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Re: The remains of human giants.

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  • carol
    S: « ...Well, of course, you yourself continued the discussion on this guy, who you probably now see in a higher light than earlier... » Nope. What I
    Message 1 of 57 , Dec 3, 2008
       S: « ...Well, of course, you yourself continued the discussion on this guy, who you probably now see in a higher light than earlier... »

      Nope. What I discovered through my first sifting of the material, pretty much furnished me what I needed – a concept and the living manifestation of it

      I discovered just how, during the 1930 s and 40s, one earnest (materialistic) esoterist managed to serve Ahrimanic forces. The indepth focus has left my spirit, for the moment - but I have retained a 'notice to look out '' for ALL  sentimental esoteric theorists who think they can offer the world solutions, in a language intelligible to materialists.

      Included in this,  ALL ecological and economic justification for applied Eugenics -  which is basically the 'thing' which both parties of choice for US presidency uphold.

      Hey Steve, I noticed some discrepancies in your recent writtings;

      "I don't relate well at all to politics, nor am I particularly concerned about what may arise out of the new administistration, if compulsory military or public service is what bothers you. We all should make the choices we deem to be the best for us, and take the necessary risks, come what may, regardless of coercive policies." #17873

      "Yeah, Carol. It's called "give the guy a chance to do his job". Hell,
      he hasn't even been sworn in yet. BTW, how's Haarper doing in his second term so far?"

      Steve #17925

      (Harper's busy-  on the one hand,  he's discrediting the majority of Quebec voters,  and on the other hand,  he's reassuring  the dumbdown masses who voted him in ,  that his being 'ousted' is just an illusion. In a country where paper ballot still exist and where 'logic' must still be used,  this is how things unravel themselves.  Not so in the US.  )

      "The moral steps require having the courage to recognize the plot of the great plan for worldwide chaos and demise. Expect more of the same in 2009, and it ain't got nothing to do with Obama, except for the traditional fallout from one (pure evil) administration to another.

      If we "stay the course", which is a Bushite claim to fame slogan,
      then we'll possibly make it into 2010 with a new trend that we've
      already envisioned.


      I reiterated my opinion that Obama, at least needs the chance to start to make a change, and that Robert is a duly noted conspiratorialist in this regard to Obama;

      Steve #17940

      I'm interested in solutions to
      the repetitively nagging and reactive negativities.


      Here's what's important. The House of Representatives voted against
      the bailout, and everybody cheered for such a radical gesture. Let the greedy investors and speculators lose their fortunes, the bastards; serves them right for seeing nothing more than a superficial kingdom of earth alone and its pompous, proud and arrogant romish power trip.

      Then, that traditionally 'bailout' Senate put it all together for the
      trillion dollar bailout of greedy wall streeters for a further burdened
      and illusory federal deficit. Who cares what the bloomberg breakdown shows, the House needs to fight for what is right from their point of view, and stop siding with the goddamn Senate, who are nothing but ass- kissing lovers of an irresponsible president who is just about as criminal a president as this country has ever had. Wistful George should be publically flogged before Obama is sworn in. It would be the most signifcant public ceremony in U.S. history. A very necessary symbolic gesture just before the rebuilding begins; again!


      Ah, Steve - aren't you just acting out what's expected of the dumbdown masses ?  Wasn't OBAMA one of those devout senators  ?

      Another question,  who the hell do you think paid  Obama's way ?  Dorothy ?







      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "Stephen Hale" <sardisian01@...> wrote:
      > --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "carol" organicethics@
      > wrote:
      > > I can't say that life, in general, would have been in any
      > way 'simple'
      > > in those times, and at the very spot where this guy lived.
      > >
      > > I'm sure this type of 'emphasis' would be dismissed as
      > insignificant by
      > > you, Steve. An idea to the effect that 'surrounding, external
      > > conditions' do influence people in very personal ways, do determine
      > > their actual life activities, doesn't seem to faze on you, as a rule
      > > I don't expect more on this issue of looking at a guy who was,
      > through
      > > the laws of destiny, caught in pretty much the 'epicentre' of a
      > major
      > > historic world war - when, ideally, he would have needed access to a
      > > whole lot of info and a good variety of mature, reflections applied
      > to
      > > it to better 'carry' himself. Obviously, this type of effective
      > > distribution of information had not yet attained it's day.
      > >
      > > This day came upon the world in our time.
      > Well, of course, you yourself continued the discussion on this guy,
      > who you probably now see in a higher light than earlier; and most
      > probably because I elucidated further considerations for your
      > reflection. Here's the reflection from a spiritual scientific
      > standpoint, which your intuition denotes to a degree.
      > Rene Guenon and Julius Evola represent rather tragic figures from the
      > middle part of the 20th century. They were courageous for a
      > continued spiritual growth in an era of rather abject materialism.
      > This era also included: Rudolf Steiner, Aurobindo Ghose, G.I.
      > Gurdjieff, P.D. Ouspensky, Pierre de Chardin, Henri Bergson, Samuel
      > Alexander, Jean Gebser, et al.
      > It is a most significant period. It represents the time in which the
      > Cosmic Intelligence came down to earth. Even Charles Peguy took time
      > to note Bergson. And he was a Catholic.
      > As for external conditions, I used to work for Boeing, wherein for
      > sixteen years I had to sit in traffic for at least three hours a day
      > before and after going to work. Thusly, I developed a kind of stress
      > condition, even to the point of feeling claustrophobic due to the
      > gridlock situation of classic northwest traffic. I also worked in
      > the cleaning industry about three years after Boeing, where I rushed
      > to the airport for eight hours after the Weyerhaueser library job.
      > You see, I had to support a family back then by working sixteen hours
      > a day, c. 2001, for thirteen months.
      > For one year before, and one year after 9/11, I worked both in a
      > technical library and a major industrial airport at the same time.
      > This is why Val feels the need to say a prayer for my sanity
      > (although she has certainly heard it before), and why you, Carol,
      > think my resume is a fraud.
      > But it happened just that way. And that is why we are here today,
      > swapping stories. I like yours and Val's. I like you being the
      > cleaning lady with the earphones listening to Jones and Rense, and
      > Val being the pious marm from Rockford, who loves the whistling wind
      > in Boulder. Well, she told me all about it after I had already
      > experienced it. Much like you, Carol. I liked cleaning the airport
      > alot for two years. It gave me a sense of control, that I appreciate
      > in retrospect.
      > Steve

    • holderlin66
      Colony Collapse ---- We are being subjected to a 100 year law, or 99 year law of three 33 s including the Great Depression of 1933 and as well that horrific
      Message 57 of 57 , Dec 9, 2008

        Colony Collapse  ----  We are being subjected to a 100 year law, or 99 year law of three 33's including the Great Depression of 1933 and as well that horrific event of Feb 27, 1933.  We are in the midst of an Occult Law upheaval that was indicated as well in Colony collapse studies we did on this list.  The entire global economy is in Colony collapse and becoming Ahrimanically reformed due to a vast occult law of three X's 3.  This law was noted as penetrating right down to the Sun Community of the way we handled Bees, all the way to the law of Education and results of educating humanity in a false, Ahrimanic and distorted manner would result in the corrupt monsters and whores of wall street becoming the children of Alan Greenspan, the children of Atlas Shrugged, the greedy, avarice ridden failure of humanity to check their impulses for the greater good as was thought should happen with freedom, however the infected and false educational system have created not only a Colony Collapse of the Bees, a Sun Beeings, but the Collapse of global Economy all on a 100 year occult law or 99 year law that Steiner talked of.

        The Fed created a falsifed Occult model, without Initiation Science or the Christ Event, but based on an Ahrimanic school of training and holding captive various etheric Lodge models of souls, capturing their etheric models and training Ahrimanized cosmic Initiation to insert themselves into Archangelic activities, and enter everywhere globally, with IMF, International Monetary Fund and Federal Reserve and Wall Street, all gaining and maintaining Ahrimanic Initiation centers into the Economic System.  And now the 99 year law has caught up to us, but we didn't instantly recognize the signs of Colony collapse and the indicators that Steiner drew.

        Try Again Anthros;   Try Again;

         "Despite its name, the Federal Reserve System is not owned by the
         federal government. It is actually a private company of bankers with 12
         branches or central banks that expand and contract our money supply as
         they have doing for nearly 100 years.
        And, even though the Fed is not part of the US government, the Fed's
         Board of seven governors is appointed by the president and confirmed by
         the Senate for 14-year terms."

        "Steiner...explained that the modern method of breeding queens (using
        larvae of worker bees, a practice that had already been in use for about
        fifteen years) would have long-term detrimental effects, so grave that:

        "A century later all breeding of bees will cease if only artificially
        produced bees are used...."

        Steiner in another lecture made this grave prophecy:

        "Let the kind of teaching that prevails in our universities continue for
        another three decades, let social questions be treated as they are now
        for thirty years more, and you will have a devastated Europe
        ." He said
        this in December, 1919; of course the prophecy was fulfilled in less
        than thirty years."

        Bradford comments;

        Colony Collapse or was Steiner just one gloomy guy? Well to the
        trivial, newbie and basic inattentive shrunken intellectual soul,
        Steiner just must appear gloomy and making those statements to get some
        sort of negative attention. NOT! O seriously not.

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