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soul calendar week 05 choreography

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  • eurythmy
    Choreography: week 06. The stage is like a human being. It has the polarity back and front of stage. More thinking like a head in the back, more actions in the
    Message 1 of 2 , May 26, 2001
      Choreography: week 01

      Choreography: week 06.





      The stage is like a human being. It has the polarity back and front of stage. More thinking like a head in the back, more actions in the front like the limbs, in between a median sphere. Many theatres accentuate this by a racked floor. On the left of the audience is stage right [SR] on the other side stage left [SL].

      The following description can be visualised in front of you like if you were an audience, or around this human form assumed by the stage.


      Remark: They all start clockwise, if only for a few steps. Then they all go against the clock, but for Blue. The spiral and waves of Yellow are like a small variation on the eurythmy form called: “look in thyself; look in the world”

      The first time the three sounds of I / A / O are sounded by one colour, Here the colour of the Sun. Mostly threefold waves and three times the same form, with its three-fold lighting. During these next three weeks (week 4, 5 and 6), the colour yellow will be a constant.

      The first time we have a colour doing consonants in the prologue and in the epilogue.




      Starting place:

      No one in the front of stage. Violets are centre left and centre right Red is Centre stage, a little further back. Yellow are back stage on each side of the centre.

      Yellows and violet are on a trapeze, its large base mid-stage. Yellows and Red do a triangle, its base back stage.


      Basic long movements:

      Yellows, 1 and 2, do a five pointed star, three tines and symmetrically, starting from the side nearer to centre stage. Anti-clock wise on the right, clock wise on the stage left,

      Violets, 3 and 4 do the same; three times and symmetrically; but the 5th side opens and they do a 6th side to come back to their starting place. Although it has 6 sides, it is not built of two triangles like a six pointed star, and the first 4 sides are put on a five pointed star pattern, so let us call it an open five pointed star. Anti-clock wise on the right, clock wise on the stage left.

      Red Also does a five-pointed shape. Let us call it a five-pointed trapeze, as the basic shape is a trapeze, around the Violets. Its smaller base is front stage, its larger mid-stage. Red moves it anti-clock wise. Now as Red starts in the middle of the large base of the trapeze it creates a triangle toward the Yellows. The base of that triangle rests on the upper large base of the trapeze. Red starts in the middle of every thing: the stage, the bse of its triangle, the base of its triangle and at equal distance of all the other colours. How does it do its triangle? Red goes first up from midbase to in between the yellows, then down lright towards Violet 3, then follows the  trapeze and finally goes up and right near Yellow 2 and comes straight down to its starting place. In doing so Red starts and finishes with an upright motion.

      Basic short movement:

      They all do circles; Red’s circle has two centres. Yellows are anti clockwise on the right and clock wise on the stage left. Violets do the opposite. Red goes clockwise. Red’s form is a basic eurythmy form, derived from the Cassini series: Ellipse, lemniscate, circles. This sounds complicated, but no more than the soul-life stage of children of nine years old who often do this form in eurythmy classes. It is part of three form “We will seek each other”- an ellipse, oval or an oblong circle, “We feel one another near”- a figure of eight lying on its side so that it fits inside the previous figure, “We know one another well”- two circles facing each other, inside the previous two figures. What I called the double circle of Red is a transition figure between the oblong circle and the figure of eight. The two centres which will become the centre of the two circles of the third figure are marked, so is indicated the crossing of the eight as Red’s form narrows towards that centre as it approaches it.

      Remark With Red, we are between the will and the feeling. With Yellows and Violet we do not have the exact form of thinking, which is two circles facing each other clock wise. The circles are facing each other, but in symmetry, so while one circles anti-clock wise the other is clockwise. The Yellow follow the clock/anti-clock wise motion of the star they made. Thinking is taking the easy way. In their circling, the Violets go against their clock wise/anticlockwise star motion. This is an exercise done in the early school years: to go against the whirling one has done before, to change the habit of motion. This gives strength to the “etheric body”, the organism of forces that is changing it self into thinking abilities at that age.

      In the prologue the sounds of Yellows are simply “I” in different zones., up in feeling, down in willing and horizontal forward in thinking. The sounds of Violets are called in eurythmy for Violet (3, Stage right ) the “Apollonian vowels”, “A” and “O” giving form, and for the other Violet, (4, stage left) the “Dionysian vowels”, “E” and “U” expressing the individuality. With this in mind one can see that Yellows are also doing a “Dionysian”: “I, they are not only holding the middle point of the alphabet.

      Red is doing transforming consonant, the liquid “L”, and the fiery “S


      Detail long movements: first lighting: GREEN AND RED above, foot lights white and blue.

      Yellows start their star with the horizontal branch, then, down, up to the “head”, down, back to start.

      Violets’ stars are inclined towards the centre of the stage front. And satart similarly, the last 5th branch does not go back to start but horizontally, then vertically back to start. As the star is inclined this last horizontal movement is directed up and to centre stage, i.e. towards the starting place of Red.

      Red does part of triangle, part of long base of trapeze and down the first side while the others do one start. Red then goes along the smaller base and the next side while the others do a second star.

      Detail long movements: second lighting: WHITE AND RED ABOVE, foot lights green and blue

      Red finishes the upper longer base of trapeze and the last side of triangle plus the vertical downwards movement that bring it to its starting place , while the others do a third star.

      Detail short movement: During this second lighting:

      Yellows start their circles upwards; Violets horizontally towards the centre stage.. Red starts with an horizontal dip, downwards to the left, circles, dips upward to the right and circles  right to dip down to the starting place.

      Text: as the prologue:

      First star, first lighting:

      Es ist erstanden aus der Eigenheit
      Mein Selbst und findet sich

      Second star, first lighting:


      Als Weltenoffenbarung
      In Zeit- und Raumeskr

      Third star, second lighting:

      Die Welt, sie zeigt mirüberall
      Als g
      ttlich Urbild

      Short movement : second lighting:

      Des eignen Abbilds Wahrheit


      they all sing the text, vowels and consonants, together.

      Epilogue: as the prologue.


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