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R: [anthroposophy] RS Master; Duenov

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    I really don t know who Mr. Duenov was and I m not really interested about his spiritual identity , maybe of high spiritual ranking. But that s a very
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      I really don't know who Mr. Duenov was and I'm not really interested about
      his spiritual identity , maybe of high spiritual ranking. But that's a very
      interesting matter about the spiritual life in Bulgaria. Bulgaria people and
      nation , nazi allies during the II WW , were the ONLY european people ( with
      the Danish if i remember well) who refused to give their jews to nazi in
      order to put them in death camps. So the biggest part of Bulgaria jews
      survived to the Shoah. Only a coincidence?
      Andrea Franco
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      > I believe you may find an extensive treatment of the herb gatherer,
      > Felix Kogutzki (sp?) in Emil Bock's book about Rudolf Steiner with some
      > mention of R.S.'s Master. If memory serves me right, Walter Johannes
      > Stein made a trip to the home of Steiner's youth and wrote about it. I
      > believe there was an indication in that article. I believe he was
      > referred to as "M." Sounds a bit James Bond-ish. :> Of the two great
      > Masters of the West, Christian Rosenkreuz and the Master Jesus-- Rudolf
      > Steiner is identified (in some circles) with the Master Jesus
      > (mistakenly, in my understanding of the facts). But because so many
      > sources conflate both individuals (RS & MJ), one can be led to believe
      > that they are very closely linked.
      > Mrs. Jocelyn (Meditations on the Signs of the Zodiac), who may be known
      > to some on this forum, was a personal pupil of Peter Duenov in Bulgaria
      > in the early part of the 20th century. She once related to me that
      > when asked about work in Eastern Europe, Rudolf Steiner said that it is
      > "not necessary for him to work in Eastern Europe, for they have Peter
      > Duenov."
      > The importance of Steiner's birthplace (in the Balkans) has been
      > discussed by some Anthroposophical authors. The thesis being that he
      > could bring warmth and flexibility (from Eastern Europe) to the rigid
      > scientific worldview of Western Europe. (Approximately)
      > Hope this adds to your search and not to obfuscation.
      > evlogite
      > k@ Steiner once told, that Master Jezus was incarnated that time and
      > he lives in the Karpathen. Also CR was incarnated.
      > And also Boddhisattva Maitreya was there.
      > Also he told, he himself had 2 teachers, C.R. and Mr.J. So Steiner
      > was not CR or Mr.J.
      > Mr.J. was the teacher of Pythagoras. And Pythagoras became later one of
      > the 3 king-magus, that came to the birth of the one kingly Jezus.
      > from a Deunov-pupil:
      > One of my holy dreams is to make connections with peoples form the
      > great teaching of Rudolf Steiner, because this two teachings are
      > one and
      > the same one -> the great word of the Great Universal
      > Brotherhood
      > (from Angels to Seraphims)which Head is Christ.
      > Master Beinsa Douno have inner connection with Steiner. One
      > time he
      > speak that Steiner have connection with Pythagor - one of the
      > Masters of White Brotherhood on the earth. (from memoris of
      > peoples).
      > He have many books in him library from Steiner and one time ,
      > when
      > brothers come to ask master Beinsa for picture of new brotherhood
      > magazine he give the one picture from the book (Apokalipsis
      > Ioan
      > from Steiner sorry for bad English).
      > One man Boian Boev( future great pupil of Master) went to
      > Germany and
      > go to Steiner lectures. He have Asian face, and Steiner ask him:
      > "From
      > Where are you? From Asia?" "No, from Bulgaria" And Stiener :
      > "O, go to
      > Bulgaria then! Because The Master is there!"
      > And Boian return to Bulgaria and becomes one of the great
      > pupils of
      > master.
      > There is Inner connections between Orfeizum, Bogomils, White
      > Brotherhood(in bulgaria) and the rosencroitsers, catarism and the
      > new
      > impuls
      > of Antroposophy ->
      > these brunches are from one three: the White Brotherhood on
      > Earth:
      > projection of the Great Universal Brotherhood.
      > and from Bruce 888, earlier in this forum:
      > > The following is a translation from the book "'The Sunrise' of the
      > > White Brotherhood- Sings and Plays, Learn and Lives". It was compiled
      > > by Vergiley Krustev.
      > >
      > > "Before the Balkan War, Boyan Boev was a student in Munich. Rudolph
      > > Steiner was his lecturer. Because of his distinctive features (his
      > > father was Armenian and his mother Bulgarian), Boyan Boev made an
      > > impression on Steiner, who asked him where he came from. When he
      > > the answer Steiner exclaimed:" You come from Bulgaria? Do you know
      > > Bulgaria is one great country? It is very important country, and it,
      > > along with the rest of the Slav people will play a major role in the
      > > world future." After this conversation Steiner talked to Boev
      > > privately. He asked him why he had come to study here. To the answer
      > > want to become your student and learn 'higher sciences'." Steiner
      > > replied :"There is no need for you to be my student, because the
      > > Master is in Bulgaria. So go back there and become his pupil." Boyan
      > > Boev returned to Bulgaria and met the Master. He also wrote
      > > hundreds of pages on Rudoplh Steiner's works and translated many
      > > others.
      > >
      > > Once in a conversation, in 1911, the Master (Beinsa Douno, his
      > > name is Peter Deunov) was asked if he was familiar with Rudolph
      > > Steiner's works. The Master replied that he knew this eminent occult
      > > man. When asked to explain how he met him the Master said: "We've met
      > > but not in the physical world."
      > >
      > > In one occasion the Master said: "Rudolph Steiner is a reincarnation
      > > Pythagoras." All the students were stunned. That meant that Rudolph
      > > Steiner was not just an ordindary person and ordinary spirit. He
      > > carried, within him, knowledge from the past. For him the Master had
      > > said: "Rudolph Steiner has a mission in Europe. He has to prepare the
      > > European mind to accept the New Teaching that is coming on Earth."
      > > Everybody knew that the New Teaching was the Teaching of the Master.
      > > Boyan Boev knew that too, but the rest of Steiner's adherents just
      > > didn't want to believe it.
      > >
      > > On 31 Dec 1922 some of Steiner's enemies burnt his School. When the
      > > Master was told this he smiled and said: "At the time Pythagoras let
      > > woman in his School, and because of her the Greek burnt it down. But
      > > he didn't learn his lesson then. And now the same thing happened to
      > > Pythagoras, today's Steiner, again - his school was burnt down
      > > of a woman. " Boayn Boev found that the name of the woman was Maria
      > > Sivers, who originated from Russia, was fluent in Russian, French,
      > > German, and English, and was Steiner's best assistant. Another
      > > found the name of Pythagoras' assistant, and told the Master about
      > > He told them that this was the same person. "In major reincarnations
      > > these tow souls go together." - he explained.
      > >
      > > After his School was burnt down, his followers built new homes, out
      > > stone, for his students. Pictures of the new buildings were shown to
      > > the Master, and was asked if they neededd such homes in Bulgaria. "We
      > > can cope without them."-he replied. Steiner left this world on 30
      > > March 1925.
      > >
      > > Once after a lecture Boyan Boev asked the Master if there had been
      > > eminent occult people. from the other world, to come to His lectures.
      > > The Master answered: "Rudolph Steiner and Sedir are the only ones,
      > > from the gone occult people, to come here for lectures in an
      > > for you School. I had conversations with Steiner, who once told Me:
      > > -Master, I wonder how can you express so many great ideas and truths
      > > in such a simple, human language?
      > > -But this is not an ordinary language. This is the most precise
      > > language on earth and in it only can the occult Truth be delivered."
      > >
      > > I won't make any comments on this, but how about that remark
      > > Marie von Sivers.
      > > I just thought it may be of interest.
      > k@Further is interesting to hear that some people think, that Omraam
      > a reincarnation of one of the ancient Rishis.
      > The teacher of the Rishis was Manu or Melchisedek or Malik Sadik.
      > This Melchisedek initiates Abraham later.
      > To make it more difficult, there are people who think that Steiner was
      > Thomas v. Aquino and Aristotelis. Other people think, he could even be
      > Abraham.
      > Walter Johannes Stein, spoke about karmic relations in according to the
      > Grail.
      > So, now you know everything!(;-))))))))
      > groeten en greetings van kees kromme
      > Beste Kees,
      > Het kan in het Nederlands, maar dat doe ik maar niet anders wordt het zo'n
      > onderonsje.
      > I can write in Dutch, but I don't do it because otherwise we separate
      > ourselves from the rest.
      > Thanks alot for the info you sent to me on 24 of august. I 'm reading
      > the autobiography of Steiner now, on instigation of a friend of mine. He
      > told of two incarnations of CR who accompanied Steiner for several years.
      > The last one should have been the son of a bricklayer at the building of
      > first Goetheanum......??????
      > kind regards,
      > Paul Kuenen
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