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Re: [anthroposophy] Steiner's teachings on the Rosicrucians

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  • jeff auen
    Ben, Yes. and No. As implied in Steiner s statements on the Rosicrucianism: As he both had contact with the Order in Europe during his time (the real order
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      Yes. and No. As implied in Steiner's statements on the Rosicrucianism:
      As  he both had contact with the Order in Europe during his time (the real order not an offshoot or splinter group); he had direct esoteric contact with the head of the order Christian Rosencruetz; and did occult research in the spiritual worlds as to its true origins by reviewing the Akashic Records and witnessing the stream of individuals and incarnations of these individuals that led to its formation. He may have had contact with lesser figures during his time but this had little impact on his reports.
      He has already gotten into hot water then and now about "revealing"  many esoteric facts,  processes, and mysteries relating to Christianity, the origins of good and evil, initiation, the Rosicrucian's, etc.
      Jeff Auen
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      Subject: [anthroposophy] Steiner's teachings


      I have recently been reading a newly released work 'The Secret
      Stream' a collection of Steiner's essays on Rosicrucianism. 

      It's a deep and spiritual work, probably one of the best and most
      inspiring things I've read on Rosicrucian ideas. 

      I am wondering where Steiner got his Rosicrucian teachings from ? Did
      he claim an initiation or contact with a particular Rosicrucian group
      or tradition ? I believe he had some association with Theodor Reuss's
      OTO, but ceased contact with that group. 

      I am not sure why - maybe he tired of the the sectarian warfare going
      on between the various neo-Rosicrucian groups at the time ? - which
      was mainly about the authenticity of lineages and degrees.

      Also, the gentleman who recommended the book to me, at London's
      famous Atlantis Bookshop, said that many of Steiner's deeper occult
      teachings were not revealed as they could be easily misunderstood. 
      Is this the case ?


      Ben Scaro

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