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Re: Reviewing the Lectures to Priests

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  • holderlin66
    GA 346 - Lecture 6 to the Priests dear friends, to something I explained in quite a different context in the other course of lectures I am giving on the
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      GA 346 - Lecture 6 to the Priests

      "dear friends, to something I explained in quite a different context in the other course of lectures I am giving on the science of speech."

      "...we carry in our breast, in the larynx, a second man, in a manner of speaking, who is, to be certain, in a way rudimentary, but who is in his dispositions, in his beginnings nevertheless at a certain stage of development."

      LECTURE SIX TO THE PRIESTS  extended studies of the Cultus of the Word

      Dornach, 10 September 1924

      Rudolf Steiner;

      "Imagine that which is very wide in the ribs, in the ribcage, here transformed into a pipe, the bony material being replaced by cartilage. That part which I isolated as the head, imagine that to be filled out in such a way that the less well filled out parts of the head, were poured out, and then that what is now filled in with thicker tissue were left out; think of that which in the head is actually filled with a liquid solid mass replaced. When you imagine this transformation of these parts of the human organism, then you have the metamorphosis of the larynx: the posterior head with the attached ribcage, reversed. The upwards extension into the larynx is truly a sort of posterior head, transformed. It is actually so: the etheric formative forces of the larynx bring about an inversion when we compare them with the formative forces of the aforementioned part of the posterior head with the attached ribcage. Considering the matter etherically, we carry in our breast, in the larynx, a second man, in a manner of speaking, who is, to be certain, in a way rudimentary, but who is in his dispositions, in his beginnings nevertheless at a certain stage of development.

       Diagram 1
      Diagram 1
      Click image for large view

      Bradford comments;

      Now we entered the human form through the Imagination of the higher technical model of the mechanism and forces of the divine human being.  The little flesh and blood human is a highly potent instrument...and we can look upon it from a rather gross and technical medical point of view, from surgery, from the aspect of the knife and opening up of the flesh or we can enter through the Imagination of the Human Being that has mighty WORD and Constellation systems in it.  Firstly nobody, not one person, save Rudolf Steiner has given you in depth systems analysis of the Word Formed Human Being.  Yet we still,  from one habitual POV or Point of Views look upon the external bodily forces as sexy or attractive or repulsive, but none of these sentient soul forces get us into the depth of the Imagination of the Human Being and the solid depth of the Revelation of the Human Word Forming Being who was made in the Image of the Word itself and has within it:

      A.  A stellar individualized thought map inside the dark room of the brain case

      B.  A personalized in house dodecahedronal Star structure for the personal use of navigating our karma and approaching all aspects of thoughts in the world.

      C.  A human body that is in itself a naked Imagination of the blueprint of the active forces of the constellations beginning with Aries at the head and ending with Pisces at the feet

      D. A speech instrument, a whole other embedded being in us that operates as the brain does only with the potent forces of the constellations, impregnated and intensified in the consonants and the outer planetary forces impressed into our system as resounding soul forces of the Vowels.

      E. Inner organs that are true Planetary contributions that are embedded in the entire constellation framework of the skeletal, lymphatic and nerve and blood systems.

      F. The ability to oder our thoughts, feelings and will impulses into Speech and thought and livingly swim in various Languages and systems in an organized way.

      G. Pictorial writing, Alphabet Letters, Pictorial thinking with exact surgical and artistic meanings down to the complete imagination of the Human Form, the hieroglyphic and pictograms of different cultures and Man as Hieroglyph of the Gods themselves.  Man as Symphony of the Creative Word are all at our disposal above and beyond the limitations of materialism and materialistic interpretations of Man as just another name for animal.


      FIG. 956– Laryngoscopic view of interior of larynx.



      Each song syllable is accompanied by coordinated movements of the larynx and cornua that maintain an inverse relationship between
      the size of the oropharyngeal–esophageal cavity and the song's fundamental frequency. Left, Lateral view of cardinal showing the dorsoventral
      movement (LV) of the larynx from the middle of the second cervical vertebra and its craniocaudal movement (LH) from the dorsal edge of the
      beak-skull transition. Right, Ventrodorsal view showing distance between lateral cornua of hyoid apparatus (Cornua).

      Birdsong sounds sweeter because throats filter out messy overtones -- The purity of birdsong is owed in large part to rapid, controlled changes in the shape of the birds' upper vocal tracts. Riede et al. (2006) showed that songbirds adjust the size and shape of their vocal tract to 'fit' the changing frequency of their song, allowing birds to produce a more whistle-like, pure-tone song. These results support a growing consensus that birds and humans make sound in much the same way -- although it is presumed these processes evolved independently of each other in birds and hominids. Other studies have implicated tongues, beaks, especially beak gape, in shaping the sound that birds produce. Similarly, humans move their tongues, alter the shape of their upper vocal tracts, and change the shape of their mouths when they sing, laugh, talk and groan."The bird's vocal tract, like the human vocal tract in speech, acts as a resonance filter that can control the sound coming from the mouth," said co-author Rod Suthers. "Beak movements during song also contribute to this filter, but are not as important as changes in the size of the internal vocal tract. Human sopranos use the same technique as the cardinal to increase the loudness of very high notes so they can be heard above the orchestra."

    • holderlin66
      Bradford comments; Notes of Study on Ahriman s Playbook against the Michael School Look carefully Anthro students. The Amero currency is already printed. The
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        Bradford comments;  Notes of Study on Ahriman's Playbook against the Michael School

        Look carefully Anthro students.  The Amero currency is already printed.  The intent was to create the disaster so that the children would all cry out, help us, save us.  The whole idea was to drop the entire income of Americans downward, outsource jobs, and send trillions, trillions overseas to Iraq or rather into the pockets of contractors like Haliburton, literally it might be called draining the swamp.  Some think tanks might call it draining the economic swamp and clearing the swamp land for a whole new world of Amero to match the Euro.  But what shall we hear day in and day out?  We shall hear the scream and yowl of the public against the reality that all this has been planned and in the works.  Create the disease and make America pay for the cure.  It is right here in front of us.... destroy, drown and drain the dollar, good bye dollar and by draining the entire swamp... shatter the American Dream which has become a nightmare built on Ahrimanic lies....


        Keith Fitz-Gerald
        Investment Director
        Money Morning/The Money Map Report


        We can almost hear that ominous "Jaws" theme music in the background and can see that huge dorsal fin as it slices threateningly through the water - knowing full well that the real terror is hidden beneath the water's surface.

        But this time around, it's not a "Great White" that's sparking our fears; it's a well-capitalized and broadly based series of secret stock exchanges known as "Dark Pools of Liquidity," "Dark Liquidity," or just "Dark Pools."

        Most investors have never even heard the term - and are truly shocked to discover these "off-the-books" trading networks actually exist.

        But to Wall Street insiders looking to anonymously move billions of dollars in stocks, bonds, and other investment instruments, dark pools are de rigueur - especially when you're an institutional trader who doesn't want to reveal your intentions or your actions to the "rest" of the market, until after the fact when the orders are "printed."

        And that makes these dark pools of capital highly problematic when it comes transparency: There is literally none in most pools and only limited visibility in others.

        Dark Pools: From Trading Haven to Heavyweight

        Dark Pools are electronic "crossing networks" that offer institutional investors many of the same benefits associated with making trades on the stock exchanges' public limit order books - without tipping their hands to others, meaning publicly quoted prices aren't affected. This is the capital markets' version of a godsend - especially for traders who desire to move large blocks of shares without the public investors ever knowing.

        Some examples of so-called crossing networks include Liquidnet Inc., Pipeline, the Posit unit of Investment Technology Group (ITG), or the SIGMA X unit of Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS).

        In an era in which "secret" transactions contributed to what's shaping up to be the largest credit crisis in history, you'd think that any mechanism that allows insiders to trade in complete secrecy and with total anonymity would be scrutinized more closely than a Roger Clemens vitamin shot. But that's not the case with Dark Pools.

        As has long been the case, the old boys really do like to operate behind closed doors, on the other side of the "velvet rope" - beyond which the un-anointed daily working stiff may never pass. And Dark-Pool operators are only getting more private as computerized trading becomes more sophisticated and large-scale-order placement evolves into a science all to itself.

        Dark Pool ownership involves almost the entire institutional-trading sector, consisting of independents, broker/dealer-owned pools, consortiums and even - as hard as this is to imagine, given the public's trust - the stock exchanges themselves (See accompanying chart).

        And business is booming.

        According to the latest data, nearly 12% of daily U.S. stock-trading volume is presently conducted via the 40 or so Dark Pools operated by the "usual suspects."

        According to The Wall Street Journal, Credit Suisse Group AG (ADR: CS) is assembling a network of 30 Dark Pool partners, while JP Morgan Chase & Co. (JPM) is trying to become the Google Inc. (GOOG) of the Dark Pool world by aligning itself with Neovest Inc. Not to be left out, Goldman Sachs recently struck reciprocal deals with rivals UBS AG (UBS) and Morgan Stanley (MS) to allow previously proprietary trading algorithms to work on each other's desktop trading systems.

        This is something the stock exchanges don't want to see because it strips them of order execution revenue. Which is why they're getting into the game, too. At the present time, the Nasdaq (NDAQ) alone shunts some 18% of its volume - or roughly 350 million shares a day - through what insiders euphemistically refer to as its "non-displayed platforms," and also has struck a deal with five unnamed Dark Pool operators that are rumored to route nearly half of the total Dark-Pool volume in the United States today.

        NYSE Euronext (NYX) plans to connect up to 30 such pools, so don't think for a New York minute that this isn't a global phenomenon - Dark Pools exist all around the globe.

        We're still in the early days of this movement. That means there are still lots of things to be worked out from a technical standpoint. For instance, there's very little in the way of proprietary software that enables any Dark Pool operators to "talk" with their competition.

        But we think that's going to change in a real hurry in the next few years, when as much as 50% of all U.S. trading volume will be handled by "Dark Pool Alliances."

        Dark Pool Downers?

        While it's hard to say just how this will affect individual investors like us, my experience as a professional trader suggests that there are a few "realities" we can count upon.

        As you might expect, not all of them are good.

        Let's look at the top three:

        • First, as more volume moves to the so-called Dark Pools, the very notion of what constitutes "public pricing" becomes suspect. Practically speaking, if we're seeing only 50% of the trading volume in a given stock, who's to say that the pricing we're seeing is accurate if the other half remains a mystery.
        • Second, the small- and mid-cap stocks that for so long have been the domain of smaller investors will likely become harder to trade. The reason: Dark Pools will absorb the liquidity that's presently out in the open, just as a "black hole" in outer space sucks in all the matter that's nearby. The net effect could be that smaller transactions become more inefficient, or that public pricing actually disconnects from private pricing. Either way, individual investors may not get the best possible prices.
        • Third, you can bet regulators will get interested if there is even a whiff of impropriety at the expense of smaller investors who perceive (and rightly so) that they are being "locked out" of the markets by the big boys yet again.

        On the other hand, maybe those regulators don't care at all. With the economy going the way it is right now, there's plenty more to worry about… like making it out of the water and back up onto the beach before the music stops and "you-know-who" grabs you from below……da-dun…da-dun….da-dun….da-dun."


        Bradford previously;

        "Carol brought what is arising is an antidote to the Euro, the Canada, U.S. Mexico Amero currency and minted and newly printed currency and reshuffling the entire market dominos so that U.S.A. as we know is already going under and was planned to go under and deliberately set to shrivel America and, bring about the destruction, raze the whole system, cause immense Patriotic Panic, perhaps use a mighty nuclear strike on Iran, but surely like burning a factory for the Insurance Money, sinking a ship, like the American Dollar,  by shrinking America, bringing consumers, retailers to their knees, so weakening the masses and causing such a recession or depression that a whole new cry and yowel is all fix it please, fix it please, Oh please fix it for us oh great leaders of the Economy, Oh please fix it for us so that we shall not waste away and suffer.  But we have to have pictures, news at five of suffering, bread lines, rice lines, we have to feel as if banks are closing and businesses are dying right and left, for without the drama that they are creating, and the news is marketing, the plan to disrupt the entire Nationalistic Dollar could be very, very hard on the emotionally immature humans who consider themselves so self important as Americans. 

        "The cry rings out Oh fix it for us even though, like Pharmo Industry, you created the disease, and then you mareketed the cure, you created the situation in the plans, in the works that would bring about one of these wonderful Goethean ideas for manipulation,  contraction, contraction, shrink and then the heros come with a plan to save us all, walla EXPANSION.  Good ole painful, News at Five, contraction, plummet, death and great savior of the universe Expansion, but naturally you are all poorer and at the level they want you at.  Even though the Think Tanks had this plan in operation for years and years.... Really if you understand Orwell's 1984, if you understand Eurasia or the Euro... whole giant economic blocks of Ahrimanic Economic and falsely shadowed Threefold World and Threefold Economy insertions, you understand that Americanadamex.... AMERO Liars, who were never as honest and straight up as Dr. Steiner.  Ahrimanic Intentions and greed have never wanted to share out the Rights and Brotherhood and Cultural Life associated with a healthy economy."

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