the 'solar' forces in the cosmos in the
      day) and the Moon's position in the constellations was listed for each night
      (for sensing the 'lunar' forces), as well as a list of saints and other
      spiritual figures to meditate on connected with specific days of the week,
      because the entrances and exits of human spirits are also connected with the
      cosmos and Time. We're presenting all that here each week---this has not been
      done since 1912, and is available nowhere else.

      First, this week's meditative mantra in the original German and in

      * M A N T R A # 2 2 *
      Das Lichte aus Weltenweiten,
      Im Innern lebt es kräftig fort:
      Es wird zum Seelenlichte
      Und leuchtet in die Geistestiefen,
      Um Früchte zu entbinden,
      Die Menschenselbst aus Weltenselbst
      Im Zeitenlaufe reifen lassen.

      The Light out of World-Widenesses
      In my Inner lives as a continuing power;
      It turns into Soul-Light
      And shines in Spirit-deeps,
      The Fruit to unbind,
      That Man's Self out of World's Self
      In Time's course will allow to ripen.

      This week's mantram:
      In the Summer we take the Divine into us while drinking in the treasures
      of the senses, but in a sort of waking-dream state, so that the cosmos will
      itself 'awaken' in us later. Two weeks ago, as this process progressed, we
      felt the Self for the first time since 'losing' it in the Summer light &
      warmth, felt it as something separating from that world we are part of in
      the waking-dream state; but along with this was an acute sense that we would
      perish along with all our creations if built from that Self ALONE, if we
      build in the future ONLY from it. Last week, the spiritual 'seed' that was
      planted in this summer 'dream-state' reached a stage of ripening where it
      began to 'lend' to us a 'spiritual Self' instead; and we had a strong
      fore-sensing that THIS 'Self' will be able to join with the deepest inner
      forces which the ordinary self would not be able to tap into. This week's
      mantra focuses our attention on how this light-seed lives on within us, how
      that which was received spiritually from the Summer Light and Warmth can be
      felt as an ongoing power within, releasing the fruit of its working, to
      evolve in the future a Self out of the World-Self.
      As we change from Summer to Winter, we cease to be conscious of the
      external world and instead become conscious again of ourselves, as if
      awakening from a dream; our Nature-Consciousness strives to become Self
      Consciousness, but at first we may feel fear due to no longer being able to
      lean on outer things for consciousness, which is why the symbol of the
      warrior archangel is placed before us at Michaelmas, summoning us to have
      courage, for we are not going to die as our summer nature-consciousness
      wanes, but rather wake up.
      Next week's verse is the first appearance of Autumn dulling the senses'
      summer brilliance; but that which has been gained from the summer-experience
      will become our inner self-experience.

      The Moon positions and phases for the week are listed below along with
      some of the spiritual figures connected with the days. Attached to this post
      is the symbolic image of the constellation VIRGO---the Doctor said the Sun is
      under its influence from Sept. 8th to Oct. 12th in our era.

      Sunday September 9th. Moon Taurus. 1828 Tolstoy born.
      Monday September 10th. Moon Taurus. Sosthenus (by Paul made a leader).
      Tuesday September 11th. Moon Gemini. Last Quarter. Abraham (Race-father of
      the Old
      Hebrew People).
      Wednesday September 12th. Moon Gemini. Tobias.
      Thursday September 13th. Moon Cancer. 1872 the Philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach
      Friday September 14th. Moon Cancer. Festival of the High Cross. Heraclius,
      brought in 629
      the Cross of Christ to Constantinople. 1769 Alexander von Humboldt
      born. 1887 The
      Philosopher Freidrich Theodore Vischer died.
      Saturday September 15th. Moon Leo. Nicodemus (who in John's Gospel was made a

      Dr. Starman
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