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Ideals-Re: [anthroposophy] Battle of Genoa

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  • elaine upton
    Hello JoAnn and all interested, Thanks, JoAnn, for the update on Genoa. I listened to Pacific Radio (our local Washington,D.C. station--I live 45 minutes from
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2001

      Hello JoAnn and all interested,

      Thanks, JoAnn, for the update on Genoa. I listened to Pacific Radio (our local Washington,D.C. station--I live 45  minutes from Washington), and heard a similar report, one you don't get in the mainstream media, on what happened in Genoa. One of the peaceful protesters also talked about how the Italian police (backed by the Italian government) came into the headquarters of one of the major protests groups, ransacked the place, and seriously injured more than 80 people, peaceful unarmed people, who were inside.

      Just a reminder or update for those interested:

      The WTO (World Trade Organization), the strong arm of the Big 8, and ideological partner to the World Bank, is meeting again in Washington,D.C. in September. I encourage any who are interested to go and participate in peaceful demonstration against elite globalization (where a few rich and powerful gather more for themselves while pretending to open markets for the middle class and poor). But it is also important, I feel, not just to demonstrate *against* something, but also *for* an ideal, a practical/practice-able ideal, and walk that ideal down to Earth, that Earth may continue its mission of love.

      Which reminds me: recently in July in southern California, a friend, Truus Geraets, was the co-organizer who held a Forum with such personalities as Nicanor Perlas (anthroposophist from the Phillipines, who is deeply involved in the move against elite globalization and the move for sustainable and viable local economies in a global context of compasion), Orland Bishop (whom I don't know), and Catherine Sneed, founder of the San Francisco Garden Project, where prisoners and ex-prisoners take on gardening as a way of healing and contributing to society (a project with amazingly wonderful results, such as greatly lowered recidivism, I am told).

      So, there are things we can do, things we can stand for.

      In hope and Love,


      >From: Jo Ann Schwartz
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      >Subject: [anthroposophy] Battle of Genoa
      >Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2001 19:01:01 -0700 (PDT)
      >Dear friends,
      >The next issue of Southern Cross Review won�t be on the web until early
      >September. The Battle of Genoa, however, can�t wait. It�s now. Gaither
      >Stewart, one of our frequent contributors, is also a professional
      >journalist. He lives in Rome and covered the G8 fiasco for SCR. We decided
      >to put his reportage in the current issue and carry it over to the
      >Sept.-Oct. issue as well, with updates if relevant. There are some
      >eyewitness things here that you may not find elsewhere. Direct link:
      >Kind regards,
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