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Re: [anthroposophy] The Calendar of the Soul, Week 4

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    eurythmy writes:
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      "eurythmy" <eurythmy@...> writes:
      << Dear Dr Starman,
      I do appreciate your insight on the lighting, that's why I send it early. I
      missed it this week. Can you help me again?

      *******Well, I'm glad to hear it. I was afraid that it might be regarded as mere intellectual playing with something---eurythmy---which should be experienced through movement and the active picturing of the form and colour. Commenting on the eurythmy form of the Soul-Calendar and indications on colour and movement within that is so much less real tham performing it, I know, since I had 7 years of eurythmy, 2 full-time at the Waldorf Institute, and then worked as a Speech person for a number of eurythmists.

      Well, all I can sense is that the predominant mood of yellow has to do with sensation (Empfindung) this week, of Light and the Sun especially. The red lighting below is the will-filled human being. When the lighting goes to red above and red below, this is the "mit Lichtesfluten sich vereint", becoming one with the flowing light. The transformation by the end to green is the picture of "Mensch und Welt in einheit fest verbinden", Man and World in Oneness fast bound together.

      The detailed movements you describe one would have to really work with in eurythmy to understand, and I won't even attempt to here. Until your posting these descriptions of the forms, all I knew was that Beth Dunn-Fox told me that there were forms for all 52: but I only have a sketch of the 4 for the 4 festivals, and a mere sketch of a eurythmy form is a long way from the full thing.

      I wonder if you could answer a question as to whether there are any tone indications for the forms. A long time ago I had a thought of putting the verses to music, but was put off by the eurythmists' insistence that something must either be speech eurythmy or tone and so you cannot do eurythmy to a song with words. As a poet and musician, the idea of finding the musical rhythym within the verses still appeals to me.

      Dr. Starman
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