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  • Nina
    ... clever seducers who also work in the astral world. The human being has a supersensible `double which takes the form of his own inner nature. For the
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      > Such dabbling is like child's play compared to the devilishly
      clever seducers who also work in the astral world. The human being
      has a supersensible `double' which takes the form of his own inner
      nature. For the sensuous, undeveloped man, the form can be most
      hideous. Such a `double' of man is depicted in Bulwer-Lytton's
      Zanoni : `It gazes on thee, the dark, mantled, loathsome thing!
      There, there, there with their devilish mockery and hateful craft,
      glare on thee those horrid eyes!' (we may also read upon the
      Dweller on the Threshold in this regard

      Dear Caryn,
      See that you dug up some more great stuff! Not sure if you had the
      chance to read all of Patrick Steensma's article...he gets into this
      and also mentions Scorpio theme! NINA

      "UFO's: Pre-eminent Phenomena of our Time: Contemporary Esoteric
      Backgrounds on UFO's
      By Patrick Steensma

      UFO's are a pre-eminent phenomena of time. This can be clarified
      when one applies a Worldview and methods of an Epistemology that
      contains and coheres with the spiritual path of development Humanity
      is on and has been so far. The approach of Goethean Science, that
      e.g. contains methods and results of Spiritual Science - also known
      as Anthroposophy - brings about contributions to contemporary
      Esoteric Christianity, and offers such a Worldview, methodologies,
      cognition and insights. (See for a slight introduction on Goethean
      Science elsewhere on this site) This article is about integrating
      those with the underlying occult phenomena of modern times, so
      cognition can be gained about the UFO-question, albeit a start.

      A Sound Worldview as the first key to cognition

      In the thorough and revealing studies about conspiracies, UFO's and
      cohering theme's spiritual backgrounds often play a role, all be it
      in fractions of the bigger picture. Deeper lying grounds need to be
      looked at and taken into account. Many researchers do not demonstrate
      of having a clear view on all the ins and outs and purpose of the
      evolution of Humanity. Thus to me it resembles soupy and somewhat
      abstract with e.g. mixtures of stories of Atlantis, Lemuria,
      pyramids, Gods and demons. E.g. Lucifer, the Biblical Diabolos - the
      snake in paradise -, and Satan or Ahriman - the latter name is
      derived from Angrimanju from the Persian Era around 5000 B.C. also
      known as the Biblical Satan or also "the Beast that arises out of the
      Sea" [Rev. St. John Chapter 13 :1] - are often used indifferently
      (which by the way is not so incomprehensible since they work together
      and which also has to do with the unawareness to a large extend of
      the workings of their boss: Sorat [see later on]). The studies though
      of some authors - like e.g. William Cooper (had helas) and Sherman
      Skolnick - have a pretty good hunch of the direction to look for and
      their research and that of others definitely raise a lot of
      interesting points of contact which call for further elaboration (1).

      The most basic fundament and purpose of the entire evolution of
      Humanity is the transformation of the Cosmos of Wisdom (Earth is a
      revelation thereof) into the Cosmos of Love. The latter is a Cosmos
      transformed by Humanity. We humans are thus in the position to
      develop ourselves into a spirit of Love and Freedom. The beings of
      the Spiritual World are engaged with us to bring about this novum for
      the Spiritual World.

      Freedom is individually applied wisdom and brings about the
      experience of the ability of choice. Love belongs to the domain of
      the social life, wherein this ability of choice can be directed on
      virtuous (conscious-warmth) actions towards others. These two as it
      were form the "drive tandem" of our evolution and development. E.g.
      one of its consequences is the joy of creating together.

      There are two beings who are focused on frustrating these goals.
      Lucifer, the bringer of Light (not Light itself!) represents unfree
      wisdom and lust, and Ahriman, a spirit of Darkness, in which the
      unconscious and unredeemed seeds of Love (thus revealing themselves
      in hate and self-destruction) reside, together form this necessary
      field of force wherein humans are able to develop him/herself into
      this spirit of Love and Freedom. Such high `fallen' beings as Lucifer
      and Ahriman have the Cosmic Right to go through an incarnation (2 ).
      Lucifer went through his physical incarnation in the East in the 3rd
      millennium B.C.. Christ incarnated in Jesus of Nazareth in the year
      29 A.D., which e.g. appeared in the white dove that descended with
      the baptism by John the Baptist (3). ). Ahriman still has his Cosmic
      Right to his physical incarnation, meant to take place in the West
      (viz. the USA) and is possibly ours to experience fairly soon. Since
      the 15th century the latter has intensified his preparations for his
      incarnation which is recognizable in numerous phenomena (4)note: ).
      For this purpose his materialistic impulse reached its climax round
      about 1840 and today we're more and more dealing with those

      A. Dürer: St. Michael and the Dragon (about 1520)

      A cosmic image that has a bearing on this is the battle between the
      Archangel St. Michael and the Dragon, which started in 1841 and ended
      in autumn 1879 (Michaeli) when St. Michael threw the Dragon to Earth.
      Another important cohering happening took place between 1933 and
      1942, known as the Second Coming. In 1942 Christ went through a
      crucifixion in the Etheric-Life World (5 ). This was attended by the
      release of etheric forces of that World which haven't been
      transformed and sublimated, for Humanity it means the emergence of
      the Beast and the struggle with it (6). The Apocalypse describes this
      in the part about the 7th Trumpet, in Chap. 13. In Rev. 13:1 it is
      about the rise of the beast (Ahriman/Satan) "from the Sea" ("Sea" is
      also an esoteric expression for Etheric-Life World) and the Dragon ,
      which is Sorat (7) "out of the Earth" (Earth=the physical world)
      which empowers Ahriman (8). The beings that are connected with Sorat
      are called Asura's (these are to be identified as "the locusts" of
      e.g. Rev. 9:7, because that's how they look for the clairvoyant
      observation). They are beings of darkness expelled from the sun. The
      name Sorat originates from the Cabbala and also comes up in the same
      chapter, Rev. 13:18 in the number "666" (nb the number of the verse
      (18) is also 6+6+6): "...and its number is 666". This is thus
      deducted: 400 in Hebrew is the word "Taw", which refers to `the lower
      Self' [TA], 200 is the word "Resch", which refers to the astral body
      [R], 6 means "Waw", which refers to the etheric body [O] and 60 is
      the word "Samech", which refers to the physical body [S]. By reading
      the letters between [ ] backward, it gives SORAT, which means that
      all the 3 bodies [astral, etheric and physical] are put in the
      service of the lower Self.

      Our ascending development towards spirits of Love and Freedom finds
      its increasing opposing tendency since Christ' deed on Golgotha in
      the works of Ahriman (supported by his master Sorat). Lucifer is on
      his path of redemption since the individual who represented him and
      who was hanging on the cross beside him asked him out of respect to
      think of him when Christ would enter his Kingdom, and Christ said he
      would be with him in paradise on that same day. The other man is a
      representative of Ahriman and is not redeemed (Lucas23:39-43). This
      still means though that Lucifer's total redemption is still in a
      process, and his work also still has effect, but it is diminishing
      and the domination is more and more coming from Ahriman's work (9).
      Ahriman wants to draw the power over the entire human evolution to
      him and become the leading spirit of our further evolution (viz.
      placing himself in the place of Christ), focusing on a descending
      evolution, bound tightly to the forces of the Earth.

      The above described issue of Humanity is obscured by projecting our
      contemporary views, values and goals on earlier days in history and
      judging the course of Humanity and the people involved in the
      guidance of Humanity by that. One comes across this e.g. in the
      discussion of the "Mysteries". Often those involved there are seen as
      manipulators acting out of secrecy and as if they were thus
      deliberately misguiding people. The thing is one must be conscious
      about the stage Humanity was in and what were justified ways to go
      about because of what had to be developed. It is a major
      presupposition to take the starting point that Humanity has always
      had the contemporary capacities and state of consciousness. We didn't
      have the present perception of making our own choices and acting out
      of Love in BC-eras. We were embedded in the Cosmic workings of the
      Spiritual World as preceding stages in our evolution so the
      necessary "components"(10) could be integrated into our being so we
      could more and more take up our own development of becoming Spirits
      of Love and Freedom. There were always black magicians who tried to
      abuse the forces of evolution - those known and dealt with in these
      Mystery-places - for their own goals, but that doesn't mean one can
      throw the players in the spiritual field all on one heap. History
      generally doesn't talk about the phases of evolution, because it is
      polluted by e.g. the historical materialism of Karl Marx.

      Another cohering basic premises of the Spiritual World is that all
      beings want to develop. All contemporary developments need to be
      considered out of that and the two above described contrary moving
      directions of evolution - ascending and descending-, incl. the UFO's.


      The intensification of UFO-observations is to be seen as a symptom
      of the approaching incarnation of Ahriman. Taking the above mentioned
      into account it becomes clearer why starting the end of the 19th
      century UFO-phenomena manifests itself. In 1878 there was one e.g.,
      but in 1897 it was Big Time with the phenomenon of the `Great Airship
      Mystery'(13). It was about a huge silver cigar-shaped object which
      crashed in Aurora. Many reports in local newspapers are loaded with
      stories of flying objects and even about contact with its crew. After
      a relatively quiet period the phenomenon strongly resurfaced round
      about WW II. Like in the first months of 1945 there were observations
      of UFO's by German and allied fighter pilots. The well-known crash of
      a flying saucer in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 was thoroughly
      reported on, despite its immediate cover up. During the first press
      conference in the morning Maj. Marcel stated it was an unidentified
      flying object, but in the evening, after a panic in the Army Command,
      it was reversed by a general and he described it was nothing more
      than a weather balloon (14).

      Washington D.C. : July 26, 1952

      On July 19th 1952 another occurrence attracted a lot of attention
      which took place in Washington DC. During a couple of hours more than
      8 UFO's were spotted above the White House and Capitol Hill - the
      tightest secured airspace in the US - by experienced pilots and air-
      traffic controllers on 2 different radars. They were flying at a
      speed of 160-210 km/h after which they accelerated enormously and
      disappeared. The days after this they kept on coming back here and
      there. This could be considered as the decisive turning point in
      general concerning media coverage and reports on UFO's stemming from
      US-governmental organizations. In the press conference the US-Air
      Force brought up the ridiculous explanation some of the phenomena
      were caused by oscillations of the temperature (supposedly causing
      reflections of light which could be observed by radar). From this
      moment the CIA soon started to run the show concerning media coverage
      and explanations having to do with UFO's (15). They installed a
      commission for that which only consisted of people who were to be
      characterized as extremely skeptic towards the UFO-phenomenon, and
      who beforehand `thought' of the entire UFO-commotion as total crap.
      The manipulation of public opinion was the main focus instead of
      (objective) research on the subject itself. Their conclusions
      obstructed further research on it. With strong emphasis the national
      security agencies were told to take immediate measures to deprive
      UFO's of their mysterious status. Since then there's a structural
      attempt to cover-up these topics by the Army Command, NASA, national
      security agencies, (federal) government and the media. However the
      stories and reports worldwide that emerged in the following fifty
      years point to an even more increasing UFO-activity.

      Backgrounds according to Goethean Science

      A characteristic of Ahriman, a being of Darkness, is he can not
      stand Light - in the sense of consciousness about his being. The
      structural cover-up of a way how his works reveal himself is of
      course of major importance for him. Now the focus is on some
      backgrounds of his being. Since the 15th century there is an
      increasing domination of one sided, over-reacting and abused
      qualities of the Eagle-nature that push aside those of the Leo
      (feeling) and the Taurus (will). The Eagle, as the representative of
      the birds, stands for the physical appearance out of the astral of
      the head, particularly the physical brains, because the force that
      shapes our brains and enables them to absorb the inward force of
      salt - which is the basis of our thinking - is the same force that
      works and lives in the feathers of the Eagle. The shaping of our
      thoughts, flowing out of our brains, physically coincide with the
      shaping of the feathers of the Eagle. The thoughts of the physical
      brain are merely instant thoughts. The processes of our own thought-
      life is much more complicated, because it also deals with memories
      and weighing things by our heart. A one-sided and dominating Eagle-
      force doesn't lead to a vivid spiritual thinking but to an
      abstract/intellectual thinking that is bound to the physical forces,
      and thus misses a connection to reality. The chance of falling for
      this one-sidedness and domination is brought about by the temptation
      of the Eagle, which is: "Get to know my being. I will give you the
      power. To create a World. In your Head". The tendency that a one-
      sided Eagle-force leads to is harking back towards old phases of
      evolution prior to the central turning point in human evolution in
      Atlantis (app. 20.000 B.C.) where the finishing touch of the shaping
      of our physical body took place (16). This harking back makes humans
      get the urge to erase what Humanity has obtained on wisdom and
      independence. One would only live in the sub-conscious will, which
      was placed in the muscles and the nervous-system by the Gods. It
      would make people return to the phase of a primitive clairvoyancy
      which opposes the tendency to connect with the earth in the manner of
      spiritualizing-transforming it and to resurrect through it. Ahriman
      is the abuser of these Eagle-qualities. Another aspect of Eagle-
      qualities are that they refer to the highest spiritual level humans
      can develop out of their being, which is called Spirit Man. This is
      about the faculty of transforming the physical body/world (17).
      According to the evolutionary plans the focus of development and
      planting of the forces of the Life Spirit - viz. enabling
      transformation of the etheric body - is to be in the center in the
      7th Cultural Epoch (5737-7897) of the 5th Era - having its physical
      center in California, USA. At the end of that period people can start
      to develop the Spirit Man-qualities. Gnostics refer to this phase in
      the image of Christ as the Eagle in the top of the Tree of Life. As
      the predecessor of Humanity Christ will then resurrect as the Eagle
      (18). Also His remark: "No one comes to the Father but through me"
      refers to this. A further cohering aspect is that Ahriman also
      closely has to do with the "fallen Eagle", the Scorpio. The Rocky
      Mountains could be seen as the realm in which he has fallen and made
      his domicile. The star-image Scorpio can e.g. be seen very clearly at
      night when one is in the Far West. Again, Ahriman is the abuser of
      these forces. Ahriman isn't a generic creative source himself, he can
      only mis- and deform. In this context Christ is to be seen as the
      Creative Force of God the Father, through which God the Father
      creates. Ahriman prematurely draws these forces into the present time
      and seduces people with it (viz. evil is the good in the wrong time
      and place).

      Rudolf Steiner states that organizations in the West - especially
      the secret brotherhoods - are strongly under the temptation of
      absorbing these one-sided, dominating, over-reacting and pre-mature
      Eagle-qualities. From top level such brotherhoods have put themselves
      at the service of Ahriman, to support him in his attempt, via his
      incarnation, to take over Human and Earth evolution (19). The
      higher `initiates'/black magicians of those brotherhoods are quite
      knowledgeable about a lot of things (20) . E.g. they are therefore
      aware of the Etheric Christ (also known as the Second Coming) will
      reveal himself more and more from the 20th century and onwards. Their
      intention is focused on trying to let this go by unnoticed for
      Humanity. They want to try to attribute the realm of the workings and
      influence of Christ to Ahriman, and even want to call him Christ!

      Ahriman wants to conserve and harden the Earth with its etheric
      enwrapment to make it (or out of its forces) his domicile consisting
      of his devotees. The cohering reward for his followers, the Ahrimanic
      immortality, offers an intellectual/abstract thought consciousness
      which purely connects to the Earth, and which thus does not consist
      of a balance between the Earth and the Cosmos. It is generated by the
      hardening of the etheric body, viz. the strengthening of the Etheric
      Double [see further on]. Because of this one can always live as the
      personality one has become [e.g. like in the films `Ghost' and `What
      dreams may come`]. To enable this process it is necessary that the
      Etheric Body of the Earth is also hardened and conserved.

      The mechanistic, hygienistic and eugenistic occult faculties

      In this context it is clarifying to look at three potential
      spiritual faculties which are integrated in our physical body,
      arrangeable by the Western (American), European and Asian
      constitution. Goethean Science says that the people of our times will
      start to learn to discover and apply these occult faculties. It is
      respectively about the mechanistic, hygienistic and eugenistic
      faculties. The first is about the faculty to be able to put machines
      into motion via the laws of chiming together and synchronizing
      vibrations (e.g. pointing at why Keeley, Tesla and Wilhelm Reich were
      busy with this topic in the US). It can thus become possible to
      transfer human moods in undulation onto machines (Keeley managed to
      do that). The hygienistic faculty is based on the phenomenon that
      Human Life from birth to death reflects a process of illness. But, we
      also carry the therefore necessary curing forces in us. The
      development of this faculty occurs by converting these forces into
      cognition of illnesses and death. The eugenistic faculty consists of
      gaining cognition about the spiritual laws of human reproduction. In
      the East therefore an instinctively clair-cognition will come about
      how the laws of population are attuned through certain cosmic
      occurrences. For this matter everybody in the world is thrown on each
      others society concerning the two faculties one doesn't have as a
      constitutional ability. The secret brotherhoods in the West know
      about this. Thus they know that out of a one-sided domination of the
      mechanistic faculty and thereby pouring out mechanizations over
      Humanity you can control and rule over the population of the Earth in
      the 5th Cultural Epoch of 1417-3577. This means one can paralyze
      every rebellious action of the unsatisfied masses (22). There are
      numerous phenomena indicating this is already going on when one
      thinks of e.g. the intense dependency and effects of the computer and
      the internet, the dependency of the supply of electricity, the
      electronic transfer of payments, and the industrious search for
      clustering our brains to the operation of computers (e.g. chip-
      implants in the necks of people). `They' are also aware of how the
      social fabric needs to be organized to subsequently arrogate the two
      missing faculties (of course only possible in their deformed way) and
      put them at their service. For that purpose there needs to be and
      rule a non-scientific religion in the East e.g. traceable in
      tendencies of New Age. For the same purpose the accent in Europe is
      focused on the advancement of a non-religious abstract science.
      Another phenomenon which specifies this are the intense adds and
      pressing recommendations - based on stirring up fear ? in the USA to
      make parents vaccinate their newly borne and children a.s.a.p.
      against like 30 illnesses. As stated this is the very thing that
      forms the basis of the development of the hygenistic faculty. And
      because the spiritual ideals of the physical body reside in it, the
      individual is eroded and deprived in his/her early age of the reason
      why s/he incarnated. It thus also frustrates the premises for a
      fertile cooperation with Europe. Such ways of acting are clear
      symptoms of arrogating the hygenistic faculty in a purely
      materialistic manner. The arrogation of the eugenistic faculty in a
      questionable way becomes evident by e.g. the abductions of people by
      UFO's and the subsequent industrious experimenting with the genital
      organs, cells and the physical body, but also by the ever more
      refined insights about and practicing of the cloning of people.

      UFO-technology and mechanistic occultism

      For this matter it surely seems that concerning how the faculty of
      the mechanistic occultism is worked with, it doesn't look much like
      it stands for an ascending spiritual path of development, but more
      one which is only shaped by and with those forces that purely belong
      to and work in the Earth. Thus its spiritual potency is shaped in its
      counterpart and used in a selfish way. Partly because of our
      contribution to it, this one-sided and selfish shaping of the
      tendency of mechanization, created UFO's, which are elemental beings
      (gnomes, nymphs, elves etc.) that have fallen out of the ascending
      course of human evolution (23). We have squeezed elemental beings in
      techniques and applied it for ourselves and our convenience.

      In the meantime more and more mechanistic-occult inventions out of
      conscious/subconscious cooperation with such beings are put on the
      market. The computer, the internet developed in the sixties by the US
      Army and Stealth-technique are some of the many examples thereof. R.
      Sauder also draws our attention by stating that various implants have
      been found in the necks of people who were abducted by UFO's and that
      US-companies have started to market those recently (24).

      Area 51: famous test site for the US Air Force with many UFO-
      sightings, here a test flight of the Northrop YB-49

      With their communications, abductions and experiments of people,
      UFO's often use paralysis of the will. In this context it is
      important to understand how the forces in North America specifically
      work in the realms of our instincts and sub-consciousness. To clarify
      this we need to examine a being that is often referred to as the
      double or doppelganger. It is a being that belongs to the Earth and
      which joins us and connects itself to us from a certain moment in our
      process of incarnation (25). How he works depends on the geographical
      situation. Specific about North-America is that the double solely
      penetrates the human being with the forces stemming from the Earth.
      These are mechanizing forces. Via electronic fluxes generated in our
      sense-nervous system by our Etheric Double, one is connected through
      him with all the electro-magnetic earthly forces. Our thinking has
      its physical point of impact in the sense-nervous system and what
      that concerns our thinking is like a death-process generating
      consciousness (26). His aspiration is to keep us bound to the Earth
      and he tries to realize that by paralyzing the individual spiritual
      power of the soul and to place instead of that a purely intellectual
      thinking that is bound to the physical brain (27). If the human being
      doesn't manage to balance this with the Cosmic forces this will chain
      him/her to the subnature of the Earth; viz. a world that emancipates
      itself downward away from Earth's ascending path and destination. The
      UFO's have the same aspiration.

      Our double reveals all the sides of our being which we still need to
      transform, our weaknesses (of which we are often not aware to a
      certain extend). For UFO's - out of a cooperation with the double -
      it is a piece of cake to abuse that. They also have an etheric and an
      astral body, but they are purely focused on the Earth - like the
      double - because of their fall out of the ascending evolution.
      Therefore they are only able to apply `fallen spiritual forces', viz.
      light-, chemical- and life-ether. This reveals a clear relationship
      they have with the Earth and the double.

      UFO-technology points to intense (ab-)usage of electromagnetism.
      Concerning their assertions that they are from this or that star
      clearly now shows up for what they really are: viz. they are bound to
      the Earth and not to be seen as extra-terrestrials, but inner-
      terrestrials. By the way, they surely will have some sort of
      connection to the stars, but everything on Earth has a connection to
      the Cosmos/stars - so do we ! - so that's nothing to worship them for.

      Geographically seen the Rocky Mountains in North America are to be
      considered as the area where the strongest workings of the double
      originate (Goethean Science also considers this place as the domicile
      of Ahriman), and therefore the area where electromagnetism works in
      its strongest way. It is not strange that the most military - mostly
      underground - bases are to be found in the states of California,
      Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico. Most of the UFO-
      sightings have taken place in that area where these bases are (28).

      Moreover underground atomic tests are still carried out there.
      Atomic force dissolves matter. This means that more elemental beings
      are torn out of their ascending evolutionary path, by which they can
      be recruited into the army of UFO's.

      Nevada, Yucca Plateau, November 1 1951: military personnel as guinea
      pigs (At the Yucca test site 928 atomic bombs have been detonated, of
      which 100 in open air)

      Their search for the constitutional organization of the human I or

      To summarize: UFO's are beings which have fallen into (sub-)Earth
      and out of the ascending evolution. There is e.g. not a single UFO
      entity (who talks about the crucifixion and resurrection that Christ
      went through in the Etheric World and the redemption that brings
      about for Humanity, if understanding about that) will follow. No,
      they say they are the one's who have come to rescue Humanity (great
      marketing trick). This is the illusion the materialistic culture of
      Ahriman/Sorat is about. Therefore you do hear them speak of trying to
      conserve the Earth, and they try to recruit people for their cause by
      telling them terrifying stories of disasters to come, like in the way
      they proclaim the environmental problem which is - seen the
      elaborated above - in their vital interest, though different than
      ours. Ahriman is the being fallen from high (a previous Cherubim) who
      is the steering genius behind (this aspect of) UFO's. With the
      western secret occult brotherhoods as his instruments he tries to
      create his own planet (29). This is also referred to as the filling
      up with spiritual formative (etheric) substance of what Goethean
      Science calls the "8th sphere", viz. a sphere which could become the
      planet of Ahriman (30).

      Rudolf Steiner in this case speaks of a battle that primarily takes
      place in our brains and skull, because this is the most spiritualized
      part of our being, viz. because all the fruits of our previous
      incarnations are expressed and come back in a transformed way in our
      head. For us this calls for a watchful consciousness. The fact that
      aliens focus on the physical world, through experiments and attempts
      of manifestation points to that they look for something it contains.
      The physical Earth is the basis for our individual development of the
      (higher) Self in our physical body. By developing the potential
      faculty it contains we someday will be able to create our own new
      worlds in the future. Goethean Science refers to this as follows: in
      our physical body reside the building stones for the New Jerusalem -
      the next (5th) planetary stage of the ascending evolution.
      Materialistic science considers these building stones only as atoms.
      In a spiritual gathering in the 4th century AD Mani, Skytianos,
      Buddha and Master Jesus (Zarathustra) focused on how to deal with
      this future problem. They realized a plan which was thus worked out
      that in the smallest particles available they have integrated the
      entire plan for the New Jerusalem. This is the key for this formative
      force of creating new worlds. This thus offers more clarity on the
      physical experimenting on people: UFO's are literally looking for
      such building stones for their own planet.

      To conclude: in UFO's selfish technique reveals itself. This is
      poured out over Humanity, as in essence this can only be realized in
      an unselfish manner, through intense inner practice. It thus appears
      to be a counter-influence and challenge for us to work on our (12)
      senses in an unselfish way. Via artistic practices which constitute
      connections between the Cosmos and the Earth, and on the basis of
      Goethean Science we are able to harmonize one-sidedness. This path
      that goes through Spiritual Science (clairvoyancy), Objective Art
      (clair-sentiency and audacity, viz. Initiation) and Moral Technique
      (clair-volitancy/White Magic) is something by which we can eventually
      learn to shape and manage our own creative faculties, and therewith
      offer UFO's an alternative.

      US Air Force drilling machine (Nevada, December 1982)


      1. Certainly because among those are numerous upright stories like
      e.g. "Power Glide" of Jason Leigh, look under www.jasonleigh.org.

      2. This is not only a cosmic right but in ancient times it wasn't
      even possible for Ahriman, because of the human constitution - which
      changes through times - wasn't ready enough for it.

      3. The name `Christ' is used here in such a manner that He is
      considered as the Being representing the Creative Love Power in the
      Universe; this means that He has made his workings known in various
      cultures in various ways : e.g. the Great Spirit for North American
      Indians; Krishna [who says in the Bagavad Gita: "act out of Love, not
      asceticism"], Ahura Mazdao [the Sun-God] who fought Angrimanju in the
      Persian Era round about 5000 BC.

      4. There are 7 major motifs by which these preparations can be
      recognized: 1. Abstract thinking, generating a mechanistic,
      mathematical and purely materialistic worldview ; 2. Preservation of
      the spiritual in ([electronic] libraries) ; 3. Faith in figures
      (statistics) ; 4. Action without interest (also: inability to be
      enthused about Goethean Science) ; 5. Factions, disharmony among
      groups of men and national impulses ; 6. Materialistic interpretation
      of the gospels (leads to hallucinations of Christ) ; 7. Establishment
      of schools for the purpose of making people clairvoyant in an old
      (atavistic), illusive or hallucinatory manner. This e.g. is
      observable in tendencies for reaching clairvoyance via hereditary
      streams, viz. blood-connections (e.g. the book "Holy Blood, Holy
      Grail", by Michael Baigent, Henry Lincoln and Richard Leigh,
      integrates such an explanation in case of the Second Coming).

      5. The Bible - Revelation of St. John Chap. 1, verse 7 - refers to
      his return would take place with the clouds, which is an esoteric
      expression for Etheric-Life World, because it contains the 4 elements
      warmth [vaporizing of water], light/air [clouds themselves, they
      vivify the light and reveal moods by the colors they reflect, and
      they are in the air!], water [rain], earth [hail/snow], thus they
      reflect the four seasons. Another aspect is that the sceneries in the
      sky are objectivities of our inward soul-life (air/light = astral);
      this means that every individual who creates space in his/her being
      for Christ that He will come in their inner being.

      6. See also `The Book of Revelation', 18 Lectures by Rudolf Steiner
      on this subject, held between 5-22 September 1924, Rudolf Steiner
      Press, London.

      7. Since the sun-eclipse of 11th of August 1999 this being has been
      able to connect himself stronger to the Earth.

      8. Rev. 13:2 "and the dragon gave him his force and throne and huge
      power", 13:4 "and they worshipped the dragon because he had given his
      power to the beast", and 13:12 "…and everything for which the first
      beast has power, it fulfills this before its countenance".

      9. That's why Lucifer is not really in the picture here any further,
      although his works still play a role, e.g. with the 8th sphere (see
      later on).

      10. Like the astral-, etheric- and physical body, and the higher
      spiritual bodies of Manas [transforming the astral body], Buddhi
      [transforming the etheric body] and Atma [transforming the physical

      11. Besides the bias concerning research that is done. Approximately
      50% of the "scientific" research that is published goes via so-called
      Ghostwriters, which means that the articles are really written by
      unknown people who are working for a.o. drug-companies, and the
      people that put their name under the article function as the real
      authors and get paid thousands of US $ to do so by those companies;
      source: Nexus April-May 2002. Also the magazine Nature, thought of as
      highly scientific, has raised a lot of questions concerning whether
      their policy of publishing articles is sound, which has come to
      attention because of an article of David Quist and Ignacio Chapela
      about GMO-corn in the issue of the 29th of November 2001. The non-
      objective starting point of the editors of Nature becomes clear by
      remarks as "we trust in the honesty of the scientist" and "we can't
      check everything".

      12. In daily life we also apply and train these faculties
      indifferently in a dynamic process. The discernment of these methods
      is to clarify the fundaments of each faculty enriched by tools for
      their possible further development.

      13. For a summary see e.g. Alien Agenda, by Jim Marrs.

      14. Maj. Marcel who has seen the object himself spoke in 1978 it was
      about "an object that didn't belong to this world". Also see "Roswell
      UFO Crash Update", by Capt. Kevin Randle (ret.).

      15. This certainly has to do with the secret meeting in the early
      fifties between US-president D. Eisenhower, US Army Command and Grey-
      UFO beings which led to mutual friendship, communication and
      cooperation. This is an observation made by a remote viewer. Jim
      Marrs had various remote viewers do research on aliens; also other
      formal meetings have been observed.

      16. See also list of the 7 major motifs. Also Lucifer abuses these
      one-sided qualities, in its illusive manner, but the focus here is on
      how Ahriman - as he is the master of the intellect, of abstract
      thinking - does it, and seen we will have to deal more and more with
      his works.

      17. Earth went through 3 previous condensing planetary phases and is
      now in its 4th phase. `Saturn' is the so-called first phase
      (Fire/Warmth, planting of the physical body), the second is the Old
      Sun-phase [condensing Warmth into Light and Air/planting of the
      etheric body], the third is the Moon-phase [condensing of the
      substance of the second into Water/ planting the astral body] and in
      the 4th this was condensed into the physique: Earth/ planting of
      the "Self/ the I" [this Self/I is pure activity and it serves itself
      of the three bodies soul, ether body and physical body]. The 5th
      phase is the Jupiter-Earth (also known as the New Jerusalem or
      Shamballa ), development of the faculty of
      Imagination/Clairvoyancy/Manas, the 6th phase is Venus-Earth, the
      development of the faculty of Inspiration/ Clair-audiency and
      sentiency/Buddhi, and the 7th phase is the Vulcan-Earth, development
      of the faculty of Intuition/ Clair-volitancy/Atma. These large cycles
      of evolution find their reflections in smaller and smaller cycles:
      the Polare-Era which started 68707 BC, to Hyperborea which started
      53687 BC, to Lemuria which started in 38467 BC, to Atlantis which
      started in 22347 BC. Every Era is divided in 7 Cultural Epochs of
      2160 years. The 5th Era is divided in the Indian Cultural Epoch
      started in 7227 BC [the I in the physical body], the 2nd viz. the
      Persian started in 5067 BC [the I in the soul-body], the 3rd, the
      Egyptian-Babylonian-Jewish in 2907 BC [development of the sentient-
      soul], the 4th, the Greek-Roman in 747 BC [development of the
      intellectual-soul], the current 5th, the Germanic-Anglo-Saxon started
      in 1417 AD [development of the consciousness-soul], the 6th, the
      Slavic-Iranian starts in 3577 AD [planting of the Spirit Self ? the
      Aquarius/Brotherhood of Man era] and the 7th, the Californian, starts
      in 5737 AD [planting of the Life Spirit].

      18. Such state can thus be called that of "The White Eagle". Also
      see and compare with www.whiteeaglelodge.org.

      19. E.g. traceable in and all kinds of US-organizations like the CIA
      and the Federal Reserve. Also the symbology of the 33rd degree of
      initiation of the Scottish rite: a double-headed eagle. But also in
      the ceiling of respectively the House of Representatives and the
      Senate which both have an iron oval shape [diameter 2?-3 meters] of
      the Eagle. When the sessions are opened in those Houses a clerk
      enters who carries a huge mace with a silver Eagle on top and places
      it in a hole.

      20. Most members have no clue at all of the goals the higher
      initiates have, but are pure instruments; that's how the pyramidal
      structure works.

      21. The Eastern black brotherhoods also try to let Christ'
      revelation in the Etheric go by unnoticed - through various ways -,
      but they don't put another being in his place, but hold on to
      ancestral worshipping by which demons can incorporate.

      22. In lectures of 1917, Gesammtausgabe 191, 15th lecture, R.
      Steiner points at a secret school which Ahriman will found where the
      most "marvelous" sorcery will be conducted, as a means to pour out
      all kinds of technical skills on Humanity, which normally can only be
      developed by people through intense inward work.

      23. E.g. in the movie "Lord of the Rings" the orcs are fallen elves.

      24. R. Sauder, Underground Bases and Tunnels; What is the Government
      Trying to Hide. In the meantime there are companies lobbying with the
      US-Government to let every child be implanted which such a chip under
      the cloak of being able to prevent kidnapping and child-abuse.

      25. This being is composed of an interplay of forces, which are the
      elemental beings - also being our thoughts and impulses of will -
      that we haven't mastered, have become conscious of or have
      transformed. We e.g. become aware of that in our social interactions
      when others confront us with them, and can get upset (hulky) about
      it. These forces are characterized as sub-terrain, viz. it uses
      electro-magnetism. Clairvoyant observation can perceive it as a tall
      green (also grey) being [app. 3 meters]. The Double isn't bad by the
      way, it is there to stimulate us to incarnate and to develop
      ourselves by its resistance. A lot of movies e.g. integrate aspects
      of it: The Hulk, The Grinch, The Mask, the monster who fights
      Spiderman in the 2002-movie, but also the guys in black suits in The
      Matrix. It is also interesting that the entire materialistic
      scientific concept of man is based on the Etheric Double;
      see `Spirituelle Medizin und der Doppelgänger', by Karl Buchleitner
      in Mitteillungen aus der A.A.D. Stuttgart 1973, nr. 106.

      26. The double's point of impact is in the back of where our neck
      and shoulders meet. Think e.g. about the movie "Triple X": the three
      X's are exactly there.

      27. This is logic as he is an instrument/channel of Ahriman who is
      Mr. Double himself and their master.

      28. NORAD, near Pike's Peak, is known as the crème de la crème of
      military training because the atomic forces stemming from the Earth
      there are known to be the strongest, and that's why it is placed

      29. The New World Order is not a goal in itself, it is a way for
      Ahriman to get to his goals.

      30. The "8th" sphere as the opposition to the "7th" (called :
      Vulcan) to which the ascending evolution of Humanity strives, we are
      now in the 4th, Ahriman wants to drag Humanity down into this
      descending 8th sphere, a planet of his own (compare this to the Fall
      of Babylon in the Revelation of St, John). The moon is the opposing
      force for this 8th sphere. H.P. Blavatsky (in: The Secret Doctrine)
      and P. Sinnett (in Esoteric Buddhism) have obscured this fact in the
      19th century (the first time anything about the 8th sphere was talked
      about in public) by swapping it: they say the 8th sphere is the moon
      itself. See: Rudolf Steiner "The occult movement in the 19th century".

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