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Re: Sleep on it!

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  • Stephen Hale
    ... government conspiracies; check out www.davidicke.com. I don t know if it is has ever been mentioned on the list, as I am new here. David Icke has really
    Message 1 of 12 , Oct 12, 2008
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      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, Mikko Nuuttila <bellmeine@...>
      > I see that many of you are concerned with what can be termed as
      government conspiracies; check out www.davidicke.com. I don't know if
      it is has ever been mentioned on the list, as I am new here. David
      Icke has really wild views and I recommend his books and videos, too.
      The foremost idea of David is the so-called Reptilian Agenda, where
      some people try to suppress our brain functioning to the lizard
      level, to the central core of the brain called the reptilian brain in
      brain research. This would have been going on since the Sumer phase
      of history.
      > Mikko

      David Icke's is a good example of the workings of the occult movement
      in the latter 20th century, just before the entry into the third
      millennium. Majesty Twelve is another example of the same type of
      activity; all with underlying agendas in favor of the same occult
      movement that Steiner took pains to describe in GA254, "The Occult
      Movement in the Nineteenth Century."

      It is shocking indeed that the so-called "Reptilian Agenda",
      proffered by David Icke's since the 1990's is in fact absolutely
      true, from a spiritual-scientific standpoint. Steiner approached the
      subject again in this excerpt from a lecture given on November 29,
      1919, in which he recalls the manner in which confusion and the
      obscuring of consciousness in the 30 to 40 great leaders of Europe
      was in reality an act of "black magic". Steiner would go on to
      elaborate the full implications in GA200, beginning on October 17,
      1920. - Steve

      "My dear friends, it is a significant, an important result of
      spiritual-scientific research which is to be taken very, very
      seriously, that we have already entered the period of Earth evolution
      when certain beings make themselves felt who upon Jupiter — the next
      state of Earth evolution — will have advanced to the form of man, a
      different form of man, to be sure, but which, nevertheless, may be
      compared with the being of man. For we will be different beings on
      Jupiter. These so-to-speak Jupiter men exist already now just as we
      existed upon the Moon. They exist, of course not externally visible;
      but I explained to you recently what it means to be externally
      visible, and that man is also a supersensible being. Supersensibily
      these beings are very decidedly present.

      I emphasize once more: it is an extremely serious truth that certain
      beings make themselves felt which exist in the environment of
      mankind. They make themselves felt more and more since the middle of
      the fifteenth century. These beings possess chiefly the impulse of a
      force which is very similar to the human force of will, that force of
      will of which I told you yesterday that it exists in the deeper
      strata of the human consciousness. These invisible beings are related
      to that element of which ordinary consciousness thus remains
      unconscious today; but they already make themselves very strongly
      felt in the development of present-day humanity.

      For the person who takes spiritual research truly seriously this is a
      problem of great magnitude. I was confronted with this problem
      especially strongly — at the time I spoke to a number of our friends
      about it in one or another form — I was confronted with this problem
      in a demanding fashion, as it were, when, in the year 1914, this war
      catastrophe broke in upon us. One had to ask oneself: How did an
      event overtake European mankind which it is impossible to gauge as to
      its causes in the way that is customary in regard to previous
      historical events? The one who knows that not more than thirty or
      forty people participated in Europe in the decisive events of the
      year 1914, and who also knows the soul condition in which most of
      these people were, will be confronted by this significant problem.
      For most of these people, as strange as it may sound today, my dear
      friends, most of these people had a dulled, obscured state of
      consciousness. During the last few years much has occurred that was
      caused by a dulled human consciousness. In the decisive places of the
      year 1914 we see everywhere that the most important decisions of the
      end of July and the beginning of August were reached with an obscured
      consciousness; and this has continued on right into our present day.
      This is a problem, terrifying in its nature. If we investigate it
      spiritual-scientifically, then we find that these obscured
      consciousnesses were the gateways through which precisely these will-
      beings were able to take possession of the consciousness of these
      men; they took possession of the obscured, veiled consciousness of
      these human beings and acted with their consciousness. And these
      beings who thus took possession, who are still sub-human beings, what
      kind of beings are they? We have to pose this question very
      seriously: What kind of beings are they?"

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