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[WC] German Waldorf Celebrities + Diana

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  • tmasthenes13
    Zooey, [Diana: your important message is at the end] You are keen on Waldorf celebrities! Well, here is a slide show of 17 such folks. They are all German
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 6, 2008
      Zooey, [Diana: your important message is at the end]

      You are keen on Waldorf celebrities! Well, here is a slide show of 17
      such folks. They are all German celebrity Waldorf alumni and this
      slide show is from the big mainstream Sueddeutsche Zeitung [South
      German Newspaper]

      I've translated two captions below, but you, Zooey and perhaps
      Peter and Thomas Xavier can translate the other ones they find

      One of them is the heir to the Porsche family who designed the Porsche
      911. There is also a young TV actor whose teachers tried to dissuade
      him from a TV career as it would "rob his soul." His mother then
      pulled him out of the school.

      That story generated the title of the slide show:
      "TV Careers and 'Soul-Rape'"

      [NOTE: "Raub" can mean either "robbery" or "rape." So, like FOX News:
      I report! You decide!]

      The slide show accompanies an article about the publication of Michael
      Grandt's "Blackbook Waldorf" book.

      Here is the article

      I'll translate the heading. It's a cute title.

      Controversial Waldorf Schools: Interviewing Nature Spirits

      A new "Blackbook" denounces the dubious methods of Waldorf schools: Do
      the teachings of reincarnation, karma, Kobolds and Fire Beings
      actually have anything to do with pedagogy?

      By Alexander Kissler

      Here is the link to the first photo of the slide show [1 of 17]


      "Waldorf pedagogy is controversial: Founder Rudolf Steiner believed in
      reincarnation and developed his anthroposophy on that foundation. In
      addition, Steiner had to put up with charges of Antisemitism and racism.

      Nevertheless Waldorf schools are popular: In 2007 there were more than
      80,000 Waldorf students in Germany. Numerous celebrities are Waldorf
      alumni, among them Marie Baeumer here playing [the role of] Buhlschaft
      in the Salzburg [Festival play] "Everyman."

      Baeumer was, according to her own assessment, a mediocre student ---
      and a complete dunce in all the sciences."

      The only famous one I recognize is an American who attended the Rudolf
      Steiner School in New York City. That is Michael Ende, who is most
      famous for the movie "The Never-Ending Story."

      He is 12 of 17 here, and I'll translate his caption
      Also, Michael Ende, author of „Momo," „Jim Knopf [Button] and Luke the
      Locomotive Engineer" and "The Never-ending Story," attended a Waldorf
      school. The anthroposophical world view of Steiner is reflected in all
      his work. Ende has, according to his own statement, read the complete
      works of the Waldorf School founder."


      And on a related subject, I haven't forgotten about you, Diana. I'm
      busy adjusting to my new duties as Uribi Ambassador, but let me
      forewarn you that you are now about to become the "Sarah Palin" of the
      Antichrist Party. The Feb. 5, 1962 date for the Antichrist birth
      comes directly from prophetess Jeane Dixon; however, your role as the
      John the Baptist figure being born 6 months before --- even akin to
      being Obama's "astrological twin," derives from anthroposophy --- not
      to mention your family upbringing in Christian Science. All this
      combines to makes your role in this End-Times Ahriman/Armageddon
      scenario analogous to the role played by the American Vice-President.
      Hold on to your hat. The roller coaster is about to descend into its
      first turn!

      But don't fret, I will help you with some eschatological "talking
      points" and teach you how to distinguish Lucifer from Ahriman --
      unless you're an atheist --- in which case, you have a terminal
      disease like poor Zooey, Peter and Dan, so we'll have to remand you to
      our Relocation Camp, whoops, I mean Relocation Camphill! (I'm sure you
      understand why the word "Camp" by itself is such a poor word choice
      for us!)

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