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Re: think piece: Is the Internet good or bad for the Consciousness Soul?

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  • holderlin66
    Dan brought; Ahriman (audible only to Strader): He hath been chosen as philosopher, And such he will appear in his next life — With him I do but balance my
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      Dan brought;
      "Ahriman (audible only to Strader):
      He hath been chosen as philosopher,
      And such he will appear in his next life —
      With him I do but balance my account.
      Seven of twelve I ever need myself
      And five I give to Brother Lucifer.
      From time to time I take account of men
      And see both what they are and what they do.
      And when I once have chosen out my twelve
      I do not need to search for any more.
      For if I come in number to thirteen
      The last is just exactly like the first.
      When I have got these twelve within my realm
      And can through their soul-nature fashion them,
      Then others too must ever follow them."
      From R. Steiner - Four Mystery Plays

      And it's a real thing, that.:)

      The first seven years of life (0-7 years old) were associated with the Moon. During this time, the psychic forces are working to transform the body of the child from one that was inherited from the parents, to one that represents the full personality of the child.  The second seven years (7-14 years old) is associated with Mercury. At this time, the child's imagination and feeling life takes center stage.  The third seven years (14-21 years old) is associated with Venus, during which time the higher mind of the adolescent takes root, and the psychic development can be disturbed by the strong impulses of puberty.  The next three seven-year segments are associated with the Sun (21-42 years old), and the elements of sentient soul, intellectual soul, and consciousness soul.  The next seven-year segment is associated with Mars (42-49 years old), when the soul works hard to impress the full forces of its personality upon the world.  At this time, the soul has the opportunity to a higher state of consciousness called Spirit Self. The following seven-year segment is associated with Jupiter (49-56 years old), when wisdom is dawning and the ego needs to unfold the Life Spirit. The final seven-year period is associated with Saturn (56-63 years old) when Saturn completes its second "return" (e.g. comes back to its position it had at one's birth), and the soul can manifest an event higher element of Self called Spirit Man. 

      The nine 7-year periods ("Septenaries") of the human being's life, their relationship to the human being's 9-fold being, and their planetary correspondences are as follows:

      Ages9-Fold Being PlanetCharacteristicsOuter Manifestations
      0-7Physical body MoonWillChange of Teeth
      7-14Etheric body MercuryIntelligencePuberty
      14-21Astral body VenusLoveAdulthood
      21-28Sentient Soul\   
      28-35Intelligence Soul—SunSelfhood (Ego) 
      35-42Consciousness Soul/   
      42-49Spirit Self MarsSpeech 
      49-56Life Spirit JupiterThought 
      56-63Spirit Man SaturnMemory

      Bradford comments;

      Alright so suppose we have a college of teachers who actually discuss the whole accurate Spiritual Science gamut of the intimate biographical cycles from childhood development, the grades through highschool and out into human biography?  Breaking into the code system of the human being and opening up these intimate vistas and being unafraid that there is indeed star wisdom, star maps and TWELVE CRANIAL NERVES, with an individual karmic navigational system... from 21 to 42 humans on earth are in the vast sun system of personal potential choices and relationships that are supposed to have some maturity or potential intuitive intelligence in them.  Most,  that is most people we encounter no matter what older years they carry, hardly ever, hardly ever mature beyond 27 or 28 years. Should we lose all these souls to Ahriman and should we lose all these souls to Lucifer on a 7/5 ratio?

      Should we not know about the 19 year or 18.6 Moon return where the individual and all that the Angel and the higher being could configure now stands as an operative system and then plunge the human being into Wars, politics, dating, drinking, drugs and rip up the hardwiring and scatter the focus of the completed human being? Should our Saturn returns be looked at with careful biographical impacts as to how Chronos and Saturn really put a karmic note, a Time Lock lid on how karmic incidents will find us, will find us no matter what?  But, you all understand very clearly, that as education goes, we lose all these souls early on, as they are dumped into educational systems that mangle the human being and contort the ability to understand the clear Logos Scaffolding that follows every human being.  By university, by enlistment, national guard, education goes on to mangle the soul life and quelch the limits to what people think anybody has the right to know, so that to know the scaffolding and system and study it as the very potent clarity of individual life systems... to study the etheric and plant systems and study the astral form systems in animals and grasp the large sweeping events that led to Golgotha and the karma models and systems of humanity?  These challenges are stopped, mangled, choked and relegated to quackery and SPUN into Luciferic and Ahrimanic courts.

      Anthro and Michael School incites strongly stand within the miracle, what we consider miracle and chance of the world, Michael Intel is the science, the inclusive science of the world, so that souls, adults, parents are prepared to track, foster and hold each other, hold each other to the manifest laws that Ahriman declares, is NOTHINGNESS.  In Ahriman's nothingness humanity can unravel the patterns, mysteries and miracles that we deliberately stand before and pretend that we are dumb, that it is Kant and there are limits to what humanity can know and that gods will this and gods will that and whatever you do you cannot know... blah, blah, blah, blah... humanity ends up at a dead end and what we see are truckloads of human beings dumped into Ahriman's pit of used and abused human forms who drank all the nothingness Ahriman offered and got nothing when they were emptied of their unlinked, unintuitive, unconsidered, unconscious wobble through life as they bounced from Lucifer to Ahriman and sitting in some church hoping to get a little reenforcement of Jesus for their parched and depleted humanity.

      But stride up to the WELL of the Logos and drink and savor each drop and drink the Logos fountains to replenish the wisdom and the accuracy of human life, human destiny and humanity standing in the Accomplished and Finished work of the Gods and exploring every detail of physical, etheric, astral and I AM systems... and beyond and above to Consciousness Soul, Spirit Self, Life Spirit and Spirit Man and consider Christ as a lofty Vulcan Creator Being and the bearer of the Laws and systems of Love... no, that is all shunned, pooh, poohed and pushed aside so that more truck loads of Ahrimanic and Luciferic souls miss, avoid and are detoured from encountering the very well spring of restoring INTEL that gives each human being the high potential of reinvigorating the depleted sources that reconnect humanity to the Cosmos that is running and alive today.



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