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egregores, skull and boneRe: [anthroposophy] anthroposophy] silicon valley

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  • elaine upton
    Hello bradford and all, Bradford replies to me: ... **Yes, it appears so to me. So much of what we get on the news is the dumbed down , highly distracting,
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 5, 2001

      Hello bradford and all,

      Bradford replies to me:


      >Now I don't want to get on a witch hunt with the skull and bones, but you

      >hit the nail on the head Elaine. There are amazing retarding Archangelic

      >fields that create a major traffic jam down here.


      **Yes, it appears so to me. So much of what we get on the news is the "dumbed down", highly distracting, retarded and retarding version of things.And the powers that be in the U.S. Government--Mr. Bush and others--talk gobbledygook, shake the hands of people in the crowd, and pose for the camera.**


       Presently the Michael

      >Archai is being upstaged by so many news makers of low repute. However we
      >see Christian Rosenkreuz spurring human science and development on, with the
      >hopes that Spiritual Science will counter act or antidote the whirlwind we

      >are sowing.

      **Praises that Christian Rosenkreuz is among us! I wish I had more confidence to see and know this presence!**.

      >It is not that Michael acts in the courage and quietness of so many souls
      >but that retarded, ossified forces that run on autopilot littered the social

      >world with so many blabbering mechanized dead thoughts...

      **Telephone your doctor's office, the travel agent, the telephone company, any business or establishment, and you are likely to get an immediate: "will you hold, please." But it's not a question, and there's no hello or how are you or such. Then you wait for how many minutes to talk to someone. Or worse, you get: "press 1 for this and press..." on up to 9 options, and then when you press 1 or whatever, you get more options! What a maze--talk about autopilot! And Mr. Bush leads the way! Tony Blair? The heads of Israel? All mouth nonsense. The Queen is mute mostly, but when she speaks, nothing of substance is said.**



      >I would love to

      >see a kind of map you indicated.. Since Diana and the Queen go back to blood

      >line links through Egypt and what 'department of silly walks' maintains


      **There are such maps published on the internet. I forget how to access them, but there are web pages showing the bloodlines and how all the way back to Ptolemy and Cleopatra, right through to FDR (Roosevelt) and Eleanor Roosevelt and Barbara Bush and George Bush's and the Queen of England--they are related. Recently, there was a piece in the news about President Bush and the Queen's being related, even though the Queen wanted to downplay the connection...**

      >There is the catholoic and fundamentalist egregore that flops around
      >refusing to think into the Science of Christ. Drawing back to 'no we cannot
      >know, we must have faith' there is much that we can know and we should know
      >and in case your wondering an egregore is very pesky group of border collie
      >elemental beings that Steiner encountered the second he brought up
      >Reincarnation to the Domincans. This pesky egregorial group snags stray
      >thoughts that might go outside the field of faith and the church and we have
      >built the livlihood of these beings and those other retarded entities that
      >are hanging around dangling their butts in front of the conceptual grid

      >people imagine as their thinking.

      **Egregores? Ah, that's a good name for such retarded beings.

      I'm having a bit of fun here, but seriously, I do think we are being held captive by these retarding forces, and I wish to remind myself and anyone interested of that, and to call on us to WAKE UP! That is why I would like to be more in touch with progressive forces (those of Sophia, Christian Rosenkreutz...others...)

      Do you know the work of the Bioneers? Among them are anthroposophists, progressive Christians of other leanings, progressive Buddhists, native americans, environmentalists, universalists (but not simply flaky ones). Here are people doing fine work for Earth. The anthroposophist, Nicanor Perlas, organizer of groups to counteract elite corporate globalization from the Phillipines, is among the Bioneers. William McDonough, an environmentally sensitive architect and designer; Julia Hill Butterfly, who lived in LUNA, the giant redwood tree for many months through frost and cold in order to prevent the redwoods from being destroyed;John Mohawk, a native american elder and spiritual leader; China Gallant, who leads pilgrims to sacred sites round the world; Michael Toms, host of New Dimensions Radio, and many others, including writers and artists, musicians...  Alice Walker, novelist and environmental activist. Kenny Ausubel and his wife Nina Simmons are the founders. These all and others are working in contrast to the retarding forces.


      Be well,


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