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Re: [anthroposophy] Deception and Evolution

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    In a message dated 8/7/2001 11:16:18 PM, holderlin66@hotmail.com writes:
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      This is the negative light of the chemical ethers dropped down into
      magetism, electricity and laser forces. Since 1945/46 we have been playing
      with this negative light hallucination and bringing about lines and fields
      that might be in response to the compression of light on this side and the
      building of a technical/mechanistic eighth sphere over there. Elementals
      that can be used from silica gnome worlds captured and enslaved in data
      retieval on our computers as well as freezing light and cloning and genetic
      fields are slowly building the bridge work to the massive hallucination as
      you all have indicated.

      Yes, the enormous force of the radar waves we started bombarding the
      atmosphere with in about 1945 is what attracted the attention of the
      elementals. They started coming down from the periphery of the earth and
      becoming slightly more solid.

      Buddha working out a Christ destiny on Mars and the planetary dimensions and
      planes of existence connected to the great Sun community of the planets
      gives a very different picture of planetary interface through astral fields.
      ....There are very few of us who can get in there and feel
      what initiation science can bring to the issues and I appreciate and welcome
      your very interesting research. I still have some odds and ends I'm working
      on but most of it is as jagged as the above... still evaluating.

      ******Look at the NASA/Star Trek myth, where it's taught that we should
      build physical ships and that's how advanced beings travel in the
      >exact opposite of the truth, as none of them use earthly matter, limited to
      >below the speed of light. That false paradigm is enormously influential.
      >Keep their attention focussed on matter... >>
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