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Re: Was 1933 in some way significant?

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  • holderlin66
    From 1932–33, Stalin and henchmen, Lazar Kaganovitch and Vyacheslav Molotov, conducted a merciless campaign to crush resistance by Ukrainian farmers to
    Message 1 of 88 , Jun 3, 2008

      "From 1932–33, Stalin and henchmen, Lazar Kaganovitch and Vyacheslav Molotov, conducted a merciless campaign to crush resistance by Ukrainian farmers to communism and collectivization. They isolated Ukraine, then cut off all food supplies and seeds. Six to nine million Ukrainians died from the ensuing man-made famine and mass shootings of "anti-State elements" by secret police execution squads. Cannibalism became common.

      Large numbers of Ukrainians were also murdered during the Great Terror of 1936-38 in which an estimated 2 million Soviet citizens were shot and the same number died in Stalin's concentration camps.

      In the late 1940's and early 1950's, the Soviet penal system reached its zenith: 5.4 million people were prisoners in the gulag. Some 300,000 more Ukrainians were sent to concentration camps under the supervision of Commissar Nikita Khrushchev, and 21,259 were killed in Soviet "pacification" campaigns and against independence fighters. Other Ukrainian nationalist leaders were assassinated in Western Europe by special Soviet hit teams.

      During the same period, Moscow unleashed terror on the tiny Baltic states. From March to May, 1949, 95,000 Lithuanians, 27,000 of them children, were sent to concentration camps. In total, 120,000 Lithuanians, 50,000 Latvians and 30,000 Estonians went to the gulag where the death rate was 51% per annum. "


      "During the same period, Moscow unleashed terror on the tiny Baltic states. From March to May, 1949, 95,000 Lithuanians, 27,000 of them children, were sent to concentration camps. In total, 120,000 Lithuanians, 50,000 Latvians and 30,000 Estonians went to the gulag where the death rate was 51% per annum.

      While the Western world rightly commemorates genocide inflicted on Armenians, Europe's Jews, Cambodians, Rwandans, and Bosnians, it shamefully shut its eyes to the Ukrainian Holdomor because it was conducted by a key wartime ally whom President Franklin Roosevelt hailed as "Uncle Joe."

      Nor has the West ever acknowledged genocide against other peoples of the Soviet Union. In the Caucasus, Stalin sent most of the Chechen and Ingush peoples to the gulag, where 500,000 died. Yet when the children of the survivors fought for independence from Russia, the West branded them "Islamic terrorists."

      Up to three million Muslims of the Soviet Union died at Stalin's hands, including 1.5 million Kazakhs and Crimean Tatars. Yet no holocaust memorials exist for them."

      Bradford concludes;

      Always with the depressing news, bradford, bradford, bradford.  Good news would be a cognitive community and cognitive personalities that found each others Michael insights, supportive, interesting and awakening. The parade of shadows continues.  The double, and our shadow cannot stand there and prove by our own testimony and our own biographies that we are initiates on the initiate path. Let us engrave this deeper. It is the clear sign of gross immaturity, gross immaturity to find oneself in a corner, swinging the subject around to oneself so that the topic of our or my initiation becomes some sort of validation. This is gross egotism and in defense of myself, by myself and inflating the facts instead of humbleness in the face of the great gods and our human biographies.  No one is immune from such defensive self testimony, but it is glaringly obvious to anyone when reading it, that the person who finds themselves using, and designing situations where they can use such crass defense, especially when this is not a trial, this is not an inquisition... the only thing we strive to defend are the rich insights of Spiritual Science and how they expand into our world.  Using ourselves as the King of examples.... is childish.  No one has my particular path, yet my particular path and initiation and catharsis are clearly the hovering model for all different tales and types of biographies.

      When we looked upon 1933 to 1945....those few, so few who have respect and comprehension understand that the rise of the etheric Christ in the Ethers and the resurrection of the Angelic Christ in the Ethers had partly revealed in extreme form, a ravaging materialism and fascism that was unleashed on Earth due to materialism and then went and savaged whole areas of the human community.  This is going on today as well.  In 1933, a sort of target date, clearly wrapped up with the destiny of Dr. Steiner on Feb 27, 1933, for those who understand the imagination of destiny and understand the relation between a prophet such as St. John and a prophet such as Rudolf Steiner the scientists of the Fifth Epoch... but these grand comparisons, while true, hide a certain problem.  The problem we have illuminated on this list and pretty much this list only is the problem of when our Angel begins to stir and when we learn to bestir ourselves and when our Angel and our I AM slowly stir to life within us again from the coma and slumber of even today's sickeningly thick coat of i-tard materialism, thick gooy fly paper of materialism, that keeps us locked in the Ahrimanic circle jerk of our intellectual souls, instead of winging free and opening up the avenues and overgrown pathways to our Consciousness Souls.

      Something stirs in the depths, and as a universal force of rising to meet the Etheric Christ, the timing of the worst atrocities and the timing of the Rise and overcoming the darkness that Christ and the Angels experienced, overwhelming darkness, injustice, incomprehensible suffering and horror... welcome to humanity in the 1930's.  Who owns this event?  Well on Earth the hordes of Ahrimanic beings tossed out from the Spiritual World had taken root but the soul and spirit realms where with sudden blinding and loving, living light showered forth as the Christ Sun broke through the terrible materialistic forces and came to the dead and came to those whose Angels and been suffocated and right at the threshold where humanity stood in an immense wave of suffering, the light, brighter than a thousand suns of love.... showered humanity....

      Now the stirring to life and awakening of individual higher selves and stirring of our Angels to help us to rise in ourselves as well, is not an easy, easy event in the thick coated density of a very powerful stench of lies on Earth taught to each and everyone of our children.  The counterbalance to the dawning living light of the Etheric Christ in the tortured communities of humanity, was the dawn of the Ahrimanic Sun and building the Ahrimanic Foundation Stone, meant to be worshipped in the same manner as H.G. Wells the Time Machine imagined how humanity would plunge into Morlocks once they descended to craven horror of worshipping the nuclear god. But it still remains, it remains with solid clarity, and important highlight, that we should be able to discover by the science of biography, such as Nelson Mandela and 28 years in prison.  Look at the seven year periods of such a life... in other words the application of destiny science and destiny tools to understand ourselves and understand others in the world requires us to feel the potency of soul dynamics and actually have a soul... a living soul, a warm soul, an interested in others soul, because our cognitive organs can be coaxed back to life because we actually learn to see the dynamics and science of biography that runs with the whole Angelic community itself.  It teaches us the science of that science that is merely a neglected but wonderful literary idea.  The literary idea contains the real tales and stores and soul sciences when Spiritual Science touches into the depths of others.

      Scott McCllelan hit his second moon/Angel and biographical catharsis point.  The pudgy baby fat of a mere intellectual soul midget felt the stirrings of why, of just why his destiny had him there and if there were honest lessons he could learn... Catharsis stirred, very deeply and unconsciously but the biographical sciences and the Angels work in the 19 year rhythm pattern of Scott's biography give us an indication of how all of Spiritual Science is still and remains operative no matter when or where, we know not, no matter when or where, when the Angel in us and our i am stirs itself to life.  Feebly stirs itself from it's fatal captivity. 

    • holderlin66
      1933, amazing stuff, we find amazing stuff, but you know, you know, details, details, details, when all we want to hear is some hypnotic numbing music like,
      Message 88 of 88 , Jun 11, 2008

        1933, amazing stuff, we find amazing stuff, but you know, you know, details, details, details, when all we want to hear is some hypnotic numbing music like, The Etheric Christ Rose in 1933 Anthros, Steiner said it, we're all okay now.. move along nothing to see, if you missed the show there will another and another and another each with equally horrific tension drilled into the bone marrow of humanity.  And here lies the problem.  Each human being, who is now in incarnation or was in incarnations has had a life and death battle with the Ahrimanic and Luciferic forces in order to squeeze one little squirt of etheric life or etheric clarity and Logos out of their withered and depleted Angels who along with the dead, find themselves suffocating and starving on the lack of INTEL exchange betwen Michael and the the withering, collapsed Angelic Kingdom suffocating dailing... daily.

        One more example for a tired, tired and bored Michael School that centers on the spiritual common sense raying in even from the military from Lt General Smedley Butler circa 1933. He must have caught a singular ray.  Lt. General Smedley must have caught a singular ray, because this ray, fired out as well when Eisenhower spoke his final words warning of the Military Establishment behind the government.... Eisenhower warned in one of those specific historical warnings that brain dead historians like to point to.  When in point of fact we highlight a ray of Michael Common Sense and Michael Intel that is caught into the dried out husk of the etheric ethical individual, as he lies there like a beached whale, breathing heavily and out of his element, slowly dying.... and withering, because the Angel and human insight can gain no traction or understand how 33 plays such an intimate role in biography as well as life and the Christ Event on Earth....

        Hash and jumbled jello, nothing the soul feels impelled to think through because the soul has lost all it's bearings on what it should hold of value and relish and think through.  Therefore it cannot turn to Spiritual Science because it is numbed and dried out like a Cracker.

        "Let all these kings and tycoons and masters of business and all those workers in industry and all our senators and governors and majors pay half of their monthly $30 wage to their families and pay war risk insurance and buy Liberty Bonds.

        Why shouldn't they?

        They aren't running any risk of being killed or of having their bodies mangled or their minds shattered. They aren't sleeping in muddy trenches. They aren't hungry. The soldiers are!

        Give capital and industry and labor thirty days to think it over and you will find, by that time, there will be no war. That will smash the war racket – that and nothing else.

        Maybe I am a little too optimistic. Capital still has some say. So capital won't permit the taking of the profit out of war until the people – those who do the suffering and still pay the price – make up their minds that those they elect to office shall do their bidding, and not that of the profiteers.

        Another step necessary in this fight to smash the war racket is the limited plebiscite to determine whether a war should be declared. A plebiscite not of all the voters but merely of those who would be called upon to do the fighting and dying. There wouldn't be very much sense in having a 76-year-old president of a munitions factory or the flat-footed head of an international banking firm or the cross-eyed manager of a uniform manufacturing plant – all of whom see visions of tremendous profits in the event of war – voting on whether the nation should go to war or not. They never would be called upon to shoulder arms – to sleep in a trench and to be shot. Only those who would be called upon to risk their lives for their country should have the privilege of voting to determine whether the nation should go to war.

        There is ample precedent for restricting the voting to those affected. Many of our states have restrictions on those permitted to vote. In most, it is necessary to be able to read and write before you may vote. In some, you must own property. It would be a simple matter each year for the men coming of military age to register in their communities as they did in the draft during the World War and be examined physically. Those who could pass and who would therefore be called upon to bear arms in the event of war would be eligible to vote in a limited plebiscite. They should be the ones to have the power to decide – and not a Congress few of whose members are within the age limit and fewer still of whom are in physical condition to bear arms. Only those who must suffer should have the right to vote.

        A third step in this business of smashing the war racket is to make certain that our military forces are truly forces for defense only.

        At each session of Congress the question of further naval appropriations comes up. The swivel-chair admirals of Washington (and there are always a lot of them) are very adroit lobbyists. And they are smart. They don't shout that "We need a lot of battleships to war on this nation or that nation." Oh no. First of all, they let it be known that America is menaced by a great naval power. Almost any day, these admirals will tell you, the great fleet of this supposed enemy will strike suddenly and annihilate 125,000,000 people. Just like that. Then they begin to cry for a larger navy. For what? To fight the enemy? Oh my, no. Oh, no. For defense purposes only."

        bradford previously brought;

        "and solve her murder that has haunted us all for 33 years," she wrote. ...unsolved murder for 33 years. Her body was found 33 days later sticking out from a plastic wading pool in a neighbor's garage..."

        Bradford comments;

        John Belushi dead at 33.  Chris Farley dead at 33.  Truman, the 33rd President of the U.S. an honorary 33 degree Free Mason when the assignment to build the Ahrimanic Foundation Stone in a nuclear shell casing arose on his Presidential watch.  The 33rd President of the United States, representing a kind of backward window into the backward Archai spirits of Personality out of Egypt, a real Seth, a real Set Egyptian mystery was acted out in the broad light of the political world. 

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