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Re: The remains of human giants.

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  • Stephen Hale
    ... from ... web, ... earnest. ... opportunity ... his ... egoist . ... lasted ... during ... for ... emerged ... sapiental ... what ... and ... as ...
    Message 1 of 57 , Dec 2, 2008
      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "carol" <organicethics@...>
      > Re - J. Evola: « ...He got himself caught up in a complex web
      > involving western european esoteric reflection and the steadfast,
      > straight rise of Ahrimanic forces reaching over into western Europe
      > the UK/American west. It seemed to have created an effect on him, in
      > that not only his personal attention, but his estoterism became, for
      > lack of a better word, 'prostituted' to the elite...
      > ...I don't think the guy quite realized how complex an esoteric
      > his day presented him - but I will admit, that he tried with
      > And, that he stumbled into fault, as well.»
      > The following shows how he described 1) being faced with
      > and 2) why he turned away from it.
      > It seems that J Evola took a conscious vow to take on the world, on
      > own. Some people might view this as naivety and arrogance – and good
      > recipe for getting into trouble.
      > He was probably both an Atheist and somewhat of a hand lined,
      egoist .
      > « ....The speculative period. Magic idealism and the theory of the
      > absolute individual
      > My 'artistic' period was followed by a 'philosophical' one, which
      > roughly from 1923 to 1927(even though some of the books I wrote
      > this period were not published until 1930). In the same way that,
      > me, art emerged from a non-artistic background, so philosophy
      > from a non-philosophical one....
      > Immediately following the war, my attention turned directly to
      > doctrines, particularly Eastern ones, but largely only in terms of
      > had been published about them by spurious contemporary theosophical
      > 'occultist' currents, which purported to present the ancient wisdom
      > an antidote not only to modern materialism, but also to merely
      > or devotional religion. These were extremely bastardised texts, in
      > what prevailed was preconceptions, ramblings, and the poor material
      > provided by supposed 'revelations' and 'clairvoyance'.
      Nevertheless, in
      > circles of that kind, I also gained the opportunity of meeting some
      > personalities of actual value, quite distinct from the theories they
      > supported. I will recall here Decio Calvari, president of the
      > Independent Theosophical League of Rome ; Giovanni Colazza, who ran
      > Anthroposophical (that is, Rudolf Steiner) centre, also in Rome ;
      > poet Arturo Onofri, who was a former member of the avant-garde art
      > movement and who, after a spiritual crisis, also joined the
      > Anthroposophists ; the Dutch Orientalist Bernard Jasink ; and the
      > painter and 'occultist' Raul dal Molin Ferenzona.
      > Owing to my insufficient preparation, there was no shortage of
      > references in my first philosophical works, especially in 'Saggi
      > sull'idealismo magico', to the above-mentioned dubious sources, and
      > these references should be treated with caution and separated from
      > main body of my work. However, on the whole, I remained
      independent, and
      > my attitude to these currents of modern 'occultism' was in fact
      > often distinctly critical and negative. For me at that time these
      > sources assumed the only function which they can have in general in
      > current world : the useful but humble one of mere points of
      > It is the interior qualification, possessed by the student who is
      > attracted to the teachings interpreted by these currents, which
      > determines whether he continues to rely upon this extremely mixed
      > diversionary material, or whether he finds his way back by one
      route or
      > another to the genuine sources of traditional wisdom, acknowledging
      > the cases in which 'occult', anthroposophical, theosophical, etc.,
      > speculations have served to discredit rather than to enhance this
      > wisdom.
      > I chose without any doubt the second alternative.
      > http://thompkins_cariou.tripod.com/id101.html

      Thanks Carol for these excerpts from Julius Evola's autobiographical
      indications. He was much like Rene Guenon in wanting to revert to
      primordial sources of the esoteric wisdom. Guenon was a master in
      striving for actual spiritual experience, though, as you might know;
      while Evola was more the intellectual esotericist.

      Of course, he got into trouble with his race theories, and with the
      Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and supporting the fascism of
      Mussolini. Pretty much the concise review you give of this guy,
      Carol. He got caught in the trap of the evildoers, and was made the
      proverbial "bad guy". Made to take the rap, while in all actuality,
      he was a striving spirit like the rest of us. In short, he has been
      judged an evil "anti-semite", and that is why his works can't be
      found in the local college library.

      I appreciate your intellectual abilities, and that you bring forth
      people I never heard of, like Julius Evola and Paul Coroze. Thanks
      again. This is a gem.

    • holderlin66
      Colony Collapse ---- We are being subjected to a 100 year law, or 99 year law of three 33 s including the Great Depression of 1933 and as well that horrific
      Message 57 of 57 , Dec 9, 2008

        Colony Collapse  ----  We are being subjected to a 100 year law, or 99 year law of three 33's including the Great Depression of 1933 and as well that horrific event of Feb 27, 1933.  We are in the midst of an Occult Law upheaval that was indicated as well in Colony collapse studies we did on this list.  The entire global economy is in Colony collapse and becoming Ahrimanically reformed due to a vast occult law of three X's 3.  This law was noted as penetrating right down to the Sun Community of the way we handled Bees, all the way to the law of Education and results of educating humanity in a false, Ahrimanic and distorted manner would result in the corrupt monsters and whores of wall street becoming the children of Alan Greenspan, the children of Atlas Shrugged, the greedy, avarice ridden failure of humanity to check their impulses for the greater good as was thought should happen with freedom, however the infected and false educational system have created not only a Colony Collapse of the Bees, a Sun Beeings, but the Collapse of global Economy all on a 100 year occult law or 99 year law that Steiner talked of.

        The Fed created a falsifed Occult model, without Initiation Science or the Christ Event, but based on an Ahrimanic school of training and holding captive various etheric Lodge models of souls, capturing their etheric models and training Ahrimanized cosmic Initiation to insert themselves into Archangelic activities, and enter everywhere globally, with IMF, International Monetary Fund and Federal Reserve and Wall Street, all gaining and maintaining Ahrimanic Initiation centers into the Economic System.  And now the 99 year law has caught up to us, but we didn't instantly recognize the signs of Colony collapse and the indicators that Steiner drew.

        Try Again Anthros;   Try Again;

         "Despite its name, the Federal Reserve System is not owned by the
         federal government. It is actually a private company of bankers with 12
         branches or central banks that expand and contract our money supply as
         they have doing for nearly 100 years.
        And, even though the Fed is not part of the US government, the Fed's
         Board of seven governors is appointed by the president and confirmed by
         the Senate for 14-year terms."

        "Steiner...explained that the modern method of breeding queens (using
        larvae of worker bees, a practice that had already been in use for about
        fifteen years) would have long-term detrimental effects, so grave that:

        "A century later all breeding of bees will cease if only artificially
        produced bees are used...."

        Steiner in another lecture made this grave prophecy:

        "Let the kind of teaching that prevails in our universities continue for
        another three decades, let social questions be treated as they are now
        for thirty years more, and you will have a devastated Europe
        ." He said
        this in December, 1919; of course the prophecy was fulfilled in less
        than thirty years."

        Bradford comments;

        Colony Collapse or was Steiner just one gloomy guy? Well to the
        trivial, newbie and basic inattentive shrunken intellectual soul,
        Steiner just must appear gloomy and making those statements to get some
        sort of negative attention. NOT! O seriously not.

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