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  • ujmvjm
    With the publication of its fourth issue (Volume 2 Number 2), AntiMatters (http://anti-matters.org) completes its first year. AntiMatters is an open-access
    Message 1 of 35 , Apr 28, 2008
      With the publication of its fourth issue (Volume 2 Number 2),
      AntiMatters (http://anti-matters.org) completes its first year.
      AntiMatters is an open-access e-journal addressing issues in science
      and the humanities from non-materialistic perspectives. It is
      published quarterly by the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of
      Education in Pondicherry, India.

      The web-link to the current issue is http://anti-matters.org/0/current.htm

      It is my sincere belief that at least some articles in this issue will
      be of interest to members of this group.



      Sri Aurobindo

      Beyond Natural Selection and Intelligent Design: Sri Aurobindo's
      Theory of Evolution
      Ulrich J Mohrhoff

      Sri Aurobindo and Hinduism
      Peter Heehs

      Indian Spiritual Knowledge and the Psychology Curriculum
      Matthijs Cornelissen

      Should We Expect To Feel As If We Understand Consciousness?
      Mark C Price

      Diseases of Meaning, Manifestations of Health, and Metaphor
      Kim Jobst, Daniel Shostak, Peter J Whitehouse

      Awakening the Genius Within
      Yasuhiko Genku Kimura

      Can the New Science of Evo–Devo Explain the Form of Organisms?
      Steve Talbott

      Book Reviews:

      Moalem and Prince: Survival of the Sickest

      Vaughan-Lee: Alchemy of Light

      Martin: Does it Matter?

      Northcote: The Paranormal and the Politics of Truth

      Book Excerpts:

      Reinventing the Sacred
      Stuart A Kauffman

      The Ascent of Humanity
      Charles Eisenstein

      Ulrich Mohrhoff
      Managing Editor - AntiMatters
      Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education
      Pondicherry 605002
    • holderlin66
      http://americanjourney.blogspot.com/2008/05/why-you-should-question-offi cial.html
      Message 35 of 35 , Jun 13, 2008


        Now here is a real cutie.   A sweet looking Man,  well dressed,  teacher of Buddhism, someone who can really appear like a kind of honest broker in INTEL and kindly unfold the scenario that spearheaded the PNAC, the Project for a New Ahrimanic Century that generated the 1998 well documented Rudolf Steiner observation.   Note Observation, real factual observation that by 1998 we should get a huge surge of Sorathian forces... and those Sorathian forces would head directly to their point of origin and early birth,  Iran and Iraq.   Rudolf Steiner targeted along with St. John the Science of the Christ Event and pattern of insights that reflect rhythm patterns in history that are REAL.  

        So at the Dawn of the 21st century, and at the dawn of two stolen elections, and at the dawn creating international torture training centers and supplying victims where torture can be studied and invasion into the spiritual forces of the human being, by near death drowning or Water boarding, rape, electronic, and drug induced torture, whole schools of Sorathian forces were given a firm footing and America Slept.  America was chosen because it was such a far bigger beast for Ahriman to infest.  It was such a big global beast and hardly anyone would suspect that Freedom Loving America was the place for the planting of the Ahrimanic Foundation Stone.

        So in the above video, which should be watched, a handsome Buddhist professor, calmly and with a very non-nerdy face, rather his face and style is pleasant..... he appears to be trusworthy.  Well he appears a lot  better than fat nerdy professors who have tried to show the technical problems of 9/11.....  but here is a rock star salesman who women and men can admire.  Well dressed calm and riding on the mystery of the dawning events of the  Sorathian Age.   We might like to know that 1998 and the Surge of Sorathian forces, brought about the PNAC and Leo Strauss Platonism coming out of Weimar..... the Matrix Series brought to birth in 1998 and the Project for a New Ahrimanic Century that has used America and her corrupted reputation and corrupted materialistic and suffocated human instruments to fully shame and distort the American Image.... so that the American Image is now the worst War Criminal and Terrorist in  the entire world.  The Most corrupt Congress and the most Corrupt Military Industrial Complex and centers around the activity of Dick Cheney, the Caiaphas of the modern West.  

        And Anthros who studied Emil Bock's work and are true Anthro students realize that Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh.... whole hosts of humans sucked into full Ahrimanic schooling and betrayal of humanity was also part of the entire Character attacks and physical attacks that opposed Christ....  Israel stands directly in the shadow of all these events.  In fact Israel is the consolidated shadow of most of these events that oppose the Christ Event directly with a solid will and intellectual stream that has come directly from the very source of the Physical Event on Earth of Christ.    That has accelerated so that by 1933, the Etheric Crucifixion of the Christ and the struggles still going on in the intimacy of each humans Angel darkening.... Each human being must each individually struggle to find and awaken their Angels and in  this intimacy is where we find immense biographical insights.

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