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Re: Maya of the outer world - Re: [anthroposophy] Re: Father Time and Antimatter

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  • Dermond Murray
    Dear Steve, Thank you very much for the thoughts, links and positive response to my email. I too am sorry if my sarcastic labels may have offended you, but
    Message 1 of 23 , Apr 15, 2008
      Dear Steve,

      Thank you very much for the thoughts, links and positive response to my email.  I too am sorry if my sarcastic labels may have offended you, but perhaps I have been following these e-study groups a bit too long and have picked up some negative influences in regards to politeness.

      I live on Vancouver Island, Canada and have been a Waldorf teacher since 1980.  I have been studying Steiner's work since the mid 70's, but I don't contribute to the lists because there are already so many good informative entries that I can't seem to find anything much to add.  I used to have a very large Steiner library, which I gave to the Olympia Waldorf School after teaching there for a couple of years.  I live on a small boat with no room for books, so I read from the e-library and have been listening extensively to the Steiner Audio recordings and finding it very enlightening to just listen to the lectures after having read most of them years ago.  I have been teaching at a very small Waldorf initiative called Morning Glory School, and I have the class 1/2 children in my charge.

      Thank you once again for all you contributions, and I look forward to coming to some enlightenment about this eighth sphere question and many others on this and other lists.

      Best Wishes,

      Stephen Hale <sardisian01@...> wrote:
      --- In anthroposophy@ yahoogroups. com, Dermond Murray <dermondm@.. .>
      > Dear Spin Doctor Steve,
      > Have you read or listened to the lectures I mentioned? Can you
      share your thoughts on them if you have?
      > I only posted to share the thoughts related to these lectures
      about earthly matter existing only in the metabolism of man and the
      phenomena (maya) of the outer world as illusion.
      > In lecture eight, Steiner mentions that the substances we take in
      as food are only spirit, and the metabolism transforms them into
      > This is my point of discussion, which seems to be sidetracked
      with other probably very important issues.
      > So I shall change the subject-line and see what happens.
      > Best wishes,
      > Dermond

      Dear Dermond,

      I'm sorry I seemingly treaded on your territory. I do, in fact,
      have a copy of GA199, and will have to read them in order to make a
      precise comment in accordance with the "Steiner-saids" . My
      interest, as you can see, is all that occurs when spiritual science
      is taken in and metabolized. My experience is that it allows for
      truth and knowledge of a higher order to begin to work in one's own
      soul. Therefore, I feel that I can make contributions that are
      intended to be associative to the subject matter. It might appear
      that I was being arrogant by subrating your contribution, but I
      would never intentionally do that. I am in this business for the
      inputs and the outputs, and building positive relationships toward
      the science of the spirit. I suffer under a certain pressure of time
      to get things done, and wish I had more of it to do and express what
      I have found.

      For example, the dragon lives within us as the heat element behind
      foods taken in and assimilated. Thus, we all bear Ahriman within
      the digestive system as the being who devours the elementary spirits
      in our food, and then lays coiled within the pit of our stomachs in
      the infernal domain of metabolic processing. Ahriman works to
      reduce the speed of our functions in the very act of cellular
      regeneration, which does in fact require matter. So yes, herein
      elementary spirits are devoured and thus transformed into the matter
      of cell and tissue rebuilding. This description can be found as
      part of the four-lecture cycle: Michelmas and the Soul-Forces of Man
      (Sept. 27-Oct. 1, 1923, which is availble at the RS E-Library.

      Matter is indeed a part of the phenomenal appearance of the world,
      and having gone through four stages of etheric evolution from the
      time in which it was poured over as a smelted commodity out of the
      Moon, it has advanced to its present solid- crumbling decaying and
      death stage. The earth is crumbling away at the same time that the
      earth is also respiritualizing as a Sun. And the Moon will one day
      rejoin this configuration somewhere in the 8th millennium. And this
      fact can be given the necessary "Steiner-said" treatment if one
      reads the fourteenth lecture of "Materialism and the Task of
      Anthroposophy" , also available as the second lecture of GA204 to be
      found at the E-Library.

      And Steiner probably gave the best description of what materialism
      really is in the third lecture of "The Occult Movement in the
      Ninteenth Century" lectures from October, 1915. Herein, he
      describes in detail how atoms and their particles (electrons,
      protons), are illusions created when the astral body is not full
      seated within the nervous system. Now who would have thought of
      that explanation? The real explanation goes back to where cosmic
      intelligence was allowed to stream in far before the onset of the
      true Consciousness Soul Age.

      Therefore, many thoughts and ideas flood into me when I have
      opportunity to participate here. And I truly do want to contribute
      and not offend anyone. I see you're from Washington USA. My bad.
      Me too; Washington state that is.



      between 0000-00-00 and 9999-99-99  

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