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  • holderlin66
    Nina brought: Those souls which were so intimately associated with the Christ could raise their eyes to this power - who for them was the Christ - and pray
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      "Nina"  brought:

      "Those souls which were so intimately associated with the Christ could
      raise their eyes to this power - who for them was the Christ - and
      pray Him that it might be possible for them by the light to perceive
      their own light-essence; pray Him to restrain the opposing Powers of
      Ahrimanic nature, that their vision might not be obscured and
      darkened, and that they might see the light-movements of their light-
      body. These things were learnt by the intimate disciples of Jesus
      Christ during the time I have indicated. They were well aware how all
      things I have mentioned were brought about, and were instructed in
      all these matters during the time that Christ held intercourse with
      them after the Mystery of Golgotha.

      Among the fragments that remain of ancient Gnostic wisdom I have
      mentioned the Pistis-Sophia script. I shall now read yu an extract
      from it as follows:

      'I will extol thee, O Light, for I desire to come to thee.'

      'I will extol Thee, for Thou art my Saviour.'

      'Leave me not in chaos (when I am withdrawn from the physical body).
      Leave me

      not in chaos, O Light of Heaven, for it is Thou whom I have

      'Thou hast endowed me with thy Light and saved me; Thou hast led me
      to the upper Gods of Chaol (consciously, when out of the physical
      body). May the offspring of evil now be driven out (of Ahriman, but
      Ahriman is not written there), who follow me, and may they sink down
      among the lower Gods of Chaos; and let them not come near the upper
      Gods, that they may behold me. May great darkness cover them and
      black darkness come over them; and do not let them behold me in the
      Light of Thy Power, which Thou hast sent me to save me, so that they
      may not again have power over me. The determination that they have
      made, to take my strength, let it not take effect nor let them
      gainsay me to take from me my light. Take theirs rather than mine.
      They have desired to take away all my light, and have not been able
      to do so, for Thy Light-force was with me. Because they decreed,
      without Thy command, to take away my light, Thou has not allowed them
      to take it. Because I have believed in the Light I shall not fear.
      The Light is my Saviour, I shall not be afraid.'

      When we fear, we must think of Ahriman as we saw him in one of the
      Mystery Plays.

      Look at this fragment of the Pistis-Sophia. Does it not appear as if
      it had been saved on purpose to enable us to speak somewhat as
      follows: Behold, you opponents of the new Spiritual Science. Does not
      this new Spiritual Science say: that by the light the light-movements
      of the light-body can be seen, when the opposing Ahrimanic demons do
      not prevent it. There was once a time when this was already known;
      and the Pistis-Sophia presents a physical evidence of that time. "

      Bradford comments;

      Age of Pisces

      Nice fishing or phishing Nina, nice catch!  How hard it is to find rich explanations of Memory and the Memory Tableau that is understood from NDE or Near Death Experiences.  So my memory reproduces a series of light movements that I expereinced when I encountered this or that karmic or passing person or event.  There were in my etheric body certain movements and our memory... and I have always been bad with names but good with faces.  I can tell you as a Waldorf Teacher, I get a whole class full of kids and each one set up a sounding board stirring of my etheric body.  Eventually the roots of the name that fit the child or the names of friends and companions sink in along with the impression and light stirrings that I can feel in my etheric body.

      I always marvel, I have a wife who has velcro brain for facts, objects, names and people.  I have always had a much looser connection to my etheric and physical body so that my impressions of people and my definitions of people and events, be it ever so humble, resonate and deepen, just like meditation and the ruckshau had done, one feels, and sees the activity of the shimmering of the light in our etheric body, as impressions scintillated through our being.  These impressions aka Memories, these etheric light movements register temperament, fire ethers, water ethers, earth melancholy, air sanguinuity....capturing ether snapshots in the immediate light of encounters and meetings we have depends also on the rich store of impressions, the store of impressions that tell us of melancholy as a rich etheric reality that resonates out to the twinkling stars and roots itself in the operative temperament and elemental beings enslaved in any given individual.  Plegmatic, sanguine or choleric, the human being is never merely one ether, there are always four different mingled ethers with an etheric light movement that has been acquired via an adaptation to Earthly conditions and a fonder relation to one powerful elemental and etheric being over another.


      Empahty and the light of empathy often makes me listen and sense what makes tears come to my eyes.  Now there is a soul light empathy that verges and intersects with a kind of light in the etheric body that resembles the movement of tragedy...  or news that for the time of the meeting envelopes a soul...  But also deepens the relationship, if you have the sympathy and empathy and see and allow as well as understand the depth and type of light impression that passes through the soul...  Yesterday one of our restarurant servers, a particularly upbeat one, always with a smile, a dimple and never depressed, plus an excellent server or waitress in our employ said she had to leave to take care of both her parents who had just both of them encountered extremes of cancer.  For a moment in listening deeply to her, and giving the space to hear what she had to say.... because there in lies the problem of etheric attention span deficit, that most people skim over contents, and have no resonating light experience to travel in various regions or DETECT deeper currents of light and have interest in them with as much interest as they do with well trained superficials and skimming attitudes that never allow time or space enough to really Listen.

      This was part of the Art of Goethean Conversation by Marjorie Spock.  Listening, active listening to the other really and truly allowed all that was brought up in this essay that Nina brought.  Now I would have to reproduce for you some experience of the Art of Goethean Conversation that Marjorie Spock aimed at, but in fact, it was capturing snapshots of deeper etheric currents and insights when you listened or talked together.  Grasping real etheric and astral forces so that a true buffer and a mutual defense against the Ahrimanic was allowed.  There is no such clause or defense in any given conversation today.  In any given conversation someone has to make a more powerful effort to listen and DECTECT deeper insights and colorings, different strata of etheric memory light effects and have some way to connect what we see as light, soul movements and light ether effects into a vocabulary and wider field of definitions and also, that these light observations are flashes, rich flashes where trained intuitions can dive in,  that is the pineal gland and light sensor intuitive thinking appratus dives in below the surface features of events.... and grasps not only emotional fields, but will fields.


      For periods of time any and all of us have circles of karmic encounters and rounds of souls in certain phases of our lives which offer the opportunity for us to review the impressions we get and raise them up to our consciousness.  These intimate light readings or lack of ability to loosen the grip of our Ahrimanic prison keepers.... brought Steiner to gasp how Ahriman sought to keep the Light that Spiritual Science offered from taking root in the etheric bodies around him.  As a true scientist he looked over the memory Tableau and how and what locks it out and what opens it up. 

      But Steiner also presented what came to pass in Germany as control of thoughts and ideas, but Steiner wasn't just standing on Ahriman's efforts where he stood but on Ahriman's efforts on into our future.  And Orwell's book had not been published which established, in "1984", in George Orwell's outline of Ahrimanic intentions and the further enveloping political forces of the PNAC  Project for a New Ahrimanic Century and of course the prize, the hollywoodization of the great Ahrimanic Intent, the full Ahrimanic crushing and suffocation of THE LIGHT, the very LIGHT, that Steiner described intimately,  Orwell, the PNAC and The Matrix as well as V for Vendetta and countless other packages, including the idiot Terminator series, all advertised the future Ahrimanic intentions that humanity seems able to skip along and tra la la towards and fail to realize that not even the simplist rich depths of Goethean Conversation can be maintined in the orgy of cowardice and prejudice.

      Here on this list we have written about the AMERO in contrast to the EURO and how the intent is to bankrupt and shrink, and crush the dollar, but also move closer and closer to the control of the slavery of the impulses and desires and economy of everyone by shrinking to desperation the whole world and isolating a 1% who will hold the power to do Ahriman's bidding.  To study Orwell's text and project the robbery of the light and the fall of the intuitions we attain through penetrating the etheric light, the layers of etheric light and nuances, they are called nuances.  Nuances of color, light, depth, quality, accent, gesture, language and ability to express and Speak... all nuances that contain shades of how our etheric bodies capture and remember the richest and minor moments of life we have been drenched in.

      To not understand or avoid knowing that most of humanity are unconscious hidden icebergs, under the surface, like the iceberg that hit the Titanic.  The icebergs are the deceptions, the lies and the popular opinions that strangle the free intuitive light muscles, the ability to be mobile and think through various layers and qualities of light without squirming, lying or fleeing from what things we encounter or rejoice in a celebration of nourishment and light in other things we encounter... means that we sail treacherous seas of human beings who refuse to understand that the tip of the iceberg is certainly not as dangerous as the sub-hidden strata, locked into Ahrimanic and demonic clutches that already lock out vast strata and use of the soul.

      How many, many times have I, on this list railed against an education that infects the child from the outset with horrific and failed insights and suffocates the soul in numb materialism.  I have brought it up a dozen, dozen times.  From 1st grade and earlier to university degree our children might as well have been put in the cellar with the daughter of the Austrian father who was just arrested at a full life cycle of 73 years old.  No, I speak not of the tintillation, but of the image arising in the news and the image of actually promoting our own children to be raped and denied the light, denied the light of day, the light of the Christ and that we, as parents and guardians, well we just let this rape and imprisionment happen.  Hell we openly now let torture happen without blinking an eye.   Steiner saw more of this coming and more cowards just like us growing up unable to press back the horrific Ahrimanic sucking of all life down into a basement hole.

      A 73-year-old man has been arrested in Vienna, Austria after his 42 year-old daughter told police that he kept her locked in a cellar room, repeatedly raped her, and fathered her children.

      The woman told police her father started abusing her when she was 11. Her father kept her locked in a cellar room since August 28, 1984. In the next 24 years, she was continually abused and gave birth to 7 of her father's children, though one died.

      Police have assured the woman that her remaining 3 girls and 3 boys, ranging in age between 5 and 20, will be taken care of. The father has not confessed, but DNA tests will determine his paternity of the children.

      Oh and then Tarjei, our neighbor understands as I understand that certain forces who hate Waldorf Education, Tarjei calls them hole dwellers.  But I had rich arguments about the fact of the Etheric Life Tableau as a fact of spiritual training and actual life experience against the rage that the critics of Steiner imagine and trumphet that there is no spiritual world.

      Tarjei has always to be given credit for having been and remaining a long term warrior to stand up for Michael...and I pull just one little note out of the vast collection of insights that Tarjei has put in the time to resist the various critics that wish to suck the light right out of an orange.


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