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soul calendar week 04 choreography

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  • eurythmy
    Choreography: week 04. The stage is like a human being. It has the polarity back and front of stage. More thinking like a head in the back, more actions in the
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      Choreography: week 01

      Choreography: week 04.

      The stage is like a human being. It has the polarity back and front of stage. More thinking like a head in the back, more actions in the front like the limbs, in between a median sphere. Many theatres accentuate this by a racked floor. On the left of the audience is stage right [SR] on the other side stage left [SL].

      The following description can be visualised in front of you like if you were an audience, or around this human form assumed by the stage.


      Remark: The first time the three sounds of I / A / O are sounded by one colour, Here the colour of the Sun. Mostly threefold waves and three times the same form, with its three-fold lighting. During these next three weeks (week 4, 5 and 6), the colour yellow will be a constant.

      The first time we have a colour doing consonants in the prologue and in the epilogue.




      Starting place:

      Yellow, 1, is back stage on the right. Red is back stage left, a touch more forward than yellow. Green is centre stage, slightly on yellow side. They will all finish at their own starting place.


      Basic movements:

      They all wave across the stage four times, back and forth - twice. Yellow has the wider span, Red slightly less. Green, which started only slightly off centre towards yellow, has a short span indeed. It curves it very much to towards the front of the stage. Green goes even more up and down than across. Consequently, Red will also go downwards at each turn.


      Detail movement: first lighting: Yelow above, foot lights red and white:

      Yellow, 1, waves back and forth: small up to the left, then main wave down, followed by as small one up which ends down and turned towards the middle centre stage - near the starting place of red.. From there its goes back up - just outside the previous curve _ and makes again a threefold wave to the right, above the previous on and with less of a downwards dip in the middle part.

      Red starts where Yellow will do its change of direction.. Red goes straight up towards the small curve Yellow made before its change of direction. Red turns right and immediately comes down to make a large wave,, in shape of a chalice under the yellow form. Reaching stage right Red comes down and this  Chalice form now has an indentation, waving upwards in the middle of Green’s form.

      Green does a large U form going down the up (to the left), followed by a smaller one, to the right, inside the first one.


      Detail movement: second lighting: RED above, foot lights red:

      Yellow just turned upwards to the left stats a new threefold waves which first will take it all the way to the left then down around it previous form. The Yellow waves back up to the right, near its previous large wave down, and will reach its starting place during the next lighting.

       Red goes down via the outside; as it goes back to the right Red waves again in the centre of Green’s form. Red turns  to the left toeeards its starting form. Red does it going downwards, fully enclosing Green’s form.

      Green does a third U vertical form starting by curving on the right of its previous form; reaching the left branch of the U that will be between the previous two left branches. Red and green are quite close then and follow similar paths.


      Detail movement: third lighting: GREEN above, foot lights green:

      All three complete their previous form and go clockwise to their staring place.

      Yellow finishes its waves and Green will follow it in part as it too reaches its starting place. Red catches up Green from the outside and goes to its starting place. Green too goes to its staring place in a curve to the left.


      Text: as the prologue: They all do the singing like movement of the text. 1 and 2 the vowels, 3 the consonants.


      Remark: first lighting: Yelow above, foot lights red and white:

      Red and yellow are at unison doing vowels and Red doing a chalice like form, sensing and perceiving under the flooding lights of the sun illumined world of yellow. Green does consonants as a base musical form, small and erect. Visually, it is also the base of this chalice. Red does go within the upper boundaries of this grounding form.

      Remark: second lighting: RED above, foot lights red:

      Yellow goes as far down as it can get towards green. Red weaves through the middle part of Green and encircles its lower part, with an all Red lighting.
      Sie will dem Denken
      Zur Klarheit Wärme schenken
      Und Mensch und Welt

      Remark: third lighting: GREEN above, foot lights green

      would firmly join as one.
      They all go clockwise, and join their starting place.


      Epilogue: as the prologue.

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