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Re: The Bad Teinach Altarpiece

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  • holderlin66
    I was explaining to a student how Epiphany or Three Kings and Jan 6th was also Joan of Arc s birth. I explained that the twelve holy nights make up a small,
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 10, 2008

      I was explaining to a student how Epiphany or Three Kings and Jan 6th was also Joan of Arc's birth. I explained that the twelve holy nights make up a small, microcosmic, seedling year where all the vast elemental beings and the future weather, plants and all the forces of nature thread themselves in what we call the Twelve Holy Nights, to prepare for the unfolding of the Earthly Year.  I explained that the Celtic Sun cross revealed the sun disc and the four points of the cross on all those old celtic crosses. 

      We have discussed on this list that the Dodecahedron system that is part of the mystery of The Foundation STone....part of this geometric mystery, part of this soul mystery, the spiritual housing that is also used as the vehicle, a Dodecahedron Vehicle in the film, "Contact", was also used in design for the imploding of mirror of the atomic bomb.  Something that opened the interior of matter to reveal the core of light, but not light that is redeemed and that has passed through human cognition, but rather poison Depleted Uranium Light that poisons humanity.

      True, we have raised the vision of the Human Form as the Sun Being Christ, walking within a dynamic field pattern of twelve disciples, and the pattern of the disciples, dynamically was a cosmic atmosphere, a cushion of various individual windows of projected spiritual capacities that could ray out and manifest in this or that disciple..... We have penetrated with Dr. Steiner into how Zarathustra, through several incarnations in the Babylonian and Persian culture, penetrated the Angelic and Star forces to project a Time point, an intersection in Time Itself, where the Seed forces and the potent rebuilding of Consciousness in TWO Jesus children, could pin point a moment when such a cosmic and starry Initiation, done consciously, through one of the Jesus boys, could serve as the organizational, soul and spirit, Ninefold clarified ground plan for the Sun Being, the advanced Vulcan Human being, the Christ, to intervene and provide the transitional Divine force to catapult humanity toward the Spirit Man goal.  Zarathustra and the Angelic worlds, and TIME, Time itself that dwarfs Einstein's conception of Time, you know travel at the speed of light or more, or bending time... no this is consciously playing with the laws of the stars and conscious insertion and projection into Time with an organized core of schooled star students and Karmic patterns that would serve as the dynamic field windows and core outreach projects of the growing human Sun Being Christ.

      Here on this list we have discussed such advance physics and have shown just how Steiner would have advanced such moral issues of light and matter if he had connected Physics, taught Physics from Munich, there would also have been a lesson in the mighty core of Love in matter and how to release it through humanizing the globe and spiritualizing the individual thinking so that it penetrates astral, etheric and physical systems.  Christ would have stood transparent within the framework of advanced matter studies...matter as the footstool of King of Love.

      But amidst the glaring Ahrimanic lies and liars, there is fear, fear in money.  Steiner always called Money a neutral bearer of the spirit.  Brotherhood and love could live in money.  Imagine clearly that the manufactured crisis, the manufactured global economic crisis has in it complex integrated greed, avarice, fear and lies, bundled together, from derived fear and lies.  Now woven in the spirituality of neutral monies the world over could easily have been love, brotherhood, honesty, generosity, practical research and healthy technologies. Healthy Education, making humanity healthy, wise choices, healthy and hope filled choices invested and woven into the global financial systems.  But instead fear, avarice, lies were invested futile and terrible wars, destruction, torture, misinformation, deception, cover ups, buy offs, bribes, assassins, terrorist support, murder, all in the trillions, upon trillions woven into the moral banking flow of monies around the globe serving the horrific and destructive forces of the soul. 

      "Eight times each year, a group of twelve men meet to make secret decisions that have a profound impact on the US and global economies. None of these men are elected. Their meetings are closed to the public. Even members of the US Congress and the Senate Banking and Finance Committees are barred from attending, or even knowing what is discussed. No detailed account of arguments or discussions is ever made public. Listen to Congressman Ron Paul on the secrecy of the Fed:


      "In some parts of the world, this might be called a cabal. Here it is called the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee (FOMC). Regardless of what you call it, it is profoundly unfair to the majority of Americans. Eight of the representatives at today's meeting - the Chairman and the Board of Governors - are political appointees of the President. All twelve men are bankers. Their secret decisions - made eight times each year - affect whether or not you can get a loan, what your payment will be, whether the economy booms or sinks into recession, and therefore whether or not you'll have a job."

      You may ask yourself, what is the riding philosophy of these Twelve Men?  Are they rank materialistic swine? Do they understand the machinations of secret brotherhoods and think tanks? Are they in the service of the current planning of the Sorathian/Ahrimanic surge? Do they adhere to or fear the direction that Michael and Rudolf Steiner would illuminate the potent forces of brotherhood, truth, goodness that could flow in a threefold fountain from money that carries the practical forces of the spirit to every nook and cranny of the human world? Do they bow down to liars, fear mongers, greed and avarice and promote the mere uncharted ahrimanic instincts to rule and run rampant in humanity so that they may predict and direct these impulses?


      In the centre foreground, a bowered gate opens into the garden and a female figure is seen standing upon the threshold, pausing at her entry to gaze at the wonders before her. She bears in her right hand her flaming heart, while on her left she leans upon a staff in the form of an anchor cross. Thus she represents the Soul of Man standing at the threshold of spiritual illumination, with the fire of enthusiasm and love burning within the heart, and the anchored foundation of the Soul in the central mystery of the Cross of Christ.

      The Soul gazes into the garden, and here we are reminded of the Rosarium or Rose Garden of the Virgin, the medieval picture of the enclosed domain in which the human soul can commune with the Sophia-Wisdom aspect of the Spirit. Within this Rose Garden are two realms - a circular garden and a domed Mystery Temple. The soul must first traverse the circular garden before the soul reaches the outer court of the Temple which stands upon a podium of seven steps.


      The garden is centred upon the figure of the resurrected Christ, standing upon a rock and holding his Cross. From his body there flows a stream of blood forming a pool at the centre of the circle. Around him the garden is segmented into three rings of twelve flower beds each bearing their own particular plants, and we see 12 figures standing around the circumference of the inner ring (which is within the pool of the Christ Blood). These twelve figures are constellated with an array of symbols which are too complex to analyse here, but for example they appear with various animals, they hold symbolic objects, have certain colourings and they each stand at sacred trees which grow at the boundary of the inner ring. These trees are as follows, counting clockwise from the figure just to the right of the Christ :-

      Laurel - Cypress - Willow - Fig - Cedar - Fir - Olive - Apple - Pomegranate - Almond - Palm - Oak.

      The twelve figures are representatives of the 12 tribes of the Israelites, or the twelve Apostles and can also be related to the Zodiac Signs. Thus the first stage of the Soul's encounter with the garden requires an experience of the twelve archetypes on all levels, as the twelve sacred trees, or twelve animal forms, etc. The Soul has to inwardly experience how the one spiritual energy manifests in the lower worlds divided twelvefold.

      Only by reintegrating this twelvefoldness can the Soul gain true perception of the unity that lies beyond, here the Christ figure in the centre of the circular garden. This is the sublime mystery of the Twelve + One at the Centre.

      Once the Soul has achieved this integration, she will stand in the position of the Christ Being. This position is the point of spiritual incarnation in the natural world, the Malkuth of the Kabbalists, and in this painting we see clearly a Tree of Life glyph of the Kabbalists, displayed with female figures marking the Sephiroth. This Tree of Life spans the garden and temple, it unites these two realms within the soul's experience of the spiritual reality of the Rose Garden. We can outline it as follows

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