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The role of critical thinking

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  • jeff auen
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      So the Chinese were awarded the Olympic games. Free trade will now
      effectively change the criminal mentatlity of the Chinese?  I dare say the
      manipulation and cowardly actions disguised as 'free trade' invites everyone
      to step up to the twenty-first century and become a consumer animal like we
      have become in the West. Markets are full of clever baseless cowards with no
      concern about the Individual in China or the third world......

      *******Every word of criticism uttered banishes higher knowledge. Underestimation of what deserves respect exerts a withering effect on the growth of higher faculties. Finding the good in all things is one of the six basic exercises, Positiveness. From Knowledge of the Higher Worlds.
      This does not make sense in real life- especially since the greatest proponent of this dictum spent many a lecture openly critiquing everything from the French to materialists, to modern science, to Theosophists, Woodrow Wilson and the early United Nations, and nearly everyone Steiner saw not moving forward spirituality, especially along AP lines. If he believe this principle was Godly and essential he would not have encouraged critical thinking and examination of the social, political and spiritual trends of the 20th century. This does not amount to ranting and raving and focusing on the negative but at least calling something for what it is and recommending a change.

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