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Re: [anthroposophy] Etheric Being photographed

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    ... *******Oh, that is exactly what it can be reduced to because that s what it is---part of the Ahrimanic deception, as I said. Rememeber, the proper job of
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      >>>This picture of a critter is interesting and is commonly used by post "vitalists" trying to pin everything on metaphysical or bioplasmic energy sources. Admittedly such phenomena does exist and to continue, so do well defined object/ships where people enter, walk around, converse with strangers and have operations leaving pin hole entry marks, scars, or possibly metallic objects under the skin. This can not be reduced to etheric play beings or more sinister sources.

      *******Oh, that is exactly what it can be "reduced to" because that's what it is---part of the Ahrimanic deception, as I said. Rememeber, the proper job of the Ahrimanic beings is to condense things into materiality. It's child's play for the distorted ones, the trickster spirits, to temporarily condense the etheric spheres into apparent spaceships, copying the actual 'craft' which are the astral vehicles of beings from the other planes, and hoax people into thinking the key to advancement is to build ever better material devices. They'd love us to believe all this stuff.
      Read about the sad deceptions of 'contactees' from the 1950s on, in John Keel's books, like "UFO's: Operation Trojan Horse" for instance; the connections of UFO patterns with fairy phenomena, as shown in Jacques Vallee's "Passport To Magonia"; and once again the proof of photographing them in the invisible state in Trevor James Constable's "They Live In The Sky' (1958) and his major work "The Cosmic Pulse of Life" (1976, reissued 1996). There's an enormous amount of evidence that must be willfully ignored to hold onto the ships-from-other-planets theory. Look at the telepathic contacts with 'contactees', showing the connection with non-physical mediumship phenomena, and the appearances of the Men in Black to people who witnessed a sighting. It requires a completely one-sided addiction to the fictional 'Star Trek' mentality to ignore all the clues that lead to a real knowledge of what is behind the para-physical UFO phenomena in its many aspects, both as real etheric-astral!
      beings and as the Ahrimanic ver
      sion of them that is acceptable as space ships only by those who refuse to see all the hints that something far different is going on.

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