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soul calendar week 03 choreography

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  • eurythmy
    Choreography: week 03. The stage is like a human being. It has the polarity back and front of stage. More thinking like a head in the back, more actions in the
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2001
      Choreography: week 01

      Choreography: week 03.

      The stage is like a human being. It has the polarity back and front of stage. More thinking like a head in the back, more actions in the front like the limbs, in between a median sphere. Many theatres accentuate this by a racked floor. On the left of the audience is stage right [SR] on the other side stage left [SL].


      Remark: You may have noticed that the colours are the same than for week one, only for a lighter Blue. The Red and Blue are common to the first three weeks.
      The foot lights bring together the green of the second week and the gold of the first


      Prologue: It has two forms.

      First prologue form: Starting place:

      The four colours 1: Red, 2: Blue, 3: green and 4 Lilac are on a diamond ( a square standing up on one of its corner), This diamond, see week 2, is orientated slightly towards the right of the back stage, that is its horizontal diagonal is on a similar tilt than the Green Lilac circle appearing in week 1.
      1 Red is centre stage front, 2 Blue is stage right, slightly forwards, 3 Green is back stage slightly right and 4 Lilac is centre stage right.


      First prologue form: (lights: BLUE GREEN, gold green)

      Basic movements:

      Red spirals out to the Blue staring place. Blue spirals inwards and reaches the starting place of Red. 3 Green and 4 Lilac stand. All do the prologue vowels -

      Detail movement:

      Red spiral goes anticlockwise up to the left and down; and up in a small circle kind of way. It then widens as it goes up. There it reaches the height of Lilac, and is centre stage. Red starts to go down again and as it passes below Green it meander back up towards Lilac, only to change direction again and meander towards and below Green. This last change of direction is the start of the last and large part of the spiral of Red.  Meandering is not a moral attribute here; it is a geographic term of river flow. One could describe the last part as having a large horizontal swing, centre back stage. A feeling (of continuity?)-of strengthening.

      Blue spiral goes clockwise, three times up and down. The first time, the Blue spiral goes upwards and behind Green, up to centre back stage, then it goes straighter downwards and passes inside Lilac and out side (left) of the starting point of Red. It pursues its course to the front in order to finish the spiral in a form more like a circle. Therefore for the second part, it climbs up on the right side of the form of Red and down again still to the left of the starting place of red, but following now (in a reverse movement) the start of the spiral of Red going again in a more circle like manner, this spiral part is again quite a step smaller than the previous one , but this time its centre is  to the left of the previous one, so that the downward end is right next to the left of the Red starting place.


      Second prologue form: (lights: RED GOLD, gold green))

      Basic movements:

      .. Green and Lilac now move. Red does a oblong circle, clockwise. This circle has outwards indentation as it goes around the starting place of Green and the Lilac with small circle like form. Blue also goes clockwise in a smaller and slower circle. As it reaches Green, then Lilac, starting places, it makes small meanders, again circle like  The forms of Green and Lilac are small . Lilac does a cross - anticlockwise. Green does a similar form - clockwise.

      Detail movement:

      Lilac and Green go towards the centre of their small form.  Reaching the first branch of their form, they are now going towards each other, but Green goes a long way to meet Lilac form, then all the way back to its centre. Green goes on for the next branch , downwards but inclined towards the centre front of stage. Lilac also do the same and then goes back to do the fourth branch of its anticlockwise cross; then once more back to the centre of its form before reaching back its starting place. As for Green having reached the forefront of its place , it goes back to the centre of its form and straight on to its starting place. Green’s form has a long arm towards Lilac, and no arm away from lilac’s form centre.

      Red goes around the starting place of Green, and catches up with it as it does its long arm. It does a little wave to surround the meeting place of Green and Lilac forms, and goes around Lilac starting place. By now, Red circles downward the stage left. I start the last part of its circle front stage and waves inwards towards the starting (and finishing) place of Blue

      Blue follows Red starting its circle by an inward wave - which correspond to the Red inwards wave, but Red will be at the end of its form when it does it. Blue then meanders inwards at the starting place of Green, and is contra flow to Gren as Green goes back along its long arm. After meandering inwards around the form of Lilac it has nearly completed its form and reaches its starting place with the small portion of its elongated form.


      Text: as the prologue: form one the form two; then again form one and again form two but with Red and Blue exchanging forms: They all do the singing like movement of the text.

      First movement: form and lighting as prologue’s first form.

      Second movement: form as prologue second form, lighting as prologue second form.

      Third movement:. form as prologue first form, lighting as prologue second form.

      Fourth movement: form and lighting as prologue’s second form


      Remark: Red and Blue exchange form means that when Red was inside Blue it is now outside Blue. And for the other form: the one outside is now inside.


      Epilogue: as the prologue. 

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