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Re: A spiritual history of the universe

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  • carol
    It is in your previous post, where you cite Steiner s Riddles of Humanity ... I m not sure the citation was understood. It does not speak of humanity being
    Message 1 of 7 , Aug 5, 2008
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      "It is in your previous post, where you cite Steiner's "Riddles of

      I'm not sure the citation was understood. It does not speak of
      'humanity being asleep', it talks about a constant dream condition,
      which 'runs it's course' even when waking consciousness is engaged. c.
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      > wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > > I still say, had a lasting impression with possibility of
      > recurrence-
      > > of namely the nuclear explosion- not introduced itself into the
      > world,
      > > and thus into the collective human psyche, then the various, lesser
      > > impressive Ahrimanic technologies/forces would not have such a
      > chance to
      > > 'stick' so well as earthly formative forces .
      > >
      > > This 'Ahrimanic symbol', in my opinion, represents this impressive
      > > spirit Being's OWN sun impression- much more immediate and in
      > itself
      > > impressive than the subtle, glowing etheric Christic one.
      > Ahriman's
      > > sun casts out upon us all, a message of our impending earthly
      > death
      > > (when we know in our hearts that we love living) and so we are
      > forced to
      > > nervously recken with it's 'life' it's 'potential' of recurrence,
      > > somewhere, at some level within our daily psychic life.
      > >
      > > This disturbance, directly linked to a vivid impression of what
      > > exactly a nuclear explosion entails, in addition to the intuition
      > that
      > > there are currently no absolute safeguards in place, on earth, to
      > > prevent it's usage, has permitted to give rise, in the human
      > psyche,
      > > post 1945, to something which poses itself as an image of a
      > > 'landpost' occuring within the human psyche- around which the
      > occult
      > > forces of materialism can 'gather themselves'.
      > >
      > > In Bradford's pointing towards 'Military INTEL' as an important
      > > 'instigator' of the materialistic experience within the social
      > > collectivity, the Ahrimanic Nuclear explosion Sun impression is
      > > distict to it.
      > >
      > > c.
      > It is in your previous post, where you cite Steiner's "Riddles of
      > Humanity", where you can find one of the sources that inspired ELron
      > Hubbard. Another inspiration was Ouspensky's "The Fourth Way". and
      > also the classical Vedanta literature. In short, mankind is largely
      > still asleep, so if one can awaken to this fact he can serve to
      > control the world through occultic means. This forms the essence of
      > Scientology. And this formed the rationale of ELron Hubbard; waking
      > up in order to form an elite cult of baleful people who would attempt
      > to put consciousness into machines, and duping the people into dumb-
      > dumb, as an consequence.
      > Spiritual Science exists as a counter measure to this influence; as
      > well, the Fourth Way of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky. These represent
      > honest efforts under the ordinary conditions of life.
      > Steve
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