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Re: [anthroposophy] Calendar of the Soul;in movement

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      << The verse in movement:

      Prologue and epilogue week 01 Or how to breathe before and after the verse:

      There are four eurythmists on the stage, four aspects of the mantra.

      They are dressed in white, they move as a white colour does.

      Surrounding them is a colour; they move their feelings according to that

      1 Lila [mauve],

      2 green,

      3 dark blue and

      4 red.

      They move in the mood of different sounds of the alphabet, in a sequence:

      1 I/U/O/E, *

      2 U/I/E/O *

      3 O/U/I/E *and

      4 E/O/U/I *.

      The epilogue choreography is done in the same way as the prologue.

      *The vowel sounds are as in the original German so in English A is [ah] Eis
      [eh] I is [ee], O is [oh] and U is [oo].

      The Verse: The choreography is done in two parts, on the same pattern as the
      stage lights:

      Wenn aus den Weltenweiten

      Die Sonne spricht zum Menschensinn

      Und Freude aus den Seelenteifen,

      Dem Licht sich eint im Schauen,

      Dann ziehen aus der Selbstheit Hülle

      Gedanken in die Raumesfernen

      Und binden dumpf

      Des Menschen Wesen und des Geistes Sein >>

      *******Thank you so much for the eurythmy indications. There is a lot I could
      say, but intellectualizing what should be experienced through eurythmy is not
      a good idea. After having seven years of eurythmy, I am hoping that we can
      bring some to Virginia Beach. I find it hard to hear myself saying this, as
      such a book-lover, but I realized when I was getting my training as a Waldorf
      school teacher that the most important thing of all Steiner gave to the world
      was eurythmy (and sprechgestaltung).
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