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Re: [anthroposophy] Soul Calendar week 07 stage lighting

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    eurythmy@tinyworld.co.uk writes:
    Message 1 of 1 , May 27, 2001
      eurythmy@... writes:
      << Stage lights: week 06 How to breathe with each verse of Calendar of the
      Soul ?

      The Stage lights give one way.

      First part: GREEN ABOVE, foot lights yellow.

      Mein Selbst, es drohet zu entfliehen,

      Vom Weltenlichte mächtig angezogen.

      Second part: RED AND BLUE ABOVE, foot lights red:

      Nun trete du mein Ahnen

      In deine Rechte kräftig ein,

      Third part: RED ABOVE, foot lights white:

      Ersetze mir des Denkens Macht,

      das in der Sinne Schein

      Sich selbst verlieren will.

      *******The gist of this week's verse is that the Self has been being drawn
      out into the senses, the Light, and could be drawn too much out: so a
      counter-force comes in this week, to keep thinking from losing itself in the
      outer world. I think the first two lines with the green above and yellow
      below picture this condition of green Nature without (the green Snake) and
      the Light having entered us, the yellow below; then the verse says "Now enter
      you, my apprehension of the future" (or "anxiety" or "foreboding"---all
      inadequate translations of AHNEN), and the light below changes to red, which
      color brings one more into the body. The third part, with red without and
      white below, signifies self-consciousness restored or the astral back under
      the direction of the ego body (white within red), the result of this "ahnen"
      gently drawing (in its "rightful" working) thinking back from losing itself
      in the senses.

      Dr. Starman
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