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Re: further investigations into the AAG mystery

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  • Stephen Hale
    ... Robert, I consider Rudolf Saacke s undaunted effort in this regard, when people so very much want it to be a dead issue, the work of a fine and exemplary
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 12, 2008
      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, Robert Mason
      <robertsmason_99@...> wrote:
      > To All,
      > especially those who can read German:
      > For those who don't know: Rudolf Saacke is the
      > man who literally wrote the book on the tangled
      > history of the founding of the entity that we
      > know today as the "General Anthroposophical
      > Society" of Dornach. That book is in German
      > *Die Formfrage der Anthroposophischen Gesellschaft
      > und die Innere Opposition gegen Rudolf Steiner*.
      > Just recently Saacke has posted online Part 2
      > of his book, which apparently focuses especially
      > on "secret of the 3rd of August 1924". Unhappily,
      > since I can hardly read German, I can't
      > understand much of a detailed presentation such
      > as this. But for those who are still interested
      > in the "constitutional question" or, for that
      > matter, in the character and destiny of the
      > Society (and the karmically intertwined
      > Movement), this new research will probably
      > be indispensable. It can be found at
      > <http://www.anthroposophie-online.de>.
      > FYI,
      > Robert Mason


      I consider Rudolf Saacke's undaunted effort in this regard, when
      people so very much want it to be a dead issue, the work of a fine
      and exemplary Michaelic figure. The path of veneration and devotion
      to truth and knowledge must also deal with the negative side of
      truth, as painful and disturbing as it is. Truth Will Out, and must
      be told in spite of the conveniently conservative assessment of being
      a crank anthroposophist and mental malcontent for having the interest
      in the subject. For Rudolf Saacke it is obviously, for very intimate
      reasons of association, his destiny to tell this story, and I
      applaude the effort. It is very important.

      Babelfish allows large segments of text to be translated simply by
      entering a 'url' and this has given a great deal of insight already
      into the content of this book translated into English. Re-arranging
      for syntax into english sentences is relatively an easy process.

      I know that this subject has interested me now for about ten years,
      and hasn't gone away.

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