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Re: [anthroposophy] Soul Calendar dimly bind

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  • starmann77@aol.com
    wfische@boisestate.edu writes:
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 20, 2001
      wfische@... writes:
      << Thanks for the great list of various translations of this line in verse 1
      of the Calendar. It's always been one of the stumbling blocks for me and now
      I have more material to work with.

      >>> eurythmy@... 04/17/01 05:02PM >>>
      Re: [anthroposophy] Soul Calendar
      > Dear Dr. Starmann,
      > Why do the thoughts soaring out into the heavens dimly bind the inner
      essence of the human being to the spirit's life rather than brightly bind
      > Does this refer to a tenious and fragile awareness of the link between
      self and the divine within the spiritual landscape?

      Dear Wayne,
      The bind dimlyof line 7 is to be seen next to the previous becomes one
      of line 4. It also is part of the mirroring of line 2.
      The first verb comes at the end of the firt part, the second on the
      penultimate line. So it has less vibrancy. Dem Licht sich eint im Schauen
      Und Binden dumpf and Die Sonne spricht zum Menschensinn
      Some different translations of the lines 4 ,7and 2.
      1. joins with the light in seeing / and dimly bind / The sun to man's
      beholding speaks,
      2. unites with the light in seeing /and dimly bind / The sun speaks to human
      3. unites in seeing with the light / and dimly bind's man's being / The Sun
      speaks to the human sense
      4. unites with light in Man's beholding / And dimly binds / The Sun speaks
      to the human sense
      5. unites with light in seeing / the spirit breathes / in cosmic-human
      interchanges / is speaking to the human being
      6. unites itself, through seeing with the light / and dimly link / When the
      Sun to human senses speaks
      7. In vision joins with light / and dimly join / The Sun communes with sense
      of Man
      8. Is wed with light in looking / and dimly blend /The Sunshine speaks to
      Sense of Man.
      9. Becomes, in seeing, one with light / And dimly bind / The sun speaks to
      the human mind,
      10. joy links itself with Light perceived, / and dimly bind / The Sun doth
      speaks to the human sense,
      11. Unites herself to the light in perception, / and dimly link / The Sun
      speaks to the human sense
      12. Unites with light in his beholding / and dimly bind / The Sun speaks to
      the sense of Man,
      13. Links to the light, beholding / And dimly bind / When to Man's wakened
      Sense-life/ The Sun from wide World-spaces speaks
      14. Grows one with light in gazing / and mutely bind / The sun speaks to the
      sense of man'
      15. Unites with light in gazing / And dimly bind / The Sun speaks to the
      sense of man.
      16. Unites with the soul in vision / And dimly unite the human being / The
      sun speaks to man's senses
      17. (.) with light grows one / in act of contemplation / (.), and groping
      bind / The sun calls to the mind and sense of man
      18. [Difficult to cut that one!] From heaven above comes sunlight streaming;
      / Shining, glistening and gleaming. My silver crescent cup is filled, / (Be
      careful that it is not spilled), / Such joy weaves round me everywhere / In
      water and earth and in light filled air. / A wave of joy in me as well /
      Springs from my heart, a surging swell./ By joy I'm taught my God to know. /
      I am his child - He tells me so.
      19. And Joy out of the soul's depths / And binds dimly / The Sun speaks to
      Man's Senses
      Considering the change of sounds in the German Und binden dumpf I quite like
      dimly blend, dimly unite I salute the breathing interchanges (5) All the
      repetitive trumpeting vowel like in dimly link are not to my taste this time
      round. However considering the meaning or the poetical element: the mutely
      bind of 14 and the groping bind of 17 are quite a revelation .

      >>>>> starmann77@... 04/16/01 05:17PM >>>
      ><< How to breathe in each verse of Calendar of the Soul ?
      > The Stage lights gives one way.
      > *******The red above is the Sun. The whitening below is the Sun taken in
      to we human beings.
      > A translation:
      > When out of the World-Widenesses
      > The Sun speaks to Man's Senses
      > And Joy out of the soul's depths
      > The Light becomes one with in Vision,
      > Then is drawn out of Self-hood's sheath
      > Thinking into Space-distances
      > And binds dimly
      > Man's Essence and the Spirit's Being.

      *******But playing with the words is not meditating with them. I haven't
      heard anyone say they've even succeeded in being able to recite the verse
      from memory yet when they close their eyes to meditate, much less talk about
      feelings evoked by the lines when you enter into its inner experience. Did
      anyone even memorize the 8 lines in either German or English? Does anyone who
      did so want to share their experiences?
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