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  • holderlin66
    Unexplained ground heat burns boy s feet Bill Folsom Colorado Springs Published 1 day(s) ago There was no fire, but the ground was hot enough in a Colorado
    Message 1 of 35 , Jun 4, 2008
      Unexplained ground heat burns boy's feet

      Bill Folsom

      Colorado Springs Published 1 day(s) ago

      There was no fire, but the ground was hot enough in a Colorado Springs park to burn through an eight year old boy's shoes and cause at least second degree burns on his feet. The boy went the hospital. His Crocs style shoes that were left behind have big holes with burned edges.

      Burned Crocs  

      Firefighters want to know what's causing the ground to get so hot near Golden Hills Park in the Rockrimmon neighborhood.  Battalion Chief, Kent Matthews says, "In my twenty-four years I haven't witnessed this kind of occurrence. So it's unique."

      After the boy was treated and sent to the hospital firefighters took surface readings that showed hard to believe temperatures. According to Chief Matthews, "The highest temperature we got at the surface of the soil with the sun shining on it was 800 degrees, which is pretty darn significant. Radiant heat from the sun will get it up around 150, 160 degrees, but not to that level."

      Firefighters have taped off the area and are monitoring it until they can figure out what's causing the ground to get so hot.  Tests by hazmat team members show there are no dangerous gases.  Crews have cut a fire-line around the area to prevent the heat from potentially starting a wildfire. 

      Early assessments show the problem area is coal dust.  Neighbors say the area has appeared blackened as long as they can remember.  What has to be determined is if it was dumped here years ago or if there's something happening underground.  Crews from the state geological are on the way to figure out an explanation.

      Not knowing whether this was a surface issue, or something coming up from one of the many hidden old mines in the area, experts with the Colorado State Geological Survey were asked to help look into the problem.

      What they found has a relatively simple solution according to Kurt Schroeder with Colorado Springs Parks, "What the state representatives indicated to us is that the coal spoil that's been on top of the ground for years and years reacts with the sun, heat of the sun and it spontaneously combusts." 



      "You can see from this that something is already happening a long time in advance before the final event takes place. What is happening is the streaming in of a bit of cosmic heat. But you can still put a question. You can say, this cosmic heat only heats the ground, and where the earth contains substances that are easily inflammable, there could of course be ignition ... but why should it all flare up instantly? Here I'll tell you something else. When one goes to Italy, to the places between Rome and Naples, particularly to the neighborhood of Naples, and to the islands and peninsulas on the coast, the guides always delight in showing one the following experiment. They take a piece of paper and light it and hold it so — in a moment smoke begins to come out of the earth! The earth smokes — why? Because the air becomes warm from the burning paper and so becomes lighter and expands. The warmth caused by the sun's heat streams out of the earth as smoke. This is very interesting to see. One lights a piece of paper and instantly the earth smokes at that spot.

      Now think of that enlarged to giant proportions: the sun heating not only the ground below, but also the air above — and you have Vesuvius. And when the latter has once established itself — well, then the beginning has been made, and the process continues in places that are especially favorable to it. It is interesting to realize that those very things that take place on earth irregularly are caused by the whole of cosmic space."

      Bradford concludes;

      Hot feet, and patches of Earth that suddenly ignite, rather interesting.  Looking over the recent display of immaturity in this little cognitive community, as a standard of so many attempts at sharing cognition, a wide range of different experiences and perspectives all met around the Anthro campfire in hopes to share our marshmellows and our 3 lbs. little wiennies.  And to those who know nothing of tradition, wiennies and marshmellows are shared round the campfires in former American heritage.  Well in this case it has been our attempts to share cognitive ideas amongst each other.

      To say that this one was rattled and has always been rattled by the need to shift the focus back to some initiation that marked the soul when he was seven to nine and heard a voice that he couldn't explain, apparently forgot to explain to him that his sympathies and antipathies and his unchecked subjective craving for recognition...  the hurt feelings that this master of knowledge had, the amazingly hurt feelings that the Vorstand did not even return or respond to his letters demanding a new school of Initiation be continue as Steiner had intended... Well the arrogant, egotistic and profoundly disturbing personality constantly ends up embroiled in his very obvious double, even while sharing some of the most incisive insights.  Apparently his involvement with his military mind set.... and Tom who worked in military Intel before coming to the Michael School and Frank who tends to water down and defer comments, but maintain the study... is an exiled American who worked also with military Intel.

      Tom and Steve have had brilliant insights which I have often highlighted.  But we find them and myself in our Saturn return period with huge, huge unresolved and haunting issues that, like the kids burnt shoes, flare up and flame up and Steve has the gall to imagine that the Stigmata someone carries, worthy of respect, is all the same initiation spotlights that should and can easily be focused on him.  It gets hot walking over hot coals when egotism burns.

      I asked Val for help to translate and decode her impressions and she did her usual, 'sorry too hot to touch' comic back peddling.  Jean-Marc has so far always been sane and rational, while the Alice Bailey "carynlouise" always brought a rich store of information.  However I had missed something, I missed something in the dialogues, somewhere Carynlouise was involved with a tragedy in her family or near her and I didn't get all that was arising there, I failed, I failed to get what exactly the tragedy was that she or he was bravely enduring.  But as I apparently failed to follow that trail, Carol and Carylouise suddenly exploded with the same fire damp, the same flaming up from the hot coals of the ground and their feet and shoes were also scorced from distorted cognitive disagreements that should never even arise from free individuals.

      Oh and STeve in his arrogant egotism and immense flagrant untransformed, unobserved lower nature decided to attack Carol's cognitive sympathies and antipathies by accusing her and I of being paramours, illicit lovers, esp. of a married person.  Good ole, feet of clay, non-initiate and not even ready for heading up a school of initiation, when all Steve can do and show for his great higher development are the same cheap shots that tore apart Anthroposophy in the first place.  Jealousy and silliness that raged out of the lower nature of each other and eventually tore apart the impulse of Anthroposophy so that it barely held itself together.  And Steve has constantly, without a break, presented himself as a way to improve and draw attention to the great strides and new forces of initiation science schooling, that he has to offer. Steve has plenty to offer except anyone or anybody who actually understands the lower egotism that rages in him.... as not even close to being ready for prime time higher schooling.  Yet, for all that, aside from his inflated arrogance, his insights have always been interesting.  I even found it revealing and interesting that he would shot for the term paramour.  I found it interesting that he opened up off line communications with multiple personality stalker.  I found it interesting that he pretends he is a therapist.  I won't go into all the things that I admire about Steve's sharp insights  OR that are revealed through Steve's constant retreat into the debasing abuse of cognition.  I have seen this all in Dottie before.  

      Objective research into Dr. Steiner's tremendous work always goes on.  Lists rise and fall and people spin out of control and crash themselves against the rocks of Scylla & Charybdis, although we claim that we are initiates and Christ is in us.  Well Christ is in everything, the double is in everything and however stimulating and interesting and pitched research might get on any list, we find ourselve losing objective interest in Dr. Steiner and shifting the emphasis on our little personalities.  These are all stages in initiation and catharsis and no one is immune to them.  I am not immune to them, I may find the attempt to undermine Carol with the term paramour laughable and interesting, but I find it more interesting to see how given the potential controls of steering cognition and evaluating Dr. Steiner and covering and researching HOT TOPICS... discovering HOT TOPICS, really seems to stir the doubles of everyone.

      Well, you can crack up as many times as you want on the rocks and egotistic dragon of  Scylla & Charybdis, and the Christ will always be there.  The only requirement that I see, is that we remain self aware of our own doubles and our failures.  Now lets all start this again and get ourselves back on track and supply for our Angels our deep sharing of all that will change us first and all that interests us in the hopes of human higher development and The Michael Impulse.

    • holderlin66
      http://americanjourney.blogspot.com/2008/05/why-you-should-question-offi cial.html
      Message 35 of 35 , Jun 13, 2008


        Now here is a real cutie.   A sweet looking Man,  well dressed,  teacher of Buddhism, someone who can really appear like a kind of honest broker in INTEL and kindly unfold the scenario that spearheaded the PNAC, the Project for a New Ahrimanic Century that generated the 1998 well documented Rudolf Steiner observation.   Note Observation, real factual observation that by 1998 we should get a huge surge of Sorathian forces... and those Sorathian forces would head directly to their point of origin and early birth,  Iran and Iraq.   Rudolf Steiner targeted along with St. John the Science of the Christ Event and pattern of insights that reflect rhythm patterns in history that are REAL.  

        So at the Dawn of the 21st century, and at the dawn of two stolen elections, and at the dawn creating international torture training centers and supplying victims where torture can be studied and invasion into the spiritual forces of the human being, by near death drowning or Water boarding, rape, electronic, and drug induced torture, whole schools of Sorathian forces were given a firm footing and America Slept.  America was chosen because it was such a far bigger beast for Ahriman to infest.  It was such a big global beast and hardly anyone would suspect that Freedom Loving America was the place for the planting of the Ahrimanic Foundation Stone.

        So in the above video, which should be watched, a handsome Buddhist professor, calmly and with a very non-nerdy face, rather his face and style is pleasant..... he appears to be trusworthy.  Well he appears a lot  better than fat nerdy professors who have tried to show the technical problems of 9/11.....  but here is a rock star salesman who women and men can admire.  Well dressed calm and riding on the mystery of the dawning events of the  Sorathian Age.   We might like to know that 1998 and the Surge of Sorathian forces, brought about the PNAC and Leo Strauss Platonism coming out of Weimar..... the Matrix Series brought to birth in 1998 and the Project for a New Ahrimanic Century that has used America and her corrupted reputation and corrupted materialistic and suffocated human instruments to fully shame and distort the American Image.... so that the American Image is now the worst War Criminal and Terrorist in  the entire world.  The Most corrupt Congress and the most Corrupt Military Industrial Complex and centers around the activity of Dick Cheney, the Caiaphas of the modern West.  

        And Anthros who studied Emil Bock's work and are true Anthro students realize that Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh.... whole hosts of humans sucked into full Ahrimanic schooling and betrayal of humanity was also part of the entire Character attacks and physical attacks that opposed Christ....  Israel stands directly in the shadow of all these events.  In fact Israel is the consolidated shadow of most of these events that oppose the Christ Event directly with a solid will and intellectual stream that has come directly from the very source of the Physical Event on Earth of Christ.    That has accelerated so that by 1933, the Etheric Crucifixion of the Christ and the struggles still going on in the intimacy of each humans Angel darkening.... Each human being must each individually struggle to find and awaken their Angels and in  this intimacy is where we find immense biographical insights.

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