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Re: Anthroposophical Adult Education

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  • carynlouise24
    Enough is Enough Mankind is waking up from the Temple Sleep- `For this reason one must be very clear that the time of awakening has come and that one must take
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      Enough is Enough

      Mankind is waking up from the Temple Sleep-

      `For this reason one must be very clear that the time of awakening
      has come and that one must take an active part in this awakening,
      that events often hurry ahead of knowledge and one will not
      understand the events that take place around us unless one accustoms
      oneself to knowledge'.

      - An etheric body that is awake is illumined by the astral body. And
      it is the astral body which is named The Sons of Life or The Sons of

      `This twofold nature of the human being, which has entered the fifth
      post-Atlantean period just as man did, contains the human being but
      also, within the human being, the lower animal nature. Man is to a
      certain extent really a centaur; he contains this lower, bestial,
      astral nature. His humanity is somehow mounted upon this astral

      - And we contemplate the enormity of the Mystery of Golgotha in our
      astral body.

      The double either in Christ or in Twilight.

      `Christ appeared, for example, in the fourth post-Atlantean period
      through the Mystery of Golgotha. Only the fifth post-Atlantean epoch,
      however, can make this mystery its own through the human intellect.

      In the fourth post-Atlantean period, human beings could grasp that
      they possessed something in the Christ impulse that would lead them
      as souls beyond death. This became sufficiently clear through Pauline

      `Then will come an epoch when still higher powers will awaken in
      human beings. This will be the epoch when the Christ will manifest
      Himself in a still loftier-manner; in an astral form in the lower
      world of Devachan.

      And in the final epoch, that of the moral impulse, the human beings
      who have passed through the other stages will behold the Christ in
      His glory, as the form of the greatest `Ego', as the spiritualised
      Ego-Self, as the great Teacher of human evolution in the higher

      – Some may awaken to the Christ and some may awaken to the Serpent.

      `Three ideas have gradually arisen in the course of evolving during
      the last centuries, ideas which, in the way they have entered human
      life, are essentially abstract. Kant has named them falsely, while
      Goethe has named them correctly. These three ideas Kant called God,
      freedom, and immortality; Goethe called them correctly God, virtue,
      and immortality'.

      God, Virtue, and Immortality

      Whereas the Twilights bring:

      Gold, health, and prolonging life,

      Everything to do with the body and nothing to do with the soul and

      `God is translated as gold, and one seeks behind the mystery to come
      to what can be described as the mystery of gold. Gold, representing
      what is sun-like within the earth's crust, is indeed something within
      which is imbedded a most significant mystery.

      In fact, gold stands materially in the same relationship to other
      substances as within thinking the thought of God stands to other
      thoughts. It only matters in which way this mystery is understood'.

      - The Gnomes wait for the Moon to unite with the Earth:

      `If one unveils it, this moon-mystery, one comes upon truly
      remarkable discoveries, for one reaches the conclusion that at the
      present time the moon is continually approaching nearer — naturally
      you must not take this in a crude way, as though the moon would
      collide with the earth — but each year it does in fact come somewhat

      Each year the moon is actually nearer the earth. One recognises this
      from the ever more vigorous play of the moon-forces in the gnome-
      world during the time of the new moon.

      And to this coming nearer of the moon the attentiveness of these
      goblins is quite specially directed; for it is in producing results
      from the way in which the moon affects them that they see their chief
      mission in the universe.

      They await with intense expectation the epoch when the moon will
      again unite with the earth; and they assemble all their forces in
      order to be armed in readiness for the epoch when the moon will have
      united with the earth, for they will then use the moon substance
      gradually to disperse the earth, as far as its outer substance is
      concerned, into the universe. Its substance must pass away'.

      The Saturn Men

      `The Earth unites with the Moon, unite with the Sun and the other

      Old Lemuria Beings and forces will be able to re-unite with the
      Earth. The Moon will reunite with the Earth and the Old Lemuria
      Beings will make use of the Lunar forces and help transmute the bad
      enabling them to partake in earth evolution albeit as a distinct

      John Jocelyn- Capricorn
      `The mighty power of the Father-force in Capricorn is only tapped and
      expressed when the native of this sign realizes the light that shines
      in the darkness, for once this light is comprehended, the highest
      attainments are achieved through the action of the Christ within, who
      is all-wise, all-loving, and all-intelligent.

      As our era passes, the master men of Saturn will come with their
      selfless executive-directive forces to make life worth living,
      whereas at present selfish Saturn souls seek to gain power over the
      soul and substance of myriads of men.

      When the humanitarianism of Aquarius is added to the patient
      persistence of Capricorn, Christ-altruism is added to the Father-
      force. Then, as Christ said, "I and the Father are one".

      Egotism changes to altruism as the Capricorn native is lighted in the
      head and heart. The secret of Saturn and Capricorn is that one
      acquires virtues and takes on the soul of a sage only after one has
      passed through the tests, the hindering restrictions, which this sign
      provides. One realizes the weight and worth of Saturn after passing
      through the Job initiation.

      Those who have touched these potent powers of the Father and the Son,
      can declare the acceptable year of the Lord and proclaim that a New
      Day is near when the devices of the devil and the old dragon shall
      have been pierced and their lies and errors, the fruit of egotism and
      cold intellectualism, will be recognized'.

      Lectures from:
      The Reappearance of Christ in the Etheric - Individual Spirit Beings
      and the Undivided Foundation of the World: Part 3

      Man as Symphony of the Creative Word

      The Reappearance of Christ in the Etheric - Individual Spirit Beings
      and the Undivided Foundation of the World: Part 2

      Esoteric Christianity and the Mission of Christian Rosenkreutz
      Jeshu Ben Pandira who prepared the way for an understanding of the
      Christ Impulse

      Occult Science – an Outline

      John Jocelyn Meditations on the Signs of the Zodiac

      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "rambate83" <rambate83@...>
      > Moral Rearmament - Seize the day, every day. (Goethe , the first
      bit any way)
      > If war is an act of materialism , materialism in the extreme, and
      evil misplaced good, and
      > every thing evil has it's gem/grain of goodness in it. Then i
      can't say
      > the bombers in Mumbai where evil - full stop. Life is not that
      > If it is easy to recruit people to do your bidding at arms length,
      and you want to create
      > instability and fear, then Mumbai bombing certainly would fit the
      bill. We live in a
      > dangerous world (Live life dangerously - live life right - Goethe) -
      so if i can find the gift
      > of what the bombing brought then all is not lost.
      > Robin
      > --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "carynlouise24"
      <carynlouise24@> wrote:
      > >
      > > - Do you or does anyone know about Moral Rearmament?
      > >
      > > The responsibility in our times to know what is good and what is
      > >
      > > What has happened in Mumbai today is evil; it does not take a
      > > scientist to figure this out. This is a fear and panic tactic.
      > >
      > > During apartheid we had what was called a `third force' operating
      > > create fear and panic – this element is the root of the evil.
      > >
      > > I have recently been re-reading `A History of Astrology' and how
      > > astrology was used in WW2 as a propaganda tool. This is what we
      > > call `charlatan astrology'. It was written by the departments of
      > > propaganda in order to manipulate the psychology of the enemy in
      > > sides.
      > >
      > > Very heartbreaking for the true understanding of the harmony in
      > > realm of the Hierarchies. And thus, I do think it is in the
      > > epoch we will learn the true nature of theosophy.
      > >
      > > It really is not a mystery at all as it is natural as breathing –
      > > charlatan aspect corrupts this.
      > >
      > > Going through a Venus transit there is nothing which is covered
      > > shall not come to light.
      > >
      > > What happened in Mumbai today is evil and it is a third force
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > > I looked at the addition of the conference of 2007 information,
      > > > am going to print it and read it carefully. It seems to be a
      > > > important initiative that needs to be pursued. When you read
      > > > you will find out why RS called for a world fellowship of
      > > > that would extend into higher education. It will also explain
      > > > the course is entitled: The New Spirituality and the Christ
      > > > Experience of the Twentieth Century.
      > > >
      > > > The new spirituality is literally the forming of the needed
      > > manichean
      > > > stream of spiritual science that must extend from west to east
      > > > meet the rosicrucian streaming from east to west. Steiner
      makes it
      > > > very clear that evil rules from out of the west; the western
      > > > brotherhood has garnered huge unbelievable occult powers. And
      > > > these powers to corrupt threefolding all over the world, create
      > > > chaos, confusion, and diminished consciousness.
      > > >
      > > > This course answers the riddle of why WWI took place. It was
      > > > orchestrated out of America through black magic powers. And
      > > need
      > > > for schools is because we are in a battle for the cosmic
      > > > intelligence. It is the battle of and for the soul to become
      > > > conscious, or remain merely intelligent, which is the substance
      > > > occult powers want to steal.
      > > >
      > > > Steve
      > > >
      > > > PS - The RS Archive has the last lecture from this course
      > > > from 31 October 1920, concerning the Christ experience of the
      > > > Century.
      > > >
      > >
    • carol
      Re: Carol, I have great need to impart a truth that you and others may not yet be able to accept. It concerns how Steiner s selfless efforts on behalf of CC
      Message 34 of 34 , Dec 6, 2008
        Re: "Carol, I have great need to impart a truth that you and others may
        not yet be able to accept. It concerns how Steiner's selfless
        efforts on behalf of CC have been perverted in the aftermath of his
        death. Here is the lecture, as well as a specific notation
        concerning where, how, and why the dividing lines are drawn:... "

        OK, this renewal impulse must differ in some form on how the regular
        protestant denominations exercises the 'cultus' principal. That Rudolf
        Steiner allowed himself to indicate how to best exercise this cult
        principal - must mean that, somehow or another, it comes to reach more
        directly to a specific goal.

        I'm sorry, I've not sat in on a mass of the Christian Community - so I
        can't really judge - though Mark W. did tell me that he, as an
        Anthroposophist, was able to witness a little more of an Etheric
        Christic manifestation in a Christian Community mass than what he could
        come to see of 'IT' in a Catholic mass. (ex.the moment of the raising
        of bread and wine).

        A few years back, I attended a United Church Christmas mass with one of
        my sisters. Through this 'form of cultus' I noticed that the Christic
        principal presented itself solely as a 'personalized touch'.

        I guess I'll have to eventually force myself to go to a Christian
        Community mass to be able to derive for myself, my own personal
        assessment of it.



        --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "Stephen Hale" <sardisian01@...>
        > --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "carol" organicethics@
        > wrote:
        > >
        > >
        > > S: « Steiner gave much supporting indication for this need in our
        > > time, especially the nature of Soradt's third incarnation due to
        > occur
        > > in 1998.
        > >
        > > Alas, they never followed through on his initiative to them to
        > > accomplish this task, and haven't, to this very day. Very par for
        > the
        > > course, it seems, in the overall re-assessment of what was sought;
        > first
        > > over nine days, then over nine months, and tragically not
        > forthcoming in
        > > the nine years leading to 1933. »
        > >
        > > Steve, the Christian Community cultivates a deepened Impulse –
        > > must therefore look for it's 'effects' on a deepened soul level.-
        > where
        > > the time 'element' does not apply so immediately.
        > >
        > > You mentioned the 'Sorat' incarnation - another deep mystery, with
        > > external ramifications of course. I think you are going to have to
        > get
        > > used to the idea that Rudolf Steiner had, in his spirit, to set
        > several
        > > things up for humanity; what necessary safeguards i't' would need,
        > to
        > > cover, not only the immediate, more external soul reflective
        > qualities
        > > of man, but also all that applies to the underlying spiritual
        > > evolutionary principal to which man himself belongs.
        > >
        > > Therefore, from an external point of reference, it might seem that
        > > Anthroposophy and, as well, the Christian Community are doing very
        > > little in our time – but this may not be necessarily the case.
        > > Pathways may actually be being made on the finer human planes of
        > > 'action', so to speak - the etheric, the astral (including higher)
        > and
        > > even Devachanic.
        > Carol, I have great need to impart a truth that you and others may
        > not yet be able to accept. It concerns how Steiner's selfless
        > efforts on behalf of CC have been perverted in the aftermath of his
        > death. Here is the lecture, as well as a specific notation
        > concerning where, how, and why the dividing lines are drawn:
        > http://wn.rsarchive.org/Lectures/RelMov_index.html
        > "For the welfare of both Movements it is essential that they should
        > be held clearly apart. Therefore in the beginning, since everything
        > depends on our developing the strength to carry out what we have set
        > our will to do, it is absolutely necessary in these early days that
        > the Movement for Religious Renewal should work in all directions in
        > circles outside the Anthroposophical Movement; that therefore,
        > neither as regards the acquisition of material means — in order
        > the matter be clearly understood I must also speak about these
        > things — should it encroach on sources which in any event only
        > with great difficulty for the Anthroposophical Movement, nor, because
        > it does not at once succeed in finding adherents among non-
        > Anthroposophists, should it, for example, make proselytes within the
        > ranks of the Anthroposophists. Were it to do so, it would be doing
        > something that would inevitably lead to the destruction of both
        > Movements. It is really not a matter today of going forward with a
        > certain fanaticism, but of being conscious that we can do what is
        > necessary for man only when we work out of the necessity of the thing
        > itself.
        > What I am now stating as consequences, were also equally the
        > preliminary conditions for lending my assistance in the founding of
        > the Movement for Religious Renewal, for only under these conditions
        > could I assist it. If these preliminary conditions had not been
        > there, the Movement for Religious Renewal would never have originated
        > through my advice.
        > Therefore I beg you to understand that it is necessary for the
        > Movement for Religious Renewal to know that it must adhere to its
        > starting point, that it has promised to look for its adherents
        > outside the sphere of the Anthroposophical Movements, for it is there
        > that they can be found in the natural way, and there they must be
        > sought.
        > What I have said to you has not been said because of any anxiety lest
        > something might be dug away from the Anthroposophical Movement, and
        > it has certainly not been said out of any personal motive, but solely
        > out of the necessity of the case itself. And it is also important to
        > understand in what way alone it is possible to work rightly in each
        > of these spheres of activity. It is indeed necessary that with regard
        > to important matters we should state quite clearly how the case
        > stands, for there is at the present time far too great a tendency to
        > blur things and not to see them clearly. But clarity is essential
        > today in every sphere.
        > If therefore someone were to exclaim: The very one who himself put
        > this Movement for Religious Renewal into the world now speaks like
        > this!! ... well, my dear friends, the whole point is that if I had at
        > any time spoken differently about these things, I should not have
        > lent a hand towards founding this Movement for Religious Renewal. It
        > must remain at its starting point. What I am now saying, I am of
        > course saying merely in order that these things may be correctly
        > understood in the Anthroposophical Society and so that it shall not
        > be said (as is reported to have happened already): The
        > Anthroposophical Movement did not get on very well, and so now they
        > have founded the Movement for Religious Renewal as the right thing.
        > I am quite sure that the very excellent and outstanding individuals
        > who have founded the Movement for Religious Renewal will oppose any
        > such legend most vigorously, and will also sternly refuse to make
        > proselytes within the Anthroposophical Movement. — But, as has
        > said, the matter must be rightly understood within the
        > Anthroposophical Movement itself.
        > I know, my dear friends, that there are always some who find it
        > unpleasant to hear explanations such as these — which are
        > from time to time, not in order to complain in one direction or
        > another, nor for the sake of criticism, but solely in order to
        > present something once and for all in its true light. I know there
        > are always some who dislike it when clarity is substituted for
        > nebulous obscurity. But this is absolutely essential for the welfare
        > and growth of the Anthroposophical Movement as well as of the
        > Movement for Religious Renewal. The Movement for Religious Renewal
        > cannot flourish if it in any way damages the Anthroposophical
        > Movement.
        > This must be thoroughly understood, especially by Anthroposophists,
        > so that whenever it is necessary to stand up for the rights of the
        > matter, they may really be able to do so. When, therefore, there is
        > any question about an anthroposophist's attitude towards religious
        > renewal, he must be clear that his attitude can only be that of an
        > adviser, that he gives what he can give in the way of spiritual
        > possessions, and when it is a case of participating in the
        > ceremonies, that he is conscious of doing so in order to help these
        > ceremonies on their way. He alone can be a spiritual helper of the
        > Movement for Religious Renewal who is himself first a good
        > anthroposophist. But this Movement for Religious Renewal must be
        > sustained, in every direction, by persons who, because of the
        > particular configuration and tendencies of their spiritual life,
        > cannot yet find their way into the Anthroposophical Society itself.
        > I hope that none of you will now go to someone who is doing active
        > work in the Movement for Religious Renewal and say: This or that has
        > been said against it in Dornach. — Nothing has been said against
        > In love and in devotion to the spiritual world the Movement for
        > Religious Renewal has been given counsel from out of the spiritual
        > world, in order that it might rightly found itself. But the fact must
        > be known by Anthroposophists that it has founded itse1f out of
        > itself, that it has formed — not, it is true, the content of its
        > ritual, but the fact of its ritual, out of its own force and its own
        > initiative, and that the essential core of the Anthroposophical
        > Movement has nothing to do with the Movement for Religious Renewal.
        > Certainly no wish could be stronger than mine that the Movement for
        > Religious Renewal shall grow and flourish more and more, but always
        > in adherence to the original intentions. Anthroposophical Groups must
        > not be changed into communities for religious renewal, either in a
        > materia1 or in a spiritual sense.
        > I was obliged to say this today, for, as you know, counsel and advice
        > had to be given for a Cult, a Cult whose growth in our present time
        > is earnestly desired by me. In order that no misunderstanding should
        > arise in regard to this Cult when I speak tomorrow of the conditions
        > of the life of Cult in the spiritual world, I felt it necessary to
        > insert these words today as an episode in our course of lectures."
        > (The following night the first Goetheanum was destroyed by fire.)
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