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Powells calculations

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  • Kees.Kromme@12move.nl
    From: Kees.Kromme@1... Date: Fri Feb 9, 2001 5:41pm Subject: Re: Blackholes & N.D.E.s ... Powell. Here is a link ... a brief article ... on
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 12, 2001
      From: Kees.Kromme@1...
      Date: Fri Feb 9, 2001 5:41pm
      Subject: Re: Blackholes & N.D.E.s

      > I would have to suggest the writings of Robert
      Powell. Here is a
      > that
      > may be of interest:
      > http://www.vermontel.net/~vtsophia/shore3.htm It is
      a brief article
      > that
      > summarizes some of his work on the topic.
      > [rick distasi]

      on http://www.elib.com/Steiner/Forums/eliboard.php3
      title 2nd Coming

      There was an article about a german book of Powell
      with predictions
      for the late 20th century and for the year 2000.
      In the discussion following in german and english
      both (same title,
      2nd Coming, different opinions, see above) on
      this article is shown, that Powell made many errors
      Steiner/Aharon etc.
      In the meantime (februar 2001) the predicted dates
      are already past
      and we can see looking afterwards what the
      quality of the predictions of Powell in reality are.
      Perhaps that those one who read Powell nowadays can
      use this

      This was the intro by Lutz before sept.1999:

      As described in Robert Powell´s book CHRONICLE OF THE
      momentous spirital event is approaching at the end
      of the twentieth
      century, an event wich, according to Rudolf
      Steiner, is as
      important as
      the Mystery of Golgotha that took place two
      thousand years ago.
      event, dated in the CHRONICLE to September 3-5,
      1999 could be
      as a "repetition" of the Mystery of Golgotha - on
      the etheric level
      existence. Undoubtedly this event will lay the
      foundation for a new
      of Christianity complementary to that of the last
      two thousend

      Thus it is a matter of taking to heart that during
      the first week
      September 1999 there will be a new Christ event
      which "will have as
      fundamental significance for the evolution of
      humanity as the event
      Palestine had at the beginning of our era" (Rudolf
      Steiner). You
      encouraged to celebrate this event - wether
      individually or in
      groups -
      wherever you may be. This is a global event
      signifying an inpouring
      new etheric substance into the Earth´s etheric
      aura. This radiant
      etheric substance is primarlily for the benefit of
      the Earth and
      whole of Nature. By opening up to it many human
      beings will receive
      illumination and comfort.

      As I see it, it is all there already in Steiner´s
      lectures. Powell
      adds a precise date to it, so we can celebrate it.
      Unless it hasn´t
      already happend, there are not that many days left
      to choose from
      the end of this century.

      Greetings from Sweden,
      Lutz Baar
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