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  • Stephen Hale
    ... the ... and ... on ... 1413 signifies the return to Pisces, the sign of the Feet. Aries was the 12th sign, the sign of the Ram, or Crown. Thus, in 1413
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      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "Stephen Hale" <sardisian01@...> wrote:
      > The Renaissance represents a very significant point in time, as the
      > fruit of the work of the great Greek and Latin thinkers, was then ripe
      > for bestowal on the masses. This 'great awakening' is
      > epitomized by the sophisticated nature of the human eye, which was now
      > equipped to see the world in picture images, like a camera. Man sees the
      > world in abstract pictures, where formerly he saw the world in ideas and
      > archetypes. But the synthesis of deductive and inductive reasoning
      > coincides with the evolution of the eye. And the eye also has a lens on
      > it in order to correct the upside down nature of world evolution. Why?
      > Because people were used to walking around on their feet, and the lens
      > allows this to continue.

      1413 signifies the return to Pisces, the sign of the Feet.  Aries was the 12th sign, the sign of the Ram, or Crown.  Thus, in 1413 when the New Awakening began, it signaled that the full circle in the evolution of Universal Human had been completed.  After a period of 25,920 years of feet-to-head development, a turning of the Sun to Pisces was to occur again.

      In effect then, another return to the feet stage was in the offing, meaning that another reversal of the polarity of the earth was set to occur.  If one looks carefully at the Book of Noah it will be found that what is being described is a necessary reversal of the earth's axial rotation to the one that has existed since that time.  That is, continuous eastward rotation involving two equal periods of day and night (diurnal), along with an angularity having its accord with the Moon (nutation).  And, if the days are counted all told until the waters had receded to dry land again, they number 360; a year.  Most importantly, the symbol of the olive branch indicates God's grace in effecting all this through an internal mechanism of polar shift.  It occurred gently, and there was a moment when the earth completely stopped, before starting up again.  The symbol of the Dove was to show God's Infinite Love in creating the needed reversal without undue drama.

      When the Christ came to earth, and all four gospels are in agreement here, He came down in the sign of the Dove.  Thus, God's emissary on earth then, and until the end of time.

      "In Steiner's lectures, "From Jesus to Christ" the fundamental point is this: Due to the necessity for Luciferic influences coming into the physical body in order to prepare for a visible manifestation, the physical body has been corrupted (has become Adamic). This creates a physical body that is not what the Beings of the First Hierarchy had in mind. Their prototype of the physical body was designed to never become visible! It was intended to coexist with the etheric and astral bodies as an invisible "phantom" body - very finely organized. This was the original intention of man's placement in the Garden of Eden. With the Event of Lucifer, the phase of Adamic man begins; thus the concept of fall, sin, and death enters earth evolution.

      At the mid-point (winter solstice), the Christ Event occurs in order to redeem the original physical body phantom. The necessity for this lies in the fact that the corrupted physical body is now ready to start to crumble with the mineral earth at this mid-point. If allowed to proceed like this the newly received Ego would become duller and duller instead of evolving into clear self-recognition.Thus Christ dies on the Cross in order to supply the needed regenerative forces, and this occurs progressively over the period of time up to the Renaissance of 1413, where the New Adam is created."

      Thus, and all the Rheinland Mystics knew of this occurrence, signified by the term: Adam Kadmon, the advent of the Renissance meant that the original physical body phantom had been restored through the sacrifice on Golgotha with the "body going into the ground" to begin the process of redemption to its original form.  Thus, the return to Pisces had to be offset in certain respects, and this meant the forming of a knot rather then a reversal of the polarity at that time.  The earth began to take on its Fourth Curve just as the other planets do when they come into the retrograde motion of the earth. 

      Our earth now travels in its own figure-eight movement that symbolizes the Universal Human that we have attained to.  Therefore, we retain the previous motions tracing back to Noah, and now the additional motion since the Sun passed from the last point of Aries to the first point of Pisces at the vernal equinox of 1413.  This curve effectively is an occult-astral stream designed to bring us gradually to the perceptive-recognition of our past lives in immortality, and that is why increasing experiences of deja vu and outright synchronicity are occurring in an ever-increasing advancement of consciousness.

      Two events presage the occurrence of 1413, in which the present Fifth Epoch also began.  The first was when John initiated his cousin in the Jordan River, and Jesus, now bearing the Dove Spirit walked out onto the dry land.  The initiates of John, having waited in anticipation of this event, saw the stream of the Jordan reverse itself and flow in the opposite direction.  This signified that the Alpha of a new beginning had emerged, and the Omega had now to recede into the past.  Mankind was now to be a solid-earth being from out of the primordial waters of its origin.  But the earth was set to start crumbling out of old-age at the same time.

      The second event of prescience for the upcoming future time in which the earth would be accorded its knot was the crucifixion of Rock-Man Peter upside down, feet over head to symbolize the Universal Human that we are.


    • holderlin66
      http://americanjourney.blogspot.com/2008/05/why-you-should-question-offi cial.html
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        Now here is a real cutie.   A sweet looking Man,  well dressed,  teacher of Buddhism, someone who can really appear like a kind of honest broker in INTEL and kindly unfold the scenario that spearheaded the PNAC, the Project for a New Ahrimanic Century that generated the 1998 well documented Rudolf Steiner observation.   Note Observation, real factual observation that by 1998 we should get a huge surge of Sorathian forces... and those Sorathian forces would head directly to their point of origin and early birth,  Iran and Iraq.   Rudolf Steiner targeted along with St. John the Science of the Christ Event and pattern of insights that reflect rhythm patterns in history that are REAL.  

        So at the Dawn of the 21st century, and at the dawn of two stolen elections, and at the dawn creating international torture training centers and supplying victims where torture can be studied and invasion into the spiritual forces of the human being, by near death drowning or Water boarding, rape, electronic, and drug induced torture, whole schools of Sorathian forces were given a firm footing and America Slept.  America was chosen because it was such a far bigger beast for Ahriman to infest.  It was such a big global beast and hardly anyone would suspect that Freedom Loving America was the place for the planting of the Ahrimanic Foundation Stone.

        So in the above video, which should be watched, a handsome Buddhist professor, calmly and with a very non-nerdy face, rather his face and style is pleasant..... he appears to be trusworthy.  Well he appears a lot  better than fat nerdy professors who have tried to show the technical problems of 9/11.....  but here is a rock star salesman who women and men can admire.  Well dressed calm and riding on the mystery of the dawning events of the  Sorathian Age.   We might like to know that 1998 and the Surge of Sorathian forces, brought about the PNAC and Leo Strauss Platonism coming out of Weimar..... the Matrix Series brought to birth in 1998 and the Project for a New Ahrimanic Century that has used America and her corrupted reputation and corrupted materialistic and suffocated human instruments to fully shame and distort the American Image.... so that the American Image is now the worst War Criminal and Terrorist in  the entire world.  The Most corrupt Congress and the most Corrupt Military Industrial Complex and centers around the activity of Dick Cheney, the Caiaphas of the modern West.  

        And Anthros who studied Emil Bock's work and are true Anthro students realize that Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh.... whole hosts of humans sucked into full Ahrimanic schooling and betrayal of humanity was also part of the entire Character attacks and physical attacks that opposed Christ....  Israel stands directly in the shadow of all these events.  In fact Israel is the consolidated shadow of most of these events that oppose the Christ Event directly with a solid will and intellectual stream that has come directly from the very source of the Physical Event on Earth of Christ.    That has accelerated so that by 1933, the Etheric Crucifixion of the Christ and the struggles still going on in the intimacy of each humans Angel darkening.... Each human being must each individually struggle to find and awaken their Angels and in  this intimacy is where we find immense biographical insights.

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