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Soul Calendar week 01 choreography text lines1-4

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  • eurythmy
    Dear Wayne, The dimly bind process is precisely described in the choreography. Here is the unite choreography of the first lines, I will send the rest later.
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      Dear Wayne,
      The dimly bind process is precisely described in the choreography. Here is
      the unite choreography of the first lines, I will send the rest later.
      > From: Wayne FISCHER > Subject: Re: [anthroposophy] Soul Calendar
      > > Why do the thoughts soaring out into the heavens "dimly bind" the inner
      > essence of the human being to the spirit's life rather than "brightly
      > >
      > > Does this refer to a tenious and fragile awareness of the link between
      > self and the divine within the spiritual landscape?
      First form;

      Basic movement:
      Red and Blue meander towards each other, cross over the middle and go around
      a large circle. Lilac describes a small circle (anticlockwise from the
      stage point of view) Then part of a larger one , accompanying Red. Green
      does ¾ of a small circle (clockwise) in order to mark the inner part of the
      circle that red is going to do as it crosses over in the back Green goes
      around the (SR side) of the Lilac Circle. They all end in stage front.

      Detail Movement:
      Red's circle is outside the Blue one. This circle is elongated with the
      larger diameter slanting for SR to SL. Red and Blue make two waves inward in
      the back of their circles these are small and towards where the Lilac circle
      was. Lilac starts in the centre of its circle, and goes forward in a small
      wave shape does it circle (1½) goes in a meander towards the back of stage
      left (SL) There it is joined by Blue and they both cross over marking the
      two indentation towards the circle previously traced by Lilac. The order of
      colour in these indentations is Red, Blue, Lilac and Green inside. The time
      order is Green, Red then Lilac and Blue As for Green It does a step or two
      towards Lilac before doing the forward part of its small circle and the
      innermost part of the Red circle; after its indentation it loops around the
      place where Lilac went to meet Blue (back of SL) and after circumscribing
      Lilac circle it crosses over and ends a little more forwards than it
      started. Lilac finishes where Green started.

      At first every thing happens in the front and towards the front of middle
      stage: the human mind, the depth of soul. Only Green goes away in contra
      flow to prepare the wider circle. With the joy every one goes to the back
      of the stage and the large circle becomes more and more present while in
      finishing their path Green and Lilac do the two sides of an oblong circle -
      enclosing the starting curves of Green and the circle of Lilac. Are those
      the two circles of the joy and the light? If so Green anticipates this
      process from the first line, Lilac could be at first like the sun speaking
      to the human mind of Red and Blue meandering listening. [Meandering is here
      a spatial movement, which indicates a soft reaction, not a moral attitude]
    • Wayne FISCHER
      Thanks for all the choreography. Wayne
      Message 2 of 2 , Apr 18 8:11 AM
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        Thanks for all the choreography.

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