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Re: [anthroposophy] Pennysylvania esoteric?Quaker esotericism?

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      << Quaker Query?

      Bradford writes;

      The positive forces of the Declaration and the symbols of the U.S. (which
      are very occult, note dollar) were laced with early Quaker contributions.
      Quakers have trained themselves in an occult listening stillness. When the
      higher I Am is active or inspired, there is a certain tuning field. The
      Quaker group will sit in silence as an occult stillness bring about a
      powerful spiritual hearing and listening force within the group. When a
      person does speak the inner soul forces and the high aspect of listening
      into the ego of the other, create a very advanced art of what Marjorie Spock
      depicted as Goethean conversation. In this field of Quaker development a
      John Gospel Word field is tapped.

      The depth of the forces that have inspired the early incubation of America
      and that surround many thoughts related to anti-slavery, freedom of speech,
      brotherhood, the realm of the angels, have been politically drawn from the
      still pool of profound Quaker listening. They respect the freedom of the

      I cannot say that I have documented any of my research into this matter, but
      I have rubbed shoulders with several stunning Quaker friends.

      The relation to occult hearing and 'those who have ears to hear' have
      allowed a strong trickle of inspiration into the early political foundations
      of America. Steiner has lectures on occult hearing but the etheric forces of
      those families engaged in Quaker life, as simple, honest and straightforward
      goodness as most of them are, from childhood on, the purity of etheric
      forces seem to prepare for what is known as Manas or Spirit Self.

      It is a stage abovetheintellectual/political/legal soul forces and meditates
      itself just above the consciousness soul. That which does not allow the
      astral body and sentient soul to disturb the listening process but waits for
      the higher ego to overshadow the human being, the higher being or angel, and
      in those words and from those words, Manas or substance is generated, is all
      part of the Quaker process.

      Where words begin to have an etheric or quiet force that is trained with
      certain aspects indicated in KOHW by R.S. a true force incubates as far as
      I can tell. I do not think that the Quaker groups are conscious of what
      realms they tap, someone must have been, but even as an instinctive capacity
      it reflects a certain need in a persons incarnation to find a family geared
      in that direction. (one family, the Brightons???) not sure, merged with
      Anthroposophy and were very interesting.

      Anyways that geographic area where a form of spiritus-loci permeated with
      organic farmers, The Amish, slower technology, Occult listening, warm inner
      family relations might be holding secret elemental forces, Kimberton etc..
      that maintain a curative elemental core for some future spiritual mission.
      Perhaps that spiritual geographical field has a preserving force that bears
      a future embryo of the American Philadelphia impulse. There is a mystery
      there for sure!!!

      It does indeed account for the 'specialness' of Philadelphia.

      As a modern-day example of being raised Quaker, I would point to Joan

      Just as Steiner said that all of anthroposophy may be found in embryo in
      the writings of Emerson (who was also influenced by we Quakers), so too it
      can be found germinating in the words spoken by the Spirit at meeting.
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