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The Calendar of the Soul, Week 42 After Easter

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  • starmann77@aol.com
    Here is the 42nd week of the Soul-Calendar , which is made up of 52 meditative mantras enabling one to consciously experience the astral (soul) events
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 5, 2001
      Here is the 42nd week of the "Soul-Calendar", which is made up of 52
      meditative mantras enabling one to consciously experience the 'astral' (soul)
      events occurring within one in the course of the year, 12 images of the
      zodiac to be meditated on to sense the working of the solar forces in the
      cosmos in the day and the Moon's position in those constellations for each
      night, for sensing the lunar forces---along with a list of saints and other
      spiritual figures & events for specific days of the week.
      Sorry we are late this week---server problem Sunday.

      First, the mantra in the original German and in English:

      * M A N T R A # 4 2 *
      Es ist in diesem Winterdunkel
      Die offenbarung eigner krafte
      Der Seele starker Trieb,
      In Finsternisse sie zu lenken,
      Und ahnend vorzufühlen
      Durch Herzenswärme Sinnesoffenbarung.

      It is in this Winter-dimness
      The revealing of its own Strength
      The Soul’s strong Drive,
      In Darkness so to lead,
      And feeling full of presentiment
      Through Heart's Warmth, Senses' Revelation.

      For those not familiar with the use of mantras:

      The anthroposophic path uses mantras to instill Inspiration or "spiritual
      hearing". The meaning of the words of a mantra at first sight is not
      important, but rather reciting it and entering with deeper soul-forces into
      its inner experience. Also, these mantras were created in the German language
      and have their rhythms in that, so learning an English version is just a step
      to using the original; I’ve kept close to it in translating, so anyone can
      easily go from English to German.

      This week's mantram:

      Last week we experienced Divine power seeking to form itself in our Love
      and Deeds, as the soul's creative forces strove out from the heart inciting
      us to righteous works. This week has to do with the gradual change back to
      the Sense part of the year, the Summer, where we have Nature-Consciousness
      rather than the Self-Consciousness of winter: still in winter-darkness, the
      soul feels its own strength growing supreme, and through the warmth of the
      heart has a presentiment of the Sun/Summer time to come.

      * T H E W E E K S P I R I T U A L L Y *

      The Sun, according to the Doctor, is under the influence of Capricornus
      from Jan. 5th to Feb. 8th in our era, and enters Aquarius Feb. 9th. The
      symbolic image of the Goat done from Steiner's sketches & indications is

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      We will send the 'Waterman' next week.

      The Moon phases and positions in the stars are listed below for each
      night, along with the birth & death days of some of the spiritual figures &
      events published in the first ‘Seelencalendar’: these are fruitful material
      for contemplation on those days. I’m in the process of translating these to
      restore the Calendar to its intended use with the full spiritual/solar/lunar

      Sunday February 4th. Moon Taurus. Phileas (worker for Christianity in
      Egypt in the 4th century). Veronica (with the alternate name Berenice, having
      touched the Christ's clothing, was healed of sickness, and dried the sweat
      from His face with the kerchief, for which in the kerchief the picture of
      Christ's face remained). 1797 Great Earthquake in Quito.

      Monday February 5th. Moon Gemini. 1783 Earthquake of Messina. 1881 Carlyle

      Tuesday February 6th. Moon Gemini. Amandus (was burnt in 628 and his body
      150 years after his death was found preserved in the grave). 356 the Temple
      of Diana at Ephesus burned. 1807 Abolition of Slavery in England.

      Wednesday January 7th. Moon Cancer. Romuald, Christian teacher of the 9th
      century, missionary to the Norse folk. 1446 Columbus born.

      Thursday February 8th. Moon Cancer. Full Moon. Johannes de Matha and Felix
      Vales (founders of the Order of the Holy Trinity). Paul, Bishop of Verlun in
      the 7th century. Solomon, the King in Israel. 1575 Leyden University founded.
      1874 David Friedrich Strauss died.

      Friday February 9th. Moon Leo. Apollonia, Christian martyr in Alexandria
      in the 3rd century. 1881 Doestoyevsky died.

      Saturday February 10th. Moon Leo. Justus (Christian teacher in Alexandria
      in the 2nd Century). Theophany of Paul on the Way to Damascus. Scholastica
      (Sister Benedict, founded the Benedictine Order in 530). 1847 Edison born.
      1755 Montesquieu died.

      *******Dr. Starman
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