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Mercury's Mission

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  • carynlouise24
    The human astral bodies had still to receive a third impact. This was brought down from Mercury. Christ united his sovereignty with that of Lucifer. If one
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      'The human astral bodies had still to receive a third impact. This
      was brought down from Mercury. Christ united his sovereignty with
      that of Lucifer. If one has the will to ascend the heights in order
      to find the way to the Gods one needs Mercury, the Divine Messenger.

      He is the one who prepared the path of Christ from the middle of the
      Atlantean Root-Race onwards in order later to enter into the astral
      bodies, which had received the mercurial element.

      All our present metals have only gradually become what they are now.
      Gold, silver, platinum and so on all pass through certain conditions.
      When they are heated they become first hot, then liquid, then
      gaseous. This latter was once the condition of all metals in the
      gaseous Earth.

      Gold too first densified with the Earth: at one time it was entirely
      etheric gold. When we go back to the time when the Earth was still
      united with the Sun, there was as yet within it no solid gold. The
      particles of the white Sun-Ether became first fluid and then solid.
      These are the veins of gold which are now in the Earth.

      Gold is solidified sunlight. Silver is solidified moonlight. All
      mineral substances have gradually solidified. When human beings
      become ever more spiritualised, quicksilver will also become solid.

      At one time gold and silver formed drops just as water does now. The
      fact that mercury is still fluid is connected with the whole process
      of Earth evolution. It will become solid when the God Mercury has
      fulfilled his mission.

      In the middle of the Atlantean Root-Race quicksilver was brought down
      from Mercury in etheric form. Had we not had quicksilver we should
      not have had the Christ-Principle. In the drops of quicksilver we
      have to see what was incorporated in the Earth in the middle of the
      Atlantean epoch'.

      Foundations of Esotericism, Lecture xxv1
      Berlin, 28th October 1905

      Outlooks for the Future
      From the lectures
      "Significant Facts Pertaining to the Spiritual Life of the Middle of
      the XIXth Century"
      Lecture by Dr. Rudolf Steiner
      Dornach, October 31st, November 1st and 7th, 1915
      GA 254

      'Generally speaking, we may therefore say, if we wish to characterize
      the human being: At the present time, man's physical body is
      extremely rigid, but his etheric body is still mobile to some extent,
      so that the etheric body still assumes forms in accordance with man's
      inner nature.

      In the case of an evil-minded person, it is therefore significant —
      indeed, it is to some extent a reality — that outwardly his face may
      only have a slight resemblance with a hyaena, whereas his etheric
      body will have a far greater resemblance with a hyaena.

      The etheric body is still changeable; it still possesses something
      which allows it to be transformed. But even the etheric body is on
      the way of growing rigid, like the physical body.

      Just as the physical body has taken on rigid forms from the Atlantean
      epoch onwards, up to our fifth post-Atlantean epoch, so will also the
      etheric body take on more rigid, solid forms from the fifth post-
      Atlantean epoch onwards, into the sixth epoch and on into the second
      post-Atlantean age.

      As a result — and I have pointed this out in many lectures — in the
      etheric body, whose forms penetrate into the physical body, will
      assert itself very strongly. We are now living in the fifth epoch of
      the first post-Atlantean age; then come into the sixth and seventh

      During the sixth and seventh epochs, the rigidity of the etheric body
      will have a great influence upon the physical body and the physical
      body will become a faithful copy of the etheric.

      This will give rise to serious and important results. During the
      sixth epoch of the post-Atlantean evolution of the earth, the human
      beings will therefore be born with specially marked bodies, which
      will express their inner moral qualities. We shall then be meeting
      someone and we shall know what his moral constitution is like, for
      his outward appearance shall reveal it.

      In future, the MORAL physiognomy will be particularly conspicuous,
      whereas all those marks which now characterize the human physiognomy
      will be far less conspicuous.

      The human physiognomy is now strongly dependent upon heredity: we
      resemble our parents, our ancestors and bear the characteristics of
      our race. But these things will have no meaning whatever during the
      sixth epoch, our bodily form will then obtain its expression from the
      series of our incarnations.

      The human beings will differ very much from one another and their
      features will be strongly marked. When we encounter somebody, we
      shall then know exactly: This is a good person and that is an evil
      one. Just as to-day we know that this is an Italian and that a
      Frenchman etc., so we shall know in future that this is a good person
      and that a bad one ... Of course, there will be many intermediary
      stages of good and evil. The human countenance will thus more and
      more express the moral qualities'.
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