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Fwd: Time Monks Twin Earthquake Watch

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  • tmasthenes13
    Please pardon the cross-posting from my Arthur Young Yahoo group. (Do check out his site http://www.arthuryoung.com/ ) However, I do believe this post is
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 8, 2008
      Please pardon the cross-posting from my Arthur Young Yahoo group. (Do
      check out his site http://www.arthuryoung.com/ )

      However, I do believe this post is timely and relevant to anthros
      worldwide because it is a prime example of Uncle Ahriman trying his
      hand at predicting the future through a web-bot technology known as
      "predicative linguistics." So let's see how well he does, with this
      window opening in 2 days.



      --- In arthur@yahoogroups.com, "tmasthenes13" <TomBuoyed@...> wrote:

      Last Saturday night around 8:20, I was sitting at my cyber station
      here in Tomcat Cave, just minding everybody else's business and
      contemplating the upcoming twin earthquake Dec. 10-15 prediction
      window of George Ure, Cliff and Igor in Texas --- the fabled web-botty
      Time Monks whose "predictive linguistics" appear to give us a one or
      two month window of pre-cognition as certain big future events send
      back emotional hypertextual ripples in time as they splash into the
      future world event pool.


      Lo and behold, what do I feel but a little wooziness, which I
      immediately ascribe to sitting too long in the chair, but then, I
      realize this is no inner subjective funk of mine as I feel a definite
      outward sway of all objects including my matter the body itself/.
      Earthquake!!! Very light and subtle, but still: Earthquake. Well, OK,
      like everything else in La-La-Hollywood land it was a "Teaser

      And it was teasing me enough to leave room for doubt, so I sprang up
      to run outside and take a gander and goose at the most objective
      earthquake indicator we have here, namely the many plants hanging from
      the trellis "ceiling" in the back yard, including the big organ
      pipe-like wind chimes. I saw that the plants and wind chimes were all
      slightly swaying in unison as good pendula do, giving me thus prima
      facie evidence of earthquake guaranteed to convince any Doubting
      Thomas pulling his etherically bloody hand out of Christ's side wound.

      But now I had to clue into the Global Brain to really verify its
      reality. I mean, if it's not verified by the Internet, then it never
      happened, right? Thus I immediately clicked my bookmark for the USGS
      to see the latest earthquakes registered in the last 7 days in the
      USA, and sure enough there was a 5.5 Mag earthquake at 8:18 PM with
      epicenter just east of Barstow at the west edge of the Mojave Desert,
      about 120 miles ENE from me. Later it was downgraded to a 5.1, but
      then I realized that I had Richter scale of sorts in my back yard,
      namely the big old wind chimes, which swayed from this 5.1 but didn't
      ring. Had it been an actual 5.5, it certainly would have rung my
      chimes. Nyuk! Nyuk! Nyuk!

      However, my Richter Scale device would only be good for these
      mid-range 5's, because if there would ever be a 6 or more, hell a 5.8
      or more, we would all be in such a panic, who the hell would care
      about the wind chimes!!! To paraphrase Bob Dylan Zimmerman: "You don't
      need a Richter Scale to tell you which way the ground is rolling!" And
      of course John Donne will be done with me as I mangle the ending of
      his immortal 1624 poem "No Man is an Island" (but he may be a Desert.
      Nyuk! Nyuk! Nyuk!)

      "Therefore, send not to know
      For whom the ground rolls,
      It rolls for thee."

      Now stepping aside a bit from my normal inherent Narcissism – hey if I
      do that, it's called "ecstasy!" --- and oozing a bit out of the normal
      southern California sponge of self-absorption --- after all, even
      earthquakes are "all about me" here in La-La Land --- please take a
      gander at the USGS record of big earthquakes (>5.0) happening all over
      the world in the past few days!!!

      I mean what a blow to our narcissism here! How special can you be when
      there have been at least 12 earthquakes of greater than 5 magnitude
      since our Saturday Night Special here. OK, let me file that away into
      the big Denial Drawer.

      It's nicer to look at the USGS Earthquake homepage and look at the maps.

      If you're a glutton for seismic punishment, here is the listing of all
      earthquakes > 2.5 in the USA,
      >4.0 in the rest of the world.

      Anyway, enough of me talking about me. Now, what do you think of me?
      Nyuk! Nyuk! Nyuk!

      All right, back to the Time Monks' specific predictions. What's
      supposed to occur between Dec. 10 and 15 --- which is between this
      coming Wednesday and next Monday --- are two, count'em two humongous
      earthquakes, somewhere in the world, located between 32 and 36 degrees
      latitudes, could be north or south, which will cause inland
      devastation, not much about the oceans. That could possibly be the New
      Madras fault in the USA, right near the Mississippi River as it flows
      past Missouri, Tennessee.

      Now, the earthquake, having jolted me out of my Narcissism long enough
      to activate my even greater Megalomania, I wrote a note to George Ure
      which he published on his site last Saturday. Click here for Last
      Week's Archive to read the whole report. (I even included the sonic
      ka-boom from the Space Shuttle landing which struck our house the
      Sunday before last.)


      Updated: Saturday December 6, 2008

      Quake Dates Looming

      With the 'window' for our 'twin quakes' with massive impacts due Dec
      10 to 15th (roughly) we can't help but notice the 5.1 shaker in
      southern California last night. I figure maybe next weekend we will
      have our first BIG one. Belted in? Things nailed down?
      "Hi George, Cliff!

      Warm-up for the big ones in 5-10 days? Could be. Just felt a 5.5
      Mag quake located at 34 degrees 49 minutes latitude. 8:20 PM Pacific
      time. I'm here in Van Nuys, in the San Fernando Valley, about 120
      miles southwest of the epicenter which was between Barstow & Ludlow in
      the mountains on the road to Vegas. A 5.5 on the 5th of December. And
      well within your latitude range.

      Funny how this morning I wrote to a friend up north about your
      site and mentioned that down here, it's "shake'n'bake" country. Well I
      told him we had enough baking with all the fires and that it was time
      for a shake, and I mentioned your upcoming twin quake window.

      [name withheld] Van Nuys, CA

      PS Actually, we had a much bigger rumble last Sunday. It was the
      sonic boom from the Space Shuttle which had to land out here at
      Edwards AFB. I thought a huge tree limb had fallen on our roof.
      (actually Ba-Boom! Two thumps, one for the front and the other for the
      rear of the craft) Well, then I guess we qualify now for "shake,
      rattle and roll." Got the shake and rattle, so the roll might be the
      twin quakes a comin' down the pike.

      Please return your seat backs and tray tables to their upright and
      locked positions....

      Anyway, to complete the prophetic announcements, I include excerpts
      from 2 postings I made in October here on AY. I may not be the "last
      prophet standing" especially if the quake hits us here greater than
      6.0 --- then I'll be the latest prophet being rolled on the ground by
      Mother Earth. On the other hand, what is nothing happens? Well, Dave
      Leahy comforts me with the conviction that even zero is not nothing,
      so nothing must be something, even when it's a whole lot of nothing.

      I leave you all with Elvis on YouTube in 1956 singing "Shake, Rattle
      and Roll."


      My posting from October 18

      Finally, Billy's prediction of a giant earthquake to occur off the
      coast of Vancouver and devastate Wash. Oregon and Northern California
      with a tsunami.

      That's exactly the prediction of the web-bot "Time
      Monks" George Ure, Cliff & Igor. From their meta-linguistic
      cyber-analysis, they give a date of December 12, 2008 for this event.


      My posting from October 13

      Now all we need is a nice big earthquake, which I'm told, according to
      George Ure, Cliff, Igor and the guys working on the web bot linguistic
      project, should occur in 2 months but off the Seattle/Vancouver coast.

      Here is actually a good overview of the web-bot folks as well as the
      specific earthquake prediction.


      The Web Bot folks foresee a West Coast/Vancouver area large-scale
      earthquake around December 12, 2008.
      Many have seen signs of this coming for quite some time. This may not
      be the "Big One", but it will prove to be significant and very
      devastating to the area.

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