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Re: Discerning the Elections in the U.S.

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  • holderlin66
    So lets recap shall we? After gutting Germany and assaulting the Michaelite impulse, the nuclear model moves to lower west near the Mexico/New Mexico and test
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      So lets recap shall we? After gutting Germany and assaulting the Michaelite impulse, the nuclear model moves to lower west near the Mexico/New Mexico and test site called Trinity, with the intent of sucking and opening the door to the latent forces, a doorwary through Aztecian and Mayan Mexico Mysteries;  A door way through to what Steve brought as the Magnetic spinal, hi-tech Rockie mountain West that runs from the lower spine of South America and the Andes up through the Rocky Mountains until it crowns somewhere in the Alaska North.  Alaskan North, eh? 

      Now the recap and what we are gathering here of the entire shift of the Ahrimanic West, the vast fascism of the Ahrimanic West, in the last ten years of a current Sorathian surge of lies, greed and avarice...has duped and deluded every bit of America into following Cheney and Bush into Iraq and of course taking part in the trigger event of 9/11 in the west... and the coup d'état is still going on and still ringing in our ears and the Threefold Economic blocks are arising, with, with, not merely having Ahrimanic forces trounce and trump the entire American West and the U.S. but the engulfing of Canada and Mexico and dipping further into South America.  Ah, big stakes, big stakes, have the Washington and Wall street idiots remain in the Intellectual soul of Ahrimanized infection, have the West be drawn into a binding cohesion, have the Ahrimanic forces and Asuric and Sorathian forces of the horrific Lord of the Ring kind of West, a growing depleting dumbed down and economically deflated population, all gathered more and more under the bare faced lies we have all apparently gotten used to.

      A creeping Orwellian/Ahrimanic and Cheney robbery and theft, to what?  Big Game here, Big game, to thwart the future Spirit Self from taking root in Russia and gaining the vast magnetic spine of the mountains of the west in order to rule with impulses terrible and lock down the intellectual soul aryan Jesuitism and Think Tank Ahrimanic manipulators, Media controlers, and suffocate and pollute the integrity of the Consciousness Soul - Which too many Anthros cannot even define for themselves how the Consciousness Soul arose in a Goethe, shone forth in magnificence in a Steiner and for hundreds of other human encounters where we can see, out of Anthroposophy and World Wide Waldorf education, mighty seeds of the Consciousness Soul as examples... Anthros are somewhat hard pressed to understand the greatness and cohesive generosity and cosmopolitanness as well as an encompassing interest and passion for all that pertains to plant and etheric and animal and astral and I AM's reincarnation and the karma of humanity.  Consciousness Soul vividness and distinctness and opening up from there the potent humanity of how to transform the starry astral body and instincts and double and shadow and penetrate with our humanity into our motives and desires.  All the way to the point where we redifine dim witted Catholic Sainthood as new paradigms in Selfhood development, where we may also find Dr. Steiner and Parsifal and all those who truly, truly with their soul and spiritual impulses have so organized their soul and moral forces that an actual auric halo sometimes is seen....

      Well god forbid that Ahriman, who is after big game, would let such a world and such a penetration of inner development come forward without blocking it and refusing it and creating the immortal forces as sort of aryan Intellectual Soul, present, current and continued utter crap and lies that GWB started and kicked off the Iraq nonsense with the same lies that brought on the manufactured economic crisis that is moving us all to the Mexico, Amero, Canada  and U.S. and gradually embracing the entire Rocky Mountain and Andes magnetic spine that goes all the way down to the tail bone, the tail bone of South America.

      Once America fell into the complete loss of OVERSIGHT which is equal to a complete loss of Discernment of how any of these vast sketches that gradually lock down, imprison and suffocate humanity into a materialistic media pablum full of dumbed down toys... Germany was just a sketch, America had the atomic edge the fallen devachan light key and behind this grotesque division of a threefold world and a threefold humanity and a threefold child and a threefold cosmos.... there asserts itself, the lower triad as well.... and that lower triad was part of Dr. STrangelove and Trinity New Mexico as the counter demand of Trinity at Golgotha.  You can very well see the vicious and horrific potentials of where this all leads to.  You can see that the coming Amero is based on the present manufactured crisis, just as 9/11, Spain bombings and London bombings and things still to come, are all manufactured murders, crisis, assaults aimed at preventing humanity from getting to the very stage of initiation that our Consciousness Soul would offer us.... But the offer of ripening the thinking of the Consciousness Soul includes our ability to see through the mass mess and unravel these events both bottomless in their Sorathian Sun Double polarity to the Sun Bright Michael holding forth the potent thinking forces that lead to the Sun Being Christ, who wore a human form.

      What a thing to prevent.  What a thing when we have the tools to see how all these machinations are literally aimed at us not being able to bring forth such a potent reality as Spirit Selfhood, nor yet even have joyous knowledge of how the Consciousness Soul is interested in everything and penetrated every layers, from stone, plant, animal, humanity to etheric, astral, and I AM systems to the gods and the nine layers of the lower earth realms... the Consciousness Soul traverses these rich realms and gains ever more experience....but it is not just given and handed over, we see directly what a fixed idea and fixed encounter with fixed and fixated materialists means for blindness, for lack of intuitive insight, for failure to see the immense capacities of the human system as practical guidelines of the human spirit.  The pressure to face the utter denial, the complete dumbed down lies we face daily...well the German People were just a sketch, imagine what Ahriman can do, as we know too well, with media Spin, advanced psycho ops think tanks that manfacture and produce as fake news one crisis after another and feed and repackage these crisis back to a dumbed down immortal Ahrimanic humanity who cannot see through any of it and thinks it is in a REAL CRISIS.

      Robert brought;
      For this would mean that the
      secret societies of the West would have
      succeeding in diverting the cultural impulse
      before its meeting with the Spirit Self, in
      forcing it further westwards. In this case one
      would have succeeded in making the fifth
      cultural epoch, in which the Anglo-Saxon race -
      with full justification - plays a leading rôle,
      eternal in a certain sense, in endowing it with
      a peculiar ahrimanic immortality. If this were
      to happen - says Rudolf Steiner - the sixth
      cultural epoch would indeed begin, but it would
      be transposed to South America and take effect
      only in a modified form. It would then come
      into contradiction with the spiritual laws of
      earth and cosmos. Only the human beings with
      the greatest strength of spirit would be able
      to attain the Spirit Self individually, through
      efforts having the character of an initiation.
      As to the rest of the inhabitants of the earth,
      their fate would veritably be a 'gnashing of
      teeth'. The emergence of the evil race, as
      prophesied in the Apocalypse, would move
      forward at an accelerated pace. The black-
      magical Mysteries of Taotl would come to life
      with renewed force."

      Hope this helps,

      Robert M

      Also, a very unhealthy dose of extreme magnetism doesn't help the
      cause. We all have *that* fact to fight as the ahrimanic influence
      centered in the west that some want to extend throughout the entire
      world. No wonder Europe is pissed. It comes from the divisive
      layer, or eighth subearthly level where the asuras hold sway, and the
      occultists succeed in bringing to the surface. And these occultists
      represent the western brotherhood, which gets to be our destiny to
      explain and fight

      I think we both agree that Bondarev envisioned that a premature entry
      of the sixth cultural epoch would be centered in South America, and
      this is quite evident with the aims of the National Socialists of
      Germany. By referring to Nietzsche's sister and her very chauvinist
      husband, we can get a very early grasp of a failed plan as far back
      as 1889.


    • carol
      edit: each of our individual studies or our respective studies (what results out of our study.) sorry. ... answer ... healing ... What ... Michael s ...
      Message 126 of 126 , Nov 23, 2008
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        edit: each of our individual studies or our respective studies (what
        results out of 'our' study.)


        --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "carol" <organicethics@...> wrote:
        > Hi Steve, good to hear from you.
        > You asked: " What is the solution ?"
        > Well, the fact of the matter is that both your question and it's
        > traverse multiple planes to human existence. Anthroposophy is really
        > being implemented on a mass scale, make no mistake about it.
        > You Steve, have the good fortune of representing it's truths on the
        > outermost conscious plane. Please, stick firmly to your good work.
        > « Bring Michael INTEL, via Rudolf Steiner, to the masses. A 98
        > percent ignorant vs. a 2 percent cognizant does not suffice for
        > an ignorant world. »
        > Ah, but Steve, remember the 'magic' element? And connnected with this,
        > you seem to recognize that a dark brotherhood advances it's agenda
        > through a real connection to the human, magical (mystical) sphere.
        > concept might you come up with to describe the complexities of
        > work within his followers.
        > « Both you and Bradford are being meaningless and reactive.
        > science exists to solve these problems, not be involved in them, as if
        > there is no solution to the past and present situation. »
        > Your 'meaningless and reactive' vision which you've come to assign to
        > the ideas poured forth from our 'communiqués' may very well reflect
        > your individual absense from such a particular approach in Spiritual
        > Scientific study.
        > In stating this, I'm not affirming that your own study does not 'feed'
        > into what results out of 'our' study. Steve, Anthroposophy is really
        > what Steiner described, in that it is genuine human life. Everyone's
        > vision is contained within Anthroposophy's truths - because
        > Anthroposophy really is the newly formed 'spoken' language of the
        > Spirit.
        > Carol.
        > --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "Stephen Hale" sardisian01@
        > wrote:
        > >
        > > --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "carol" organicethics@
        > > wrote:
        > > >
        > > >
        > > > Bradford brought: «Tell Me! You Tell me that this isn't the
        > > of
        > > > the Avignon French, Materialism of the Popes of Religion that is
        > > > surfacing again now, and was used in Germany and in 1332 for
        > > > years or more in the Babylonian Captivity of the Popes.... Three
        > > > nonsense, utterly crazy, stupid Popes who were supposed to be the
        > > great
        > > > errorless crowned choices of the Christ Being? Are we stupid, or
        > > we
        > > > see just how clearly such a drama before us awakens our Michaelic
        > > > ire?»
        > > >
        > > >
        > > >
        > > > Our Michaelic ire, on this day, seems to be humble, somewhat
        > > discreet
        > > > Survival intuition – as each and every respective defender of
        > > > humankind deciphers for themselves and for others, the necessary
        > > data
        > > > for better assessing the dangers.
        > > >
        > > >
        > > >
        > > >
        > > > The inquisition of our day has Economists at it's helm.
        > > >
        > > >
        > > >
        > > >
        > > > The most threatening method employed to satiate their sadistic
        > > > satisfaction is through technologicaly perfected germ and chemical
        > > daily
        > > > 'fare' as well as electro magnetic submission.
        > > >
        > > >
        > > >
        > > >
        > > > Other technological means are kid toys, to be employed by
        > > the 'lesser'
        > > > economists/medical practicioners, torturers, corporates etc.
        > > >
        > > >
        > > >
        > > >
        > > > The Religion ? Abstract thought along with it's multi leveled
        > > > heightened features = which can come to furnish an exclusive
        > > bounty
        > > > for adepts (initiates) who's inner yearning proves the strongest -
        > >
        > > > for aquiring , that is, THE ultimate sterile ego.
        > > >
        > > > Alot of followers to boast it's benefits, it seems.
        > >
        > > Both you and Bradford are being meaningless and reactive. Spiritual
        > > science exists to solve these problems, not be involved in them, as
        > > if there is no solution to the past and present situation.
        > >
        > > What is the solution? Bring Michael INTEL, via Rudolf Steiner, to
        > > the masses. A 98 percent ignorant vs. a 2 percent cognizant does not
        > > suffice for healing an ignorant world.
        > >
        > > And by the way, Steiner had the prescience to call for a world
        > > fellowship of free schools for spiritual science exactly three
        > > two months, and one week before the CC of 1923. Now, how's that for
        > > timing?
        > >
        > > Well, it never took place, and that is why we have the larger part
        > > the problems that exist today. Ignorance prevails rather than
        > > gnosis. As a former systems analyst, I assessed this problem a
        > > number of years ago and developed a plan. It still holds good if we
        > > can get the schools going.
        > >
        > > Steve
        > >
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