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Re: Oz in China

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  • Stephen Hale
    Baum was much more ambivalent about american imperialist aims than Mark Twain, who had the tenacity to thumb the handshake of T-Rex himself. Maybe that s the
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      Baum was much more ambivalent about american imperialist aims than
      Mark Twain, who had the tenacity to thumb the handshake of T-Rex
      himself. Maybe that's the difference between writing about "man's
      inhumanity to man" in very realistic stories, and writing the same
      in fable-form. Baum was more subtle, and yet impactful in his own

      In the era of Hollywood, just prior to WWII, it would still become
      meaningful for us; the story would be one in which thinking,
      feeling, and willing would become the great trinitarian amalgam of
      home and hearth and mother and father. The great expression of the
      Law of Three in One, and inherently recognizable to all.


      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "holderlin66"
      <holderlin66@...> wrote:
      > Bradford comments;
      > The Wizard of Oz has been reduced down to the Threefold Human
      > morphed from three farm hands in Kansas, a Near Death Experience of
      > Dorthy and a destructive natural event, a Tornado that lifts
      > into an altered state of consciousness. Whether Opium induced or
      > Scrarecrow, Lion and Tin Man have given readers an imagination of a
      > Threefold splintering of three different aspects of the soul plus
      > and her dog. Plus East - West - North -South, and it has also
      given us
      > the imagination of THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN, the media illusions
      > power behind Imerialism.
      > A super imagination that doesn't, like C.S. Lewis present the Lion
      > the Christ Being... Rather the feeble and frail i am in the midst
      > powerful elemental and soul forces that reveal no Christ Being,
      but a
      > nice witch, a good witch and bad elementals, bad hordes of
      > elementals and hosts of Luciferic tangent hallucinations, but
      > maintaining through out the threefold system of Thinking, Feeling
      > Willing.... where the feeble i am is tossed internally into itself
      > its elemental components its four temperaments and four directions
      > space and an orientation to discover the home of the i am.... It
      > acted as well as a powerful invigorating imagination that
      certainly gave
      > Judy Garland an endless career where her own little Dorthy
      > ends in alcholism.
      > "Judy was a part of the Hollywood Machine that made stars just as
      > as it discarded them. Judy was pushed to the limits and by the time
      > "Wizard of Oz" was filmed she was already dependent on drugs to
      > the arduous schedule that was required of her. She continued to
      > movies, including "Strike Up the Band", "Easter Parade", and
      and "For Me
      > and My Gal", all the while struggling with her pill-dependency and
      > growing alcoholism.
      > "Judy's personal life was tumultuous, to say the least. While
      > to maintain the life of a star, she was also struggling to be a
      wife. By
      > 1945, at the age of 23, she was on her second marriage to film
      > Vincente Minnelli, which gave Judy her first child, daughter Liza
      > Minnelli." Liza Minnelli also fell like a stone as the external
      > pressures overwhelmed the lack of inner content, no foundation
      stone, no
      > thinking or cognitive fight back, no i am locator, no break
      through into
      > the higher I AM... but left with Personality cults and Personality
      > worship adorned with Luciferic Mystery center inspirations out of
      > Vegas. No inner seriousness or educational content and concrete
      > and Sciences as support for the floundering i am. No geography,
      > or penetration of ideas and very few incursions into the Soul
      > structure by concerned Michael students... When already, by the
      > sixties, the hidden Ahrimanic Foundation Stone had been laid as
      > into the hearts of humanity.
      > On one side, the Luciferic Mystery Center of Las Vegas. A truly
      > American mystery center to whip up frenzy and dreams of gamblers
      > nirvana... money, and wild hallucinations of great culture epochs
      > Egypt and Greece, India and Paris....the Nile or Venice all
      brought for
      > the hallucinatory hunger for what the Michael School was required
      > draw lines from. What humanity was offered in their subjective
      > Luciferic hallucinations and cravings for false cultural buzz,
      > power and immortality... But the Michael/Christ path on the narrow
      > of the Way, the Truth and the Light, highlighted the path of
      > epochs where the Christ and I AM brought to Earth, the great
      answer to a
      > riddle. The riddle remains in drug induced, drunken Roman
      > supposedly fit for Kings and Queens of materialism as their rewards
      > program.
      > Lucifer in the West and Ahriman on Wall Street and the Ahrimanic
      > foundation stone out of Trinity New Mexico once more places a
      > world, a Trinity of mysteries. A trinity of mysteries that
      humanity has
      > avoided like the plague lest they become aware that the Christ
      Event is
      > an objective fact like Gravity and fulcrum of the entire launch
      point of
      > I AM research into the clear cut mission of the Earth. Dorothy
      > the cognitive i am is placed in a whirling elemental storm dream
      > the pieces fall into place but the riddles remain to be inwardly
      > Stephen Hale wrote:
      > Here's a good story involving american imperialism.
      > http://www.sexualfables.com/OzisChina.php#JourneytotheWest
      > <http://www.sexualfables.com/OzisChina.php#JourneytotheWest>
      > It describes how L. Frank Baum's beloved classic, "The Wonderful
      > of Oz", is actually an allegory of the Boxer Rebellion of 1898; in
      > every detail, in fact. Read this for an excellent analysis of Baum
      > an imperialist; also a theosophist since 1892.
      > Steve
      > As The Tao would say:
      > A way that can be walked
      > is not The Way
      > A name that can be named
      > is not The Name
      > Bradford comments;
      > Very enlightening article. The Way, The Truth and the Light.
      > Center, whether, and the cool thing is, that we always have this
      map of
      > West going East, but East going West looked at from a whole
      > cultural perspective is vastly curious. The Emerald City. One
      > about the reversed astral perspective of seeing in reverse. It
      would be
      > interesting to me if Steve or someone might elaborate on the
      > Great Wall, that apparently cannot be seen from the Moon. It was
      > claimed by the Chinese that you could see the Great Wall from the
      > Ah, but See in what fasion of seeing? Apparently it almost can be
      > but of course according to Steve and perhaps Stanley Kubrick,
      nobody has
      > felt comfortable about going to the Moon.... along with the fables
      > major PR and conspiracy theories, we have the Kennedy
      assassination and
      > we have the made for T.V. version of astronauts playing golf on
      the moon
      > and walking about. Some think this was a Stanely Kubrick NASA,
      > studio production. Lord knows very few attempts to hang out on
      the Moon
      > have since been mounted as expeditons.
      > This is hardly space or distance
      > This maybe more distance
      > When Yang Liwei, the first taikonaut, orbited 14 times around
      Earth in
      > October 2003, he didn't see the Great Wall of China from his
      Shenzhou V
      > capsule. He was disappointed, and so were his countrymen. China
      said for
      > decades that the Great Wall was the only manmade object visible
      > space. So, the Chinese government was tempted to modify the
      > to remove this reference. But now, Proba
      > <http://radio.weblogs.com/0105910/2004/05/05.html> , the polyvalent
      > satellite launched in 2001 by the European Space Agency (ESA), was
      > to capture images of the Great Wall from space
      > <http://www.esa.int/SPECIALS/Proba_web_site/SEMTTHGHZTD_0.html>
      > at an altitude of 600 km. As a practical consequence, millions of
      > will not have to be printed again, saving probably a large forest.
      > China has cherished for decades the idea that the Wall was just
      > the only manmade object visible to astronauts from space, and the
      > disappointed many. A suggestion was made that the Wall be lit up at
      > night so it can definitely be seen in future, while others called
      > school textbooks to be revised to take account of Liwei's finding.
      > However such revisions may be unnecessary, according to American
      > astronaut Eugene Cernan, speaking during a visit to Singapore: "In
      > Earth's orbit at a height of 160 to 320 kilometres, the Great Wall
      > China is indeed visible to the naked eye." What is for sure is
      that what
      > the human eye may not be able to see, satellites certainly can.
      > High Resolution Camera (HRC) acquired this image of the Wall from
      600 km
      > away in space. The HRC is a black and white camera that
      incorporates a
      > miniature Cassegrain telescope, giving it far superior spatial
      > resolution to the human eye.
      > Here is an image acquired by Proba's High Resolution Camera on
      March 25,
      > 2004. It shows a short stretch of the 7240-km-long Great Wall of
      > snaking along hilltops northeast of Beijing, running from the top
      > of the image down to bottom right.
      > [Great Wall of China seen from space] The white watercourse that
      > meanders from the middle of the left side down to the bottom of the
      > image is the initial part of the 1500-km-long Da Yunhe or Grand
      Canal, a
      > linked series of natural and man-made waterways that represents an
      > engineering achievement on a par with the Great Wall (Credit for
      > and legend: ESA).
      > Update: The ESA said on May 19, 2004, that Proba didn't see the
      > Wall of China. In "Correction: 'Great Wall of China' image
      > <http://www.esa.int/export/esaCP/SEMNA5HHZTD_index_0.html> ," the
      > gives the following explanation.
      > The story published 11 May 2004 'Great Wall of China seen from
      > featured image interpretation errors. The feature that was claimed
      to be
      > the Great Wall is actually a river running into the Miyun
      > northeast of Beijing. Further acquisitions of the region are being
      > planned with other ESA instruments to investigate the subject
      > Source: European Space Agency news release, May 11, 2004
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