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Re: [anthroposophy] Year cycle and Christian festivals

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  • starmann77@aol.com
    Starman: ...the astral year seems to have a definite connection to the seasons--- and the use of the verses, I d imagine, can t be separated from that.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 26, 2001
      Starman: >>>...the 'astral' year seems to have a definite connection to the
      seasons--- and the use of the verses, I'd imagine, can't be separated from
      that. For instance,
      it wouldn't make sense to have people in the Southern Hemisphere using
      Christmas verses about the 'World-Cold' and such in their Midsummer to sense
      the astrality around them, now would it? So clearly, the astral body of the
      earth has a connection with the 'breathing process' of the seasons in the
      earth's temperate zones. So anyone from down under reading these should be
      aware of this!
      > It's an open question as to the relation of the Festivals to the astral
      year-cycle. St. John's Day being at the point when the Sun begins to
      decrease, which the Doctor connected with that saying of John about "He must
      increase while I decrease"---well, June 24th is the opposite time in the
      Southern Hemisphere. So does one celebrate St. John's on June 24th or in
      'midsummer', which is two opposite times in North and South?
      > Similarly, the 'Solar' half of the year is when we have
      Nature-Consciousness while the 'Lunar' or Winter half is when we have
      Self-Consciousness, 'outer/inner' rhythm. The Doctor describes how we lean
      on outer nature in summer, and then the plants begin to die and we feel fear
      in Autumn, hence the need for courage and 'facing the Dragon' of death and
      mortality to kindle SELF consciousness again. Then, should not people in the
      Southern Hemisphere have the image of Michael and the Dragon before them in
      March, not September?

      eurythmy@... writes:
      << What ever inner attitude one has it cannot be ripped apart from the outer
      impression. Soul and body. What I tentatively try to say is that the Spirit
      makes, creates the balance, the flow between inner and outer. It manifests
      their congruence, that is it can create out of nothing a transparency
      between what is inner and what is outer. >>

      *******Well, the inner astral body must have a resonance with the astral body
      of the earth. So since the astral cycle of the year (in the temperate zones)
      is connected with the seasons, it too must be. In other words it expands out
      into the world in the earth's 'summer', and contracts into itself in
      'winter'. But these are opposite in North and South Hemispheres, so the
      Christian festivals it would seem should likewise be reversed, insofar as
      they are meant to stimulate the astral body. And isn't that the intent oif
      looking on the mother and child in midwinter, the god resurrecting in spring,
      the light and fire above at Ascension and Pentecost now here in the North?

      I wonder if any of our members in the Southern Hemisphere have any
      thoughts on the matter.

      Dr. Starman
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