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Re: Bioneers

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  • Jo Ann Schwartz
    Hi Bradford, Elaine, The Bioneers site intro proclaims: It s all Alive! It s all Connected! It s all Intelligent! It s all Relatives! See:
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 6, 2001
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      Hi Bradford, Elaine,

      The Bioneers site intro proclaims:

      It's all Alive!
      It's all Connected!
      It's all Intelligent!
      It's all Relatives!



      for more and more.


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    • John Massengale
      There are many things I admire about the bioneers, but in my own field they touch on one of my pet peeves. The architects involved in the bioneers tend to fall
      Message 2 of 3 , Sep 6, 2001
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        There are many things I admire about the bioneers, but in my own field they
        touch on one of my pet peeves. The architects involved in the bioneers tend
        to fall back on the Modernist cliches about the Zeitgeist and the Heroic
        Genius architect. In other words, reinvent the wheel, and fix it even if it
        ain't broke.

        More importantly, many bioneers are what might be called Unsustainable
        Greens. This also relates to my field of town planning.

        The conflict can be summarized by looking at the town where Ken Ausubel
        lives, Santa Fe, New Mexico, where many people think being spiritual means
        living on your own ranchito. Thus sprawl has come to the New Mexican desert,
        which is bad enough in itself, particularly in the amount of water it wastes
        in a desert climate. But even worse is that Santa Feans drive everywhere for
        everything, and usually a long way in their gas-guzzling pickup or SUV. It
        is because of behavior like this that we in the US use 1/3 of the world's
        energy. Gas consumption is by far the largest item of consumption, and the
        factor that distinguishes us from all other countries.

        Some bioneers are Perma Culturalists, which is fine, except when your "Perma
        Culture" is only supported by driving 1,000 miles a week in a vehicle
        getting 10 MPG.

        John Massengale
      • Bradford Riley
        ... Elaine wrote; Do you know the work of the Bioneers? Among them are anthroposophists, progressive Christians of other leanings, progressive Buddhists,
        Message 3 of 3 , Sep 6, 2001
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          >From: "elaine upton" <elaineupton@...>
          >Subject: egregores, skull and boneRe: [anthroposophy] anthroposophy]
          >silicon valley
          >Date: Wed, 05 Sep 2001 10:10:19 -0400
          Elaine wrote;

          Do you know the work of the Bioneers? Among them are anthroposophists,
          progressive Christians of other leanings, progressive Buddhists, native
          americans, environmentalists, universalists (but not simply flaky ones).
          Here are people doing fine work for Earth. The anthroposophist, Nicanor
          Perlas, organizer of groups to counteract elite corporate globalization from
          the Phillipines, is among the Bioneers. William McDonough, an
          environmentally sensitive architect and designer; Julia Hill Butterfly, who
          lived in LUNA, the giant redwood tree for many months through frost and cold
          in order to prevent the redwoods from being destroyed;John Mohawk, a native
          american elder and spiritual leader; China Gallant, who leads pilgrims to
          sacred sites round the world; Michael Toms, host of New Dimensions Radio,
          and many others, including writers and artists, musicians... Alice Walker,
          novelist and environmental activist. Kenny Ausubel and his wife Nina Simmons
          are the founders. These all and others are working in contrast to the
          retarding forces.

          Bradford writes; Bioneers Web site????

          I have greatly admired Nicanor Perlas I have met Jeremy Rifkin and his work
          is stunning in this regard. Thank you very much for a spotlight list, if
          they have a consolidated web area please let me know. It is very fine to
          stand our post with the WTO but what is at stake and what is going on now is
          as astonishing as it gets on earth. To be incarnated and wonder what amazing
          changes are happening and where to stand amidst such changes is to identify
          the issues. Now that they have come out of the corner we can begin to see a
          new Corporate take over of Dame Nature. Sophia's shadow on Earth, the star
          wisdom, is heading for a corporate upsize of all of nature's life. I
          understand this beginning of the shadow of Sophia, the eclipsing of Sophia
          as the dark Nothing of the Never Ending Story into the fully functioning
          Gattica of the Whore of Bablylon.

          I have been contemplating the corporate acceleration of the science of
          cloning and the dawn of transgenic species mixing and mismatching in a shell
          game without the wisdom of the stars. No stellar Sophia petitioning but a
          kind of Henry Ford mass production and menu assembly of molds, shells and
          cellular combinations, having understood that it is all merely a shell game.
          Reincarnation is spit back at us with an Ahrimanic glee, to say that He can
          make these bodies anyway he wants and what fills them is anybodys guess is
          our well deserved complacent answer to Golgotha. Therefore the concept of
          shells and nicely molded forms that star 'I Ams' or animal group souls newly
          minted from Ahrimans little shop of horrors, front the Star Herds, the
          Angelic planning and plant forces that emanate from the interior of the
          Earth as a Persephone field. These are genelocked for corporate

          Imagine that the Sex of a child has been determined by how the soul drops
          into the range of the new moon or full moon, but now from earth we can
          determine the sex of a child against the moon's former influence. We can
          determine animal sex and numbers of beings can be given cellular mirrored
          infinity incarnations that we control instead of the Moon. Meaning that we
          determined against the Moon herself, where the writing of the Grail appears,
          we are determining sex from our labs. We are prepared to impose on the
          Spirit incarnation of the human by imposing the sex or rigid shell qualities
          that fomerly the Moon and Stars, (Beings of the Hierarchies) helped us with.
          Our britches have gotten awfully big to exclude the Big Sophia. But who will
          fill these shells we create from our labs
          There is a new mother being annexed from nature. When the star fields of the
          heavens are displaced and humans shells can be homegrown; when man made
          genetic talents, the future stream of souls and heredity, that had once
          formed life out of unconscious forces of star crossed attraction are now
          based on intellectual egotism, manipulation and corporate betrayal "Houston
          we have a problem."

          We have more then landed on the moon we are in the process of overthrowing
          her. Moon rhythms of growth can now be adjusted to suit and overcome Sun,
          Moon and climate zones... Nature's four fold rhythms and the Archangelic
          forces that we have held till now, can be manipulated from the corporate
          side of the fence instead of the spiritual. It appears we are heading for a
          concept that I have understood as the Whore of Babylon. A market place where
          all that fomerly was of star wisdom, fate, destiny and unique angelic
          guardianship, like Intelligence, has fallen into the hands of corporate
          consumer animal mentality. Namely us.

          I am trying to form an idea of this shadow beast of Sophia, beginning slowly
          to rear its head. To give your sperm to her, seems to me to resemble the
          stud horses, and humanity becoming a cellular stud farm. In clinical
          sounding jargon, we have gradually become accustomed to letting corporate
          science sterilize our understanding of soul and spirit in incarnating
          bodies. In other words Earth and her corporate benificiaries are now in
          charge of the products we once understood as nature. Woman can refer to the
          sterile term reproductive engineering while dropping eggs and collecting the
          cash for college.

          Finally; The difference between spiritual intuition and the Light of
          thinking that is kindled in the free thought of every individual is that
          which herds the thinking of souls into groups that include, Science,
          Catholicism, Buddhism, Fundamentalism... an Egregorial thinking that is not
          based on the light of free, and active intuition but rather on the tightly
          controlled field of thinking brought about by egregorial elmental activity.
          Please note reference of dynamic polarity between thinking trapped in the
          grid and thinking under the high heading of the Philosophy of Spiritual
          activity, Chapter eight.


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